Where can I find a LIST of each thing Jesus said to do or believe?

Where can I find a LIST of each thing Jesus said to do or believe? Topic: My heart says application letters
June 26, 2019 / By Theodore
Question: My objective is exploring the concept of making a cell phone application that would allow people to edify others by voting up on them if they are like Christ. So I want a numbered list or the red lettered things Jesus said to do and or believe. I need a voting ballot if I am to make a reputation system based upon Christ. I want things Jesus said, not your pastor, or religiion, or your emporer, or even yourself. I am not interested in the 613 Jewish tenents as it is my estimation that though Jesus did do all those things they were primarly only for the Jewish Nation. No need to list the ten commandments. No need to list a clarrification on one of those commandments that Jesus made, namely do unto others as I have done unto you. I am not looking for a general theory of your understanding of the golden rule. I want it from the horses mouth because in fact he said much more then love your neighbor as you would love yourself. He listed other things to do.
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Prosper Prosper | 9 days ago
Jesus said love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and all your mind and love your neighbour as yourself it covers everything Love is defined in 1 Cor 13 Love is patient and (F)kind; love (G)does not envy or boast; it (H)is not arrogant 5 or rude. It (I)does not insist on its own way; it (J)is not irritable or resentful;[b] 6 it (K)does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but (L)rejoices with the truth. 7 (M)Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, (N)endures all things.
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Malcolm Malcolm
You can't go by a list. Jesus gave us principles to follow and apply to our lives, not a list of things not to do. Think about it: there were no computers in the first century so Jesus isn't going to say stay away from websites that feature pornography or that promote hate but God's word does give us a principles. For instance at 1 Corinthians 15:33 the apostle Paul wrote, "Do not be misled. Bad associations spoil useful habits." This is why we have a thing called a conscience. Still we need to train our conscience. The more we come to know God and Jesus the more we are able to imitate them in our own attitudes and the better equipped we are to know what they would approve of or disapprove of and what they would want us to do or not do in any given situation. This is why James 2:19 mentions how we need to "keep working out [our] own salvation with fear and trembling." If we are not sure then it would be best to refrain from doing anything that might displease God. That would be the attitude of someone who truly loves God.
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Jerahmiel Jerahmiel
Let me see. A list of what Jesus said. Too bad there is not some book that all this would be found in. Sort of a thinking man's Bible to the thoughts and saying of Jesus.
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Gerard Gerard
>I am not interested in the 613 Jewish tenents as it is my estimation that though Jesus did do all those things they were primarly only for the Jewish Nation. Junior did not promote Xtianity, only Judaism. I guess you have not read the bibble.
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Dismas Dismas
Thee is none, there is only what people 50 years after the fact said he said or did, having nothing to do with reality only their personal imaginations.
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Bobby Bobby
Here is a partial list: Jesus said, judge not. Christians say - judge everyone. Be fruit pickers. Jesus said "fear not". Christianity is a fear-based religion (perhaps because God may not protect them?) Jesus said “resist not evil” (because to focus on it gives your fear power over you) Christians run away from it in fear (because God is not powerful enough to protect them?) Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is WITHIN YOU – thus it is here – NOW – and don’t believe ANYONE (not even Paul) who tells you otherwise. Christians (thanks to Paul) say it's OUTSIDE of you and it is where christians go later - AFTER they die. Paul even said that there are at least 3 heavens. Jesus said do NOT pray in churches. Christians pray in churches. Jesus said do NOT pray in public. Christians pray in public. Jesus said to love your enemies and do good to those who do not love you. Christians says to correct them, chastise them, fear them, or even go to war against them when leaders whom God has placed over them say so. Jesus said to give unto Caesar that which is Ceasar’s (money), and give unto God that which is God’s (love). Christians say to give unto God that which is Caesar’s (money) and give unto Caesar that which is god’s (allegiance). Jesus said to swear no oaths. Christians swear’s oaths – whether as a Pledge of Allegiance or the oath of office/witnesses/jury duty, etc. Jesus said you are powerful creatures – gods in your own right. What you ask for WILL be given if you believe that you already have what you want. In essence, Jesus was a witch/thaumaturge (miracle worker) who was telling the truth. It is testable and it works! Christians say you are powerless, thus calling Jesus a liar. Jesus told you how to use your innate power for your own protection and wellbeing. Christians say that those who use it are evil sorcerers who will spend eternity in hell, burning without being consumed. Jesus said that you don’t need money because you are so powerful. That’s why he told his followers to give up all that they owned if they want to follow him. Christians say that God doesn’t want his people to be poor. Jesus said that YOU are the light of the world. Christians say that Jesus is.
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Acton Acton
Funny how people are so afraid of death they NEED a religion to follow just to make their lives easier. lol
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