My best friend could die. Help?:[?

My best friend could die. Help?:[? Topic: Cancer study case
July 19, 2019 / By Temperance
Question: I already know that I get very depressed and upset, and i found out my friend might have cancer about 2 or 3 months ago. She told me she could die from it, I cried very hard. I haven't heard from her for months now, and i'm scared. I don't want my best friend to be dying or something. I remember her saying that she was going to have surgery, she didn't any anything about how it went. She told me that she still could die (even after surgery..) I'm just really scared, I wrote her a poem. I tried emailing her.But it didn't work. v.v and I don't know what I would do if I found out she died or something D: My mom doesn't believe me that she has cancer. I am so pissed off at her because I would never joke about anything like that. >.< -__- I can't go over to her house or call her. She got a new cellphone. She has my number though. We're just friends at school... v.v
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Ronda Ronda | 5 days ago
T_T i hope she's alright! you literally made me cry at this point, so imm tell you the best i could first of all work things out with your friends call her mom and ask if it's okay to come over, and ask if she's okay that you have the right to know and your mom, just tell her that your serious about this, if you cry then for sure she's gonna believe you and everything (though don't be overdramatic) this is sad, and people may have cancer, even your friend, but just in case, donate to some cancer website. find out what kind of cancer your friend has, and then search for that cancer, study it, and donate to help everyone else who has it. and not just that cancer, but most. you could make a difference in your friends life i hope this helped... T_T and i hope your friend is the best that she can :)
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Ronda Originally Answered: What would you do if your best friend did this to you?
No, don;t be mad. Accept it gracefully then throw it away if necessary or regift. Also, use the stationary to write back to her at the very least and she'll feel like you are enjoying stuff. finshaggy.blogspot.com

Mona Mona
Have you contacted her other ways? With everything she may not be able to check her email. Visit her! Bring her something that shows you care. When my friend was sick (nothing like cancer, but in the hospital) I made her a Build a Bear. Sounds dorky, but it was cute, and I dressed it up and it made the room cheery. And when someone is going through cancer, I'm sure a stuffed animal to hug in memory of you when you're not with her would help. IF she did pass, someone will tell you, and just do your best to honor her memory. Remember that she will miss you, and remember all the good times you had with her. Try to focus on the good things, because at one point, everything was ok. So try to remember that. (: GOOD LUCK
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Linsay Linsay
I have cancer too. Mine is only skin cancer, but I control it using a natural source of the vitamin that cures cancer. Unfortunately, the refined product (amygdalin & Vitamin B-17) has been banned in the U.S. But concentrations of vitamin B-17 occur in numerous seeds and grains, the highest being the kernel inside apricot pits. 6 to 12 apricot kernels a day keeps my skin from getting the hard painful bumps mainly on my face and scalp. The book "World Without Cancer" is now out of print, but you can probably find it on Amazon. It is the definitive source for information about the cure for cancer and why it's been outlawed in the U.S. Don't just console your friend. Be a friend and research the cure for cancer. It's all over the internet. Find a source for apricot kernels and help your friend control her cancer through diet and nutrition.
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Kalyn Kalyn
nicely, my perfect chum lives overseas yet my domestic dog died 2 weeks in the past and that i substitute into certainly shattered. i certainly choose I had somebody who i'm going to have talked to. in simple terms be somebody who she would be in a position to speak to, tell her which you're sorry for her loss, and then pay attention to what she has to declare. perhaps make her a card or some thing to declare how sorry you're? there is somewhat not that plenty you would be able to desire to do in any different case yet wait. on the commencing up I in simple terms cried for 3 days directly, as I missed him plenty. do not ask her approximately what took place till you sense that she is waiting for those issues, as being requested stuff made be burst into tears. wait and see. I choose her nicely. xx
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Kalyn Originally Answered: How do I tell my best friend I like him? HELP?
Well, IM is not a great idea so cross that off the list. In person is your best bet. You sit with him at lunch? Tell him at lunch. Or after school. Ask him to take a walk and talk about it. I think that would be cute, :] If you have a certain place that you hang out a lot you can go there too. Just find somewhere where you can be comfortable and that there aren't people everywhere. And then once you find your spot just tell him! Tell him you've been friends for a long time and you are developing some really great feelings for him and that you want to know how he feels. Just tell him how you feel! Simple as that! Good Luck! :]]

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