My girlfriend has unusual fetishes? Should I break up with her?

My girlfriend has unusual fetishes? Should I break up with her? Topic: During homework for sister
June 16, 2019 / By Cadogan
Question: (sorry its long & I asked this b4, but I don't get good answers.) Were 17. I met her on the 1st day of school. All she talks about is sex. I like it at 1st, but she talks about sex way too much. I barely know anything about her personal life. We haven't done it yet, she isn't a virgin obviously, but I am, but I lied to her, cuz I don't want her to laugh at me for being a virgin. She was in my room & asks me to spank her. WTF? So I did, & she moaned every time I spanked her, but I stopped cuz I'm not comfortable. I was at her house & she had a cop outfit & handcuffs & wanted me to wear it & pretend to strip search her. I was like,"HAHA no thanks!" The creepiest thing she did was when I was in my room with my sister(16) doing homework together. My GF asked me to kiss my sister. I said,"NO! WTF!" My GF said,"C'mon! just try it!" My sister was silent the whole time, but then my sister kissed me on the cheek. My GF said,"C'mon, that doesn't count, do it on the lips & longer!" I said,"F*CK NO! you Psycho!" & stormed out my room. I'm still confused why wood my GF want to see that, even more confused why did my sister do what she said & kissed my cheek? I wonder if my sister would have kissed me on my lips if I hadn't got mad & left my room? WTF? Who knows what wood have happened next if I didn't leave my room? Shood I brake up or put these weird situations behind me & keep dating her? She's SO HOT!!! I think she's Bisexual!!! But my sister says she likes her, she said She's like the big sister she always wanted. How can my sister say that after my GF tried to make us kiss? I see my girlfriend giving her boy advice all the time, since my sister is painfully shy. So I guess that's good?
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Alen Alen | 4 days ago
if you can't say no to having an incestuous relationship with your sister just because it turns your girlfriend on and you are that easily manipulated then yes you should break up with her. other than that you may want to look up what fetish means because none of the rest of this is unusual and has nothing to do with fetishes.billions of people role play during sex and billions of people have mild bondage and discipline fantasies. it is not a fetish or even unusual. you are just very inexperienced.
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Tamela Tamela
Keep her away from ur sister She's a temptress Who may turn ur sister into a whorre for other boys Ur sister may not be matured enough to understand Probably may be in her puberty where hormones are going wild And anything different feels right Glad u did the right thing If u have to sleep with ur gf Use a condom Cause ur not only sleeping with her But also sleeping with her past Make sure u don't fall in love with such slutts It's pointless asking her as she may lie Be aware of life
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Rexanne Rexanne
I gave you this answer before and I will say it again. This is the way she is sexually driven so you need to find out how important this kinky stuff is to her and decide yourself if you want to participate or not, and if it's too weird for you. The bondage, role playing and spanking stuff is fairly common but the sister thing is crossing the line IMO. You have to decide where you draw the line and if she is OK with that. To me it sounds like the 2 of you are not on the same page sexually but you are torn between staying or going because she is SO HOT.
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Mildred Mildred
She's quite the handful...you don't seem very comfortable around her, so yes, you should break up with her..one day all her "Fetishes" are going to get her into trouble with the wrong men...she's not worth your time, let her find someone else who is just as crazy as she is. She's Hot, but she has a Cold Brain.
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Liane Liane
.....umm she's probably just addicted to sex. I guess that's good for you isn't it? Well about the sister kiss..Im not really sure about that. There might be some chances that she's using you for sex. Don't let her give boy advices to your sister.
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