Is there anyone out there for me?

Is there anyone out there for me? Topic: Music for writing action
June 26, 2019 / By Dorothea
Question: Lately I've had the worst luck with friends, turned out to be total ***** or ditched me. it isn't like I'm making a dating profile here lol, it'd just be nice to know if there are people out there similar to me/that would like me. sooo -i'm a girl -i'm far from barbie doll perfect -i loooove games. spend a lot of time on them. :/ mostly shooters, rpgs, adventures.. like call of duty, dragon age, oblivion, mirror's edge (plot kinda sucked but loved the gamplay, heh) etc! -love movies and tv too. open to anything really as long as its interesting. shooters, action, adventure, comedy, horror..and disney/pixar of course lol. -for music im open to a lot also. my favorite is metal though; love industrial and avantgarde metal. :p i'm into calmer stuff too however!!!! -i draw a lot -ffffff i love disney..the movies.....disneyland. idk why but i /love/ it. -i'm not really into watching sports, but i like goofing around and playing sports with friends, or going bowling n stuff. -i can be sorta quiet at first, i open up more once you've gotten to know me. -i'm more a listener than a talker. -loyalty is a HUGE thing to me. i keep secrets and will stick with you till you tell me to leave -i'm pretty understanding -i try to be nice -you can rant at me lol -i like nice guys, not total jerks. i can take jokes and stuff, but someone who CONSTANTLY puts you down. -i do have a sense of humor, and i'm not very sensitive but like i said above I don't like if someone is constantly putting me down. -i don't like when people change their attitude toward you to impress other people :p -i love trying new things if people have different interests than me ^___^ There's a ton more but I don't really want to write it all down. :/ Probably missed something important haha. I only have msn messenger guys. :(
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Cath Cath | 6 days ago
You sound like a great friend for me lol! Anyways I like having friend I could listen to, joke with, and what not. If you need a friend to talk to [email protected]
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Annabelle Annabelle
hey if you are ever on here add me if you like, my email is [email protected] <3 a lot of things you put one here i have in common and if you have aim or yahoo it's darkgothicfae as well
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Winthrop Winthrop
i think we could be good friends. i love videogames. all kinds. i like movies too. who deosnt?lol. but if you wanna talk add me please i would like a new friend. aol=caveman1408 yahoo= [email protected] i have xbox 360 btw they are cool. and im a nice guy.i dont put anyone down. so if you want to talk please feel free to contact meh =]] please contact meh im bored and i like metal music its my favorite =]]
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