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Modern Warfare 2 Skidrow? Topic: Up the down staircase setting
June 16, 2019 / By Guinevere
Question: I am trying to get the accolade where you get 10 kills in the game without dying. Every time i play there i can get 11 kills and so i go to hide. Every time i hide some jerk comes and kills me when my team only needs around 10 kills to win. Where can i hid so no one finds me and kills me? I get my 11 kills or so and then i need a place to hide, i dont hide where i am getting the kills.
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Diane Diane | 4 days ago
easiest way is just to kill your last person and then run as far as you can to a spot that isnt near enemies probz in a building laying down and watching the staircase. put uav and counter uav on and maybe sentry gun to set up in the building. hope that helped a little :/
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Diane Originally Answered: Killstreak Rewards In Modern Warfare 2?
It all depends on the environment you're playing in. For example - a killstreak such as Chopper Gunner can be devastating in maps such as Wasteland or Afghan, as there is very little room to hide, and most cover is very light anyways. While in maps like Skidrow or Highrise, these killstreaks can prove to be far less effective. The Predator along with Harrier Strike and Chopper Gunner is an excellant match up, but only when used effeciently. Here are the killstreaks I use in these scenarios... Close quarters (lots of cover; often enclosed; plenty of places to hide): 1 - Sentry Gun 2 - Harrier Strike 3 - Emergency Airdrop Wide n' spacey (very open; little cover; nowhere to hide...): 1. Predator Missle OR Pave Low 2. Harrier Strike OR Chopper Gunner/AC130 3. Chopper Gunner/AC130 OR Tactical Nuke Also, when playing certain game modes such as Search and Destroy, try to set your killstreak rewards fairly low. Cause let's face it, there's very little chance you'll actually get an AC130 within 4 short rounds without dying once. In such cases I usually use... 1. UAV 2. Care Package 3. Predator Missle OR Sentry Gun (depending on the map). Hope this advise helps a ton, my fellow gaming friend ;)
Diane Originally Answered: Killstreak Rewards In Modern Warfare 2?
Well, I recommend the ac130 (with the predator and harrier) INSTEAD of the chopper gunner. So why? Because the Ac130 has 3 different guns to fire, the small one is like the gun on the clopper gunner, the medium are for moving enemy players,and the big rockets are good for getting kills even if people are hiding because the damage can go inside the building too (where they are hiding). For the harrier, you need to use it in a highly populated area. With the harrier air strike, you need to place it in an open area so you can get some kills off that, and the harrier gunner will get you the rest of the kills. But wait, the precision air strike can get a lot of kills in a populated area. The precision air strike can get 4-5 kills if placed properly, and the will surely get you the 11 kllstreak for the ac130. Hope this helps.
Diane Originally Answered: Killstreak Rewards In Modern Warfare 2?
Well thats a really good kill streak for really big games. It also depends on the map. Each map has a perfect type of killstreaks to go with it. all medium size maps like Karachi needs Care Package, Harrier, AC 130 or Chopper (note: Pave Low get shot down quick but real accurate, same applies for choppers.) Don't even bother adding UAV, Counter, Sentry, or anything under 5 kills unless it a care package. (note if you get bad care package camp at it and enemies will come (only for a while)). Your killstreaks you have would work for BIG maps like Afgan or Wasteland. (also works good with EA (emergency airdrop)). Have fun good luck killin.!

Caramia Caramia
Don't think it's possible to hide where no one can find you, because theer is killcam which tells them where you are
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Caramia Originally Answered: How to level up quickly in modern warfare 3?
Kill confirmed is good. You should play domination sometimes too, because the match lasts very long. Team deathmatch is no good, too short. So what`s the SMG you use? UMP45 has the highest damage (49~17) and the longest range within SMG category. It`s also very accurate. Slowest fire rate though... It`s 750rpm. PP90M1 is good, fire rate is super fast (910rpm). It`s got decent magazine size and low recoil. Very balanced weapon. But beaware that reload time take 3 seconds. Damage count is 42~20. MP7, some say this is the best submachine gun. It has an interesting recoil pattern that only kicks vertically. You might not even notice the recoil up to middle range. The fire rate is 810rpm and damage count is 35~20 To be honest, Assault Rifles are much better. They do well in close range and long range, excellent in middle range. Average reload speed is faster than any weapon except handguns. ACR is the most balanced weapon within assault rifle category. Reload time is 1.9 sec (fastest), damage count of 45~30, accuracy is nearly laserbeam straight, and good iron sight. The range is little short but the very high minimum damage makes up for it. Rate of fire is little slow. Type95 might be the best assault rifle. This gun fires the 3 rounds so fast. Use rapid fire and the enemy will feel like they`ve been killed by sniper rifle! The maximum damage is so high, you`ll get 2 shot kill up to mid range. Well 55~20 damage count makes sence for that. The range is pretty long, but the minimum damage is low so becareful using Silencer. The iron sight is not bad. Advantage for this weapon would be, high damage, super fast fire rate and excellent accuracy. To list some disadvantages, I`d say slow reload speed, low minimum damage and that it`s 3 round burst. I would also like to give you suggestions on perks. I will write them down from best to worst with my best knowledge. Perk 1 - Slight of Hand, Scavenger, Recon, Blind Eye, Extreme Conditioning. Blind Eye might works well in open maps but there is always a better Perk. Extreme Conditioning is a joke. In these 5 feet wide maps, it`s useless. People gets killed a lot while they`re sprinting. Perk 2 - Difficult to make ranking for Perk 2. They`re all useful, depending on the situations. However, I believe Assasin is the most powerful one. Overkill is an interesting Perk but if you put deep thoughts into it, you might notice that it`s useless. Blast Shield is great, the damage you take from explosives becomes 55%, which is nearly half. Also if it`s pro, the effects of flash and stun grenades becomes half. Hardline is... Maybe you shouldn`t use it much. If you`re using Specialist Kill Streaks, place it on the 6th kill so you can achieve the Specialist Bonus earlier. Assasin makes you resistant to enemy UAV, Heartbeat sensor, Portable Radar... Wow. When it`s pro, you`ll be resistant to CUAV and EMP. Some people say this is over-powered Quickdraw is great... Not much to say. Use is with Steady Aim pro, it makes a perfect match. Perk 3 - Steady Aim, Stalker, Marksman, SitRep, Dead Silence SitRep and Dead Silence is out of the question. Less people sets claymores now days and no one is going to hear foot steps. Marksman is much more useful than I thought. If you`re interested, Use it with a weapon that has long effective range. Steady Aim is the best match for shotguns. Hip fire with this and will be more lethal than when aimed. So I just wanna make it simple for the last bit. To level up fast, completing challenges helps a lot. It`ll make the leveling up process so much faster. Check the challenges and see which one you`re about to complete. That`s all I got for now, if you got more questions please write some additional details and I`ll answer them as soon as I logon.
Caramia Originally Answered: How to level up quickly in modern warfare 3?
Just play, it doesn't take long to level up anyways. Rank doesn't equal skill either, so don't feel noobish if you see a bunch of high level players. It just means that they've had the game longer than you.

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