9th Grade Social Studies HELP?

9th Grade Social Studies HELP? Topic: France no homework
June 26, 2019 / By Lauren
Question: I have a homework that I need MAJOR help with! 1)Which two countries led in exploration and colonization during the 15th and 16th centuries? a)holland and italy b)england and germany c)portugal and spain d)france and russia 2)Which was a direct result of European slave trade in africa? a)it promoted a feeling of racial superiority among europeans b)west african kingdoms prospered c) african military forces ended the slave trade d)africans moved in large numbers to rural areas
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Jillie Jillie | 8 days ago
1. C (they pretty much ruled the americas. ever wondered why they speak spanish/portuegese in s. america? lol. the spanish armada was dominant in the 15th century) 2. D
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Jillie Originally Answered: 6th grade social studies?
I'm not sure that I can tell you those answers but I know who can! Google! That web site has the answer to just about every problem I've ever had. If you can't rely on google, you can't rely on anything!

Frea Frea
hi, i do no longer comprehend if i would be any help, yet i'm in 6th grade. I even have exams in Social examine approximately modern-day activities and historical stuff, and in case you truthfully learn and pay interest, in case you think of approximately it, they're only questions. it is going to likely be straightforward, i guarentee you.
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Frea Originally Answered: I need help on 7th Grade Social Studies Homework?:D?
just compare it to the Iraq war...in the cold war it wasn't a fight...it was a race to knowledge and discovery. It was between America and Russia mainly about space. The Iraq war is a fight and it was caused because of a bad president that brang communism into there society... well and bush decided to attack cuz he wanted more oil...
Frea Originally Answered: I need help on 7th Grade Social Studies Homework?:D?
Compare it to the current War on Terror. Talk about fighting the unseen foe, and which countries support the US now vs. during the cold war. In many ways, the "satellite wars" that were part of the cold war resemble the modern War on Terror. Just some thoughts... I cant give you too much info or else that would be plagiarism.

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