High school drama someone help?

High school drama someone help? Topic: Sara research
June 16, 2019 / By Avis
Question: So I've been caught up in the drama of high school (totally unexpected for me) and now can't get out. Just to protect identities the names aren't real. So I'm an Indian Muslim and Sara is an American Indian British Muslim so there's really no problem there. The problem is I've known her since eighth grade and have only just begun to "like, like" her since last year. Yes it sounds immature but that's the truth. We're good friends and I run into her a lot after school. I'm just afraid that she thinks that I'm stalking her (which I'm not) because we've met so many times after school. She's smart and would realize the truth easily. Just a bit of background, I'm friends with some of her friends too but Paul (this really annoying freak at my school) who isn't really a friend of ours keeps telling her random rumors that I'm following her. Another person, Raj, keeps giving rumors that Sara and I are a couple which really hurts my chances too. Believe me under normal circumstances I wouldn't have any trouble. When a problem occurs I'd move on and try someone else but this girl won't get out of my mind! I'm a soccer player, run track, do part-time science research at a local college, and have many other good qualities. I'm pretty decent looking and have a good personality (or so I'm told) and honestly I'm not looking to do anything with her unless the relationship really matures, just be with her. I'm not like most guys who think with the wrong head. Please help someone! --confused by drama
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Abigayle Abigayle | 8 days ago
If you really like her that much then go for it before it's too late. Take it from me as a female I know that a girl can only wait so long before either she thinks your not interested and moves on or someone else gets her. Maybe she likes you already and is just waiting for you to make a move. All this drama and what not you are in shouldn't effect you asking her out. Just tell her how you feel and let what happens happen ya know. Hope this helps :)
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Stu Stu
Hey I can totally relate. What I would do, go along with their kidding in a sarcastic manner. If they literally come out and accuse u of stalking, tell them off then. They're probably interested in this girl as well and they want to hurt your chances as much as possible. Show her you can take a punch with humor. Cheers am good luck! Scully
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