Can someone give me some advice?

Can someone give me some advice? Topic: Teacher marking exams papers
June 16, 2019 / By Ammihud
Question: i feel really terrible and dreadful now... because.. i get low marks in my exams paper...and i feel really sad about that. the most important is... all my teachers will hate at me! i dont know why i feel like that
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Best Answers: Can someone give me some advice?

Tirzah Tirzah | 7 days ago
That's your own insecurities talking, sweetie. Trust me, your teachers probably don't spend an awful lot of time thinking about you at all. They have too many students, and their workload far outweighs the pay they get. they have enough problems in their own lives. I used to have insecurities like that, too. But please believe me, you're stressing out over nothing. Worry more about improving your marks for your own benefit, not to make your teachers happy. If you got better grades, they probably wouldn't make much note of it anyway. good luck, honey.
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Rozanne Rozanne
Your teachers shouldn't hate you for getting low grades in your exams. Maybe you didn't get the help that you needed before the exam took place? If not you tried your best, maybe you could try and improve things and retake the exams at a later date. I didn't get very good exam results when I was younger either, mine was mostly because of disinterest in those subjects, don't think the teachers hated me for it, maybe disappointed but not hate. All that matters more than the teachers is to do your parents proud. Forget the teachers you will not be seeing them once you leave school.
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Nehushta Nehushta
I don't really get why you gave everyone a thumbs down, but okaaay. Like the third person said, it's not like your teachers are going to be spending their time thinking about you. You're only one student out of what? Two hundred or something students? It's fine to feel disappointed if you didn't do as well as you had hoped, but what I don't get is why you're so busy worrying about what your teachers will think. They'll hate you? For what? Doing your best? In which case, you should just work harder. Instead of sitting and complaining, just try harder next time. Studying actually helps.
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Lottie Lottie
Well, if you arent getting good grades maybe its your dedication to your studies. try to be dedicated to your studies to become smart and to get good grades! study in advance in weekends and try to make a group where you and your friends review each other before an exam.
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Kathleen Kathleen
Talk to them. Ask what you can do to improve your grades, and if there is tutoring available. This will show them that you are serious about raising your grades. Then follow through with their advice.
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