What shall i do about my daughter starting middle school?

What shall i do about my daughter starting middle school? Topic: We must do our homework for kids
July 17, 2019 / By Chuck
Question: She's starting middle school and she doesn't know what to do. Her big sisterr is telling her what to do but she gets mad when she asks a lot of questions (typical older sister) and she wont listen to me. She is really nervous that she wont dress right or she will be too small compared to everyone else (she's only 4'2" but she likes being small) or she wont dress in style. I keep telling her she's there to learn not for a fashion show but I understand she still wants to dress nice. Please give me tips about anything and everything so I can reassure her she will be fine... Oh and I can't decide when I want her to be in bed at. She has to wake up at 6. Is 6 or 7:30 a good bed time? We have all had a talk with her and she is getting more nervous, we tell her its gonna be okay and everybody goes through this and she just gets more nervous?? Her sister was not like this, but my youngest (Leonie) is very socialable but I dont know what to do! she likes her bedtime early but she stays up for like 3 more hours watching movies and eating chocolate
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Ami Ami | 10 days ago
I think if you tell her or show her how middle school is and that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of! Her bed time should be more like 9 or 9:30 depending on homework. I know all kids are different. Some kids are excited about starting middle school and some are afraid. IT IS OKAY! I know you must be stressed as a parent but she'll be fine. Here are some fashion tips! 1. Old school is the new style – think about what we were wearing as kids – just updated. 2. Stripes – thick, thin, or varied. Stripes seem to be everywhere this fall. 3. Deep fall colors such as browns, reds, olives, greys and navy. 4. Layers - camis under v-neck tops, thermals under Ts, layering is hotter than ever. 5. Jeans – it doesn’t matter who you are, whether you are a boy or girl, toddler, teen or grown up, jeans are always in style. This season it looks like the styles are endless – skinny leg, flare, classic fit – whatever fits your style! 6. Baby doll tops – long sleeve, short sleeve, or sleeveless layered with a top underneath, the baby doll tops come in a variety of styles and look really cute on the girls. I like that the lengths are longer and we are not seeing belly buttons! 7. Ballet flats – canvas, sparkly or just simple – this 80’s footwear staple is hotter than ever now, which is better than the heels that were all the rage last year. 8. Leggings – paired with baby doll tops, tunics and under mini skirts, leggings somehow are back in style again. 9. Belts over shirts – skinny and shiny or wide and flattering – belts over shirts seem to be in every catalog this fall. 10. 2-in1 tees for boys and girls – more of the layered look! The boys love the thermal henleys under their graphic tees and polo shirts. For girls, tees under spaghetti straps are fun, too. 11. Cargo pants – you can never have enough pockets! Cargo pants are fun, practical and come in styles to satisfy even the pickiest kids! Of course, the girls have taken cargos as their own as well – as shorts, capris, skirts and long pants. 12. Polos and Rugby shirts – collar up or collar down, these two staples never really go out of style. 13. Crocs & clogs - for some reason, people seem to think that Crocs, the ultimate in comfy clog, are a fashion statement. I will agree that they are comfortable, but they look like gardening shoes. Either way, Crocs and clogs are sure to be seen on feet everywhere.
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Ami Originally Answered: I need help starting middle school?
I actually love middle school, I am going to 7th grade next year. Anyways - Locker Rooms: They don't have them at my school, we get changed in the bathroom, but it is a MUST to get a lock for ur locker, my sister got her sneakers stolen because she forgot to lock it! (she's in High school) And if you are worried about when you are changing what girls will think of you, you can wear a cami over your bra or just wear a cami if you don't wear bras yet. Lockers: Whether you get the bottom or top one, it should always be organized. Proven study shown that kids with cleaner lockers tend to do better in school. I would recommend getting a locker shelf to neatly stack your books, and stuff. Lockers are a good way to express your personality too by decorating it! You can buy a white board the write down important tests so you will remember books for that night, cute magnets are good for hanging up photos of pets, family, friends, etc which can help on a bad day! Schedule: On your first day you will probably get your schedule. It is a good idea to keep extra copies: one for home, for your locker, and one to carry around in school, like in your binder or pencil case, etc. On your first day, don't be afraid to carry it around in the hall when switching classes, If anyone rude makes fun of you just ignore them, they were probably clueless on their first day too. Towards the middle of the year you may know your shecdule by heart,but it is still good to carry one around. Backpack/ What to carry: Try to pick out a backpack that you know you will like throughout the whole year - backpacks aren't cheap, lol. In your backpack carry your books, of course, a pencil case to hold all your pens and pencils, and if you are expecting that time of the month (even i you haven't gotten it yet) it is always a good idea to carry a pad or tampon, and maybe a few bandaids just incase u get a paper cut or whatever. Lunch: Pack a healthy lunch, lol. And in the cafeteria try to sit with your friends, and try to sit with new ppl too. Popularity: Be yourself, and don't start cliques! If you need more just email me: [email protected] :)

Till Till
Don't do anything. Let her worry and then when she finally gets in the cycle of middle school she wil be fine. About the clothes: my mom always let me go to school for a week without new clothes just to see what the other kids are wearing then go shopping for new things. The bedtime is ridiculous. 7:30? That's not even enough time to do homework, relax a little and eat dinner. 8:30 is a good time. The amount of homework they give you in school now is very large and she will be overwhelmed if the bedtime is 7:30.
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Roxanna Roxanna
Okay, middle school is NOT THAT BAD. Really. It's that awkward time when you start to get a "big person's mentality" but the chances that people will actually remember how you started middle school looking like/acting like is slim. It's important to go in as yourself because that's how you're going to attract friends who will be there for you for a long time, instead of trying to act cool, only to find out that after the "popular kids" get past your clothes, they really don't like you. Middle school is really just a transitional phase for basically anybody. The drama that happens in middle school is just like the drama in high school: While you're living it, it seems to be the most important thing ever, but after you get past middle/high school, it you find out that it's not important at all. And having a bed time at 6? How do you expect that your daughter is going to sleep for 12 hours??? How will she have any time at home if she's in bed for 12 hours (after going to school for 8?) That's only about 4 hours of being home/homework/dinner/relaxing time. You try sleeping for 12 hours every day for a week and tell me how that turns out for you. A good bedtime for a real student would probably be either 9 or 10. (9 or 8 hours, which is the amount that normal teenagers need to be fully rested.)
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Nanny Nanny
Woah, when I was that age I went to bed at 9:00 and read for an hour. I would say 8:30 - 10:00. Take her on a shopping spree at Justice. They have 40% off sales and cute clothes too. No more movies and chocolate.
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Lorina Lorina
First off, tell her it will be fine. She's anxious, and well she should be. Its a new scary place. But just tackle it head on and she'll be fine. I wouldn't worry. As for bed time, I would say 8 to 8:30 at least. Give her some freedom. She's getting to old for such an early bedtime.
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Katharyn Katharyn
She's young, she wants to look all pretty and dazzled up...let her do so, just don't let her empty out your bank. She has to earn it. :P There's really nothing you can do, just keep reassuring her that change is good and this is how she will grow and become somebody. She will see that on the first day of school, it won't be so bad, a little bigger...but she'll catch on so quickly. As for a bedtime, at least 8 hours of sleep is recommended. So, you could even let her stay up a little later if you wanted. :)
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Helena Helena
tell her to just dress like she normally would, most kids style doesn't change much. also waiting until after school starts to go shopping for new clothes is a good way to see what the other kids are wearing first, so she wont be out of style. i think 10 or 10:30 would be a good bed time for a 6th grader...that way they aren't going to bed super early and wont feel like a little kid. good luck!
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Dulcibella Dulcibella
Very funny MOM!! hey I had to go through with this with my daughter too and we just went shopping for a day and I let her pick out clothes and jewelry and some light makeup, and stuff like that and just told her to just be yourself and that you will meet new kids there and that everybody is nervous, not just her, and of course my son who is the oldest was teasing her about they take all the 7th grader and duck their heads in the bathroom toilets!! so I told her they don't do that!! and that every things would be fine, so when she came home that first day she was excited and just telling me every things that went on and how she sw some really cute guys!! amd I said hey slow down the boys can come later!!! and just laugh!! so don't worry about she will be fine!!
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Cecelia Cecelia
I know a girl who's really, really, really, tiny in sixth grade and she's probably 4' 2" also and I think people actually watch out for her because she's so tiny and people are really nice to her. DON'T GIVE HER A FRICKEN BED TIME! SHE'S IN MIDDLE SCHOOL FOR HEAVEN SAKES! She'll go to bed when she's tired! (But if yo do give her a bed time have it be like 10:00 - 10:30)
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Cecelia Originally Answered: Leaving middle school & best friends - heading to a new high school - JITTERS?
the same thing happened to me. I left for high school while all my best friends except one left to go to another high school. at first it's hard. but you soon get new freinds and adapt to a different schedule. high school is not really as hard as everyone says. the worst part is more homework. also, if the school is big, you have to go up and down the stairs a lot.

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