I give up.?

I give up.? Topic: Writing skills questions and answers
July 20, 2019 / By Garvan
Question: I have never asked a question about the bible and got a united answer. many times people planly dont even interpret my question correctly
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Devin Devin | 1 day ago
Don't give up... first, you're never ever gonna get a united answer when asking a question about scripture. (there is a Jewish saying, ask two Jews a question and gets three answers) Read through your answers and see which one makes the most sense to you... As far as people not interpreting your question correctly, that's the joy of life and the internet. :) We all 'see' things from the background we came from.... sometimes this is bad, sometimes good. We get to see, in some sense, how we come across to others. The more we write online we can hone our skills and write more specific questions.
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Bert Bert
Don't give up. It has happened to me many times and I find it very frustrating. I just keep trying to re-word my question until somebody understands. It also helps to wait until someone who is Bible knowledgeable happens to be on the forum at the same time you are. Schneb is quite knowledgeable about the Bible and gives very good answers.
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Abishalom Abishalom
You are never going to get a united answer about the bible, if you will think about that logically. Most people do not know how to read properly and often draw incorrect conclusions because they allow predetermination to affect their reading.
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Skuyler Skuyler
Only pay attention to those who let the Bible interpet itself. Most of the time, the context of the scripture gives us a clue to the correct interpetation. Other scriptures will also p[oint the way to the correct view.
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Phyllida Phyllida
Maybe because you quote the bible! The vagueness of the bible is well known, now so are your questions!
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