Can Someone Give me Middle School Advice PLEASE?

Can Someone Give me Middle School Advice PLEASE? Topic: Hard case school bags
July 19, 2019 / By Pahath-Moab
Question: Ok SO I am going back to school and starting middle school so can you guyz give me tips and what to do. Thanks.
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Lindsay Lindsay | 4 days ago
Okay ummm, don't listen to those people who said middle school was hard. I just graduated last spring and I went to the best middle school in my state(academic and sports wise) and I'm still alive. Its just about being prepared and knowing what to do. Soo, always stay on top of your work! Know where everything is, be organized so you won't lose anything! Put effort into your work and actually do it. Turn it in on time(schools usually have a late work policy) or you'll get points taken off. Get on the teachers good side! I know you'll wanna talk to friends, but don't talk while the teacher is talking. Talk when its work time. Teachers will get pissed, pretend like your presenting in class and no one is paying attention to you. Plus, you want to understand the work. You'll come across some strict teachers, but they're usually tolerable. Be nice to them and they won't mind you. If you have a locker, keep it organized. Keep text books in here, extra pens and pencils, extra paper, extra clothes(you never know when you'll need them) keep some body spray to to freshen up throughout the day. But dont spray it in class. Guys get mad and teachers say that someone might have allergies. Also, keep some tampons and pads, but put them in a pencil case or makeup bag. You don't wanna resort to toilet paper. Its gross. If you have PE, participate, but know that you don't have to give it your all. The PE teachers are not expecting a pool of sweat from you. If you have a pe locker, always have deodorant, your uniform, body spray, running shoes, maybe a small face towell, hair ties and bobby pins. If you dont have a pe locker, bring it in a drawstring bag. Also bring makeup if you wear any. About makeup(not sure wht grade your going into, my school was only 7 and 8), so if you don't wear makeup, you might wanna wait until 7th grade, and then, you should only use pressed powder, mascara, brown eyeliner, and lipgloss. Concealer if you need it. I always see girls making mistakes like heavy eyeliner, different skintone foundation and not blending it in, or red lipstick(yuck!) but its your choice about what you want to wear. Bring a small makeup bag if you need it and just keep the basics you would need to touch up. Cliques, schools will always have them, choose where you want to go. Not really sure what my group of friends were called. We were the backup friends of popular people and cheerleaders. Weird. But really, just be nice to everyone, don't start fights, and pretend you like some one even if you cant stand them. Drama sucks. People lie, spread rumors, and talk about you behind your back. But if you ignore it, they'll just stop. You might come across a relationship or two throughout your middleschool years, but know they usually don't last. These two people at my school that went out for two years broke up last week. They're not serious, so don't be upset if a guy breaks up with you. If he broke up with you, it means you didn't deserve him. And dont go out with someone just to have a boyfriend... not good. Speaking about guys, don't let a crush take over your life. I like this one guy for two years, thats all i thought about in eigth grade. I still finished my work and got straight a's, but thats just because i'd stay up all night to do it. So don't let a crush crush you. I'm sort of guilty of this, acting dumb in front of a guy you like because you think its cute. Its not, they always thought i was so dumb. Well, i was in honors classes and had to help them with work, so that proved them wrong. But don't act dumb. I now know that guys hate it. Bring gum or mints(who cares if your not supposed to have them? Everyone does anyways) I don't know the policy for your school about phones/ipod/other stuff like that, but sometimes teachers let you listen to your ipod. Keep your phone on silent, you can still hear it vibrate. Take pictures! Bring a camera even if your not supposed to, its all about not getting caught. If you can, take a picture everyday. I didn't have a camera, but its sooo hard to remember what happened, and time goes by, you begin to forget. You want to have memories, good and bad. My dad gave me a camera for graduation, me and my friends are going to take a picture everyday of high school. One thing i regret would be not living it up to its fullest potential. I never went to games or joined clubs, the only dance i went to was eighth grade semi formal. I thought oh, i'll just do that stuff in highschool. But now it wont be the same because i wont get to do it with some of my friends since they are going to different highschool. So always be apart of school, show your school spirit, go games, go to dances. Make it so that you wont regret it. A few tips for the first day of school... There are a bunch of people, make new friends, dont be shy and start and convo. Compliment them, ask questions. Dont overload your backpack, unless you already have a supply list, dont buy anything yet, you might buy something you wont need, teachers will say what you need to bring during the first week. On the first day, just bring a folder filled with lned paper(or two folders) and a binder, some pens and pencils, PE clothes if you have it, lunch or lunch money(i suggest to bring your lunch the first few days. They are still figuring things out and it will take a LONG time! Bring a waterbottle and a snack. You dont want to die of thirst or starvation. Wear something new, comfortable, yet something that makes you feel and look good. Don't wear heels or anything that has somekind of elevation. It sounds cliche, but be yourself. Its better to be hated for who you are than to be liked for someone you aren't. First day, talk to a lot of people. If you be nice, they'll think your nice, who knows, you might become best friends! DON'T be nervous, everyone else is too. Or at least pretend like your not nervous. Tips for the rest of the year that i forgot to include above... Use passing periods wisely, too many tardies can lead to detention. What ever you do, not stop unless you really cant move. You will be pushed and kicked. Not trying to scare you, but its usually innocent bystanders that get hurt. Do dont stop in the middle of the hallway. The hallways were soooo crowded. I and many others would break a sweat trying to get to class which was right across the hallway. Use class wisely. If you have freetime, do homework. Because when you get home you can just sit and relax. Always bring a book with you to read. Or at least pretend to read it if your teacher makes you. Don't ever think you are better than older student. They'll hate you. When i was in seventh grade, i always wondered why the 8th graders hated us. When i got to eighth grade, the majority of seventh graders were so annoying and immature. So don't act like a fool. Oh, if your going into seventh grade, they might call you sevies. Last thing... Smile and others will smile back. It'll make things so much easier. Middle school IS NOT HARD. Its the bet two years I've had so far. I start highschool july 26(ugghhh, monday) trust me, middle school will be AMAZING, as long as you know how to do it right(: Hope this helped!
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Lindsay Originally Answered: Advice for going into middle school! ASAP!:)?
Middle school only lasts three years. You will notice that the teachers will be a LOT less caring about you. This is how school is truly like. In Elementary school, your teacher was probably your best friend. In middle school, they're about half as nice, and in high school there's no kindness at all. Boys - boys are going through puberty in middle school and will try to have sex with you. They will probably be perverted and rude, so ignore them and don't take what they say personally. Cliques - Normal until the end of high school. Homework/Teachers - Teachers are snappy and they expect you to get your work done even if you were absent. There's homework, but in high school the amount triples. Lockers - You usually don't have them in middle school. Fashions - Every girl in middle school wears an abercrombie top, slutty short shorts, and flip-flops. You better stock up. Period - Periods suck and they hurt and make you smell like a rotten fish.

Jarod Jarod
Well I can say be yourself and don't don't always try to be someone your not and dress as you do so it would be unique and all you. Be organized and be nice and always go for the good grades. Also try out for sports and make many friends. And don't live your life on a computer, do what most middle school students do and text and hang out! LOL. For the first day don't over do your outfit. Keep in nice but not so simple. Shorts with a nice shirt and Accessories will do fine. GOOD LUCK!
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Fredric Fredric
I'll echo what some other people have already said, middle school is a very trying time for many of us. The key is to remember that this is just the beginning of your life. Your hormones are raging. But things will get easier. Molehills will not always look like mountains. That's pretty much science. We mellow out as we get older. The emotions you feel in middle school are very intense. Just keep reminding yourself that the drama will pass. Look to your teachers and other authority figures for evidence of this... They got through it, and so will you. Most of them are there to help you, so take advantage of their words of wisdom. Find someone to look up to. I remember this made middle school much easier for me.
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Delaney Delaney
Do your work, study when you need to, be respectful to your authority figures (being intentionally non-conformist does not make you original, it just makes you an annoying troublemaker), and avoid situations where you could get into trouble, espcially with drugs and alcohol. It is a scary time, a time with a lot more questions than answers. But it is also a time where you can really have a blast just living your life. Find one or two great friends you can trust, and just enjoy your youth...it does not last forever!
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Bas Bas
I'm sorry to say this but it is very hard to get through middle school. Be yourself and be nice to people. Expect the unexpected. Your friends may be back-stabbers and you will feel bullied,but don't give up. Things will be VERY hard in middle school, but mind your own business, be quiet, and don't tell secrets. Try to get on peoples' good sides. Middle School sucks,but has very fun and rewarding opportunities. :) -JT
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Bas Originally Answered: Please give me some advice i have been doing badly in school i dont care anymore i use to be a b student?
Wow, the same thing happened to me...I thought I'd even repeat year 11 just to try and get into university but I hated school and didn't even finish. I stayed long enough to go to the school ball and then I left! I worked for a year and then I went to Tafe (college) and studied beauty therapy for 2 years. This gave me confidence and I actually enjoyed the class. Then since I had a diploma in beauty I used that to get into pre-med...can you believe that??? I don't know how it was even possible. So don't feel bad because school isnt for everyone...it certainly wasn't for me! As for raising your grades put on your favourite movie or CD and study for as long as that plays. Once it has finished then stop studying and go have some fun! I do this when I am studying for exams. Find a study buddy too.I have one and if you can half the work between you then there is less for you to do! Works a treat!

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