What's a good prank to play in school, but not get in big trouble or suspended?

What's a good prank to play in school, but not get in big trouble or suspended? Topic: My pencil case story
June 16, 2019 / By Wallace
Question: I've always wanted to do it, but i dont want to get in big trouble either! stories too if you have them: :D
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Best Answers: What's a good prank to play in school, but not get in big trouble or suspended?

Ruby Ruby | 8 days ago
Glue or a thumb tack on the teachers chair Stink bomb in locker. Or if you wana go really extreme like someone i know did. Poop in their pencil case lmao.
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Nowadays all kinds of plays and performances are done with very minimalist sets, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem no matter what you pick. For example, I saw a production of the opera Ermione where the setting had been changed to the American Civil War, but the set consisted of nothing but a large gray slab that would be moves around (I think it was maybe supposed to represent a wall.) So really, you can get away with cutting corners quite a bit there. As for plays with a small cast, you don't really say how small (20 actors? 10? 3?) so there is a bit of variation. I like to go for classics myself -- no royalties, and they often are designed for smaller stages and casts more suited to a high school, than are these grand musical showcases that are done nowadays. The Importance of Being Earnest, The Schemings of Scapin, David Garrick, The Devil is an *** and others are all possibilities. If you want to do something very different you could even try to do some Japanese Noh plays (talk about small casts and limited sets!)

Mort Mort
the 1st factor I might desire to declare is, determine you son is familiar with that it is not ok for him to pants somebody, fairly no longer a woman. At 11 years previous, he's attending to an age the place pulling off a woman's outfits can bring about issues extra severe than maximum infants can think of. no count number what somebody does, it extremely is rarely a suitable reaction. With that pronounced, it appears that evidently such as you and the different mum and dad did each and every thing acceptable. You made the college officers responsive to the project. You had conferences, suggested it with one yet another and agreed that no longer something like that ought to ever happen lower back. as some distance because of the fact the different mom's statements approximately pressing expenses and taking her daughter out of school, it appears that evidently like it extremely is a few thing the central instructed you. i'm undecided precisely the way it befell, yet from what I study it sort of feels that the mummy never pronounced this to you, it extremely is data the central relayed to you. If that sounds inconsistant with what the different mom instructed you, according to danger the central misunderstood, or perchance she pronounced all of this earlier earlier chatting with you. in case you experience that the two considered one of you are able to communicate issues out gently, according to danger you are able to touch her and ask her quickly if that's what she plans to do. in case you're no longer interested in chatting along with her now, i do no longer think of you will possibly desire to stress it. you are able to purely make arrangements in case she does settle directly to sue. evaluate a lawyer and a countersuit, yet i do no longer think of you will possibly desire to hire one purely yet, because of the fact it won't even get that some distance. interior the intervening time, concentration on your infants and verify their college is a secure and respectful place the place no person feels threatened. verify your son and daughter (and the different teenagers you have) understand that they might come to you in the event that they must any extent further issues, and that they understand which instructors or directors to bypass to in the present day if something like that takes place in college lower back. And save up a correspondence with the coaches and principals and different mum and dad to verify incidents like that don't start up lower back.
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Kelan Kelan
Last year of high school about six of us lifted the history teacher`s Mini and brought it in the school hallway,up about ten stairs via the double doors.We left it right outside his classroom,and when he exited, the look on his face was priceless.
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well, i was going to say loud fireworks outside the window... but yeahhh... if you can get away with it, hide their sleeping bags/bedding orr... get all the alarm clocks you have, or timers. set them all to go off at ten minute intervals. hide them in places like in closets, in suitcases, on shelves... use your imagination. then when one goes off, they'll spend a whole bunch of time finding it then the next one goes off.

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