What helps you accept the death of someone you really love?

What helps you accept the death of someone you really love? Topic: My best friend is the sister i never had poems
June 16, 2019 / By Tikvah
Question: For me i have had to accept the fact that someone i really love and miss is gone at the tender age of two. I had to let go of my best friend also my angel. The only thing that gives my hope is I know I will see her again .......Someday.
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Roxana Roxana | 10 days ago
I am very sorry for your loss. I will pray for you as well. I lost a nephew sixteen years ago, he was only three months and three days old. We all continue to miss him. This was my first nephew, for me it was hard too, being a caregiver to three other children, I felt like time was standing still. I felt numb... I decided to write a poem for sweet little Nicholi, I still write him a poem on his birthday and on the day we lost him. I have shared them with my sister and we have cried together. My youngest granddaughter was born on the date of his death. Something wonderful finally happened to our family on the saddest day of our lives. I know there is not much to say to console you, but remember, your little angel is with GOD, someday you will see her again. God Bless you and your family. I will remember you all in my prayers. You are never alone...talk to our Heavenly Father..He always listens.
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Lorie Lorie
I am deeply sorry for your loss. I don't think anything, even time can help anyone get over such a devastating loss. You can however, learn to grieve properly and learn to accept the loss as well as learn to continue to live life fully. I strongly urge you to seek counseling services. Individual counseling would be beneficial but I really think group counseling would be even better. It is very therapeutic to help others as well as yourself by talking to others have suffered a similar loss. Not only will you gain support and encouragement but it would certainly help you get through this difficult time if you know that you are helping others. Again, I am truly sorry and I will pray for your strength.
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Kath Kath
I'm so sorry about your loss. For me I have had to accept the fact that my wife passed away. I saw my 3 children and I knew that I would have to be strong for them so I came to terms with it. It's so hard to let go because here you have 3 children who have certain qualities in them which are from their mother and it constantly reminds you. I know though for a fact that if I raise my boys to grow up to be good men, then I know that if she was there, she would be proud of me so I constantly try to do the best I can.
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Heleen Heleen
I had a very difficult time dealing with the death of a friend 25 years ago. My mother bought me the book "We Don't Die". I can not remember the name of the author. It helped me realize that we, in fact, do not die and that we will meet again. Good luck and Peace be with you. EDIT** Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski are the names of the authors.
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Drusilla Drusilla
It takes time to heal from a loss. For some, it also takes faith. Try to find a purpose in your life that drives you on, while keeping the memory of the one you lost alive. My sister, who lost her daughter & granddaughter in a car accident, has set up an annual toy drive in their honor. The toys are donated to the local children's hospital, the one that helped them through her preemie problems. She is also setting up a larger foundation to help teen parents. Know that the person who you lost loved you, too. She would not want you to waste your short time here on earth grieving her absence.
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Ceara Ceara
I am so sorry for your loss. The only advice I have for you is to give it time. Time heals a lot. And keep good memories alive.
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