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July 19, 2019 / By Kenzie
Question: alright so im in grade ten right now but i have these couple fo problems going on around my little circle. heres the background. niner yar started out with me and my two best friends- melissa and tori. tori liked this guy from her music class the very first day she saw him and his name is sebastian. i made really good friednsw ith a guy in my english class named dylan. we started hanging out and i figured out that sebastian liked tori back, he and i became great friends and talked abotu my friend tori alot. me and melissa ventually told tori he liked her back but she played cool for a while. mean while melissa liked dylan and dylan is a player so he flirted with melissa a lot. sebasitan began liking another girl named mary and decided tori was too good for him and he kept her as friend and went out with mary. melissa n dylan made out at toris house and then he dumped her. mry was insane on sbeasitan so he dumped. she was stil inlove with him so she kept following him around annd he ended up hting her guts. hopeless she ran to me for support and no shes one of my best friends which sebastian doesnt tolerate too much. tori ,me and melissa later went with dylan and his step brother DILLON to a halloween event. tori and dillon instantly liked each other and went out for exactly a month she realized she really didnt like him and dumped him. eventually during the year we made friends with an old english classmate jordan and i realized i liked him. i flirted with him like craz and got no response. meanwhile melissa and i were becoming better and better friends with a girl michelle forkm our gm class whom tori disliked ALOT. i finally told jordan that i liked him and he didnt feel the same way alittle sad i shrugged it off and i stopped liking him. meanwhile tori told us how much she didnt want to hang out with michelle and we told her she was our good friend now and that she had to be friends with eh rfor our sake. during the summer it ws me melissa and michelle. michelle and melissas older brother marcell went out eventually maing us veen closer and tori more further apart. tori then told me that sebastian had confessed his true love for her and they were going out secretly and melissa had made out with dylan AGAIN, nd i was becomng closer with jordan. during the ends of the summer i hung out with jordan more and more. tori finally told me that he liked me back and tho we both knew our feelings for each other he never really asked me out. michelle and marcell broke up but still stayed close becasue of melissa. jordan and i eneded our " thing?" and he became a total asshle to me and becaem REAL close friends with tori. michelle started talking **** behind melissas back with me. melissa found out andyeled at both of us and sicne i didnt say much but that she hurt my feelings at one point she forgave me but not michelle and now melissa nd michelle arent friends and marcell hates her. but i have nothing against her so im still friend with her. causing mine and marcells friendshp to break :( even though he was like a brother to me. tori and jordan and sebastian foremd a little allienece and i got real pissed off along with melissa who felt unwelcmoed when we hung out. jordan had a little crush on tori and when i found out i was furious. dylan too had a crush on tori and so me meliss and tori dislike him for being a player and a tpical guy. sbeasitan got mad a jordan for hanging out with tori to much but forgave him. still jordan introduced tori to his other friend colina dn tori kinda likes him but shes with sbeastian! jordan is giving me mixed signals even though hes with a girl, marcell is ignoring me michele is hated by the whole school me and melissa re better off than ever sebastian is acting like a ***** to me for no apperant reason and i dont know what to do! its all so confuasing! tell me what you think :) please
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Izzy Izzy | 9 days ago
u don't have a sister or family u can talk to? incredible. i have a \ sister.. and she just keeps everything to herself.. .. but I hate it when she just doesn't tell me whats going on.. it is soo bad.. i mean u rather ask a couple of strangers? and sweetie, please tell me u used a different name for your friends bc they are a lot of creepy people in internet..ok its a looooong question but here u go, i am new to this sooo u should feel lucky you are the first person that i TALK TO.. SO THE FIRST THING I SAW.. michelle, is that her name? she doesn't seem like a nice friend.. honestly i don't know.. that's my vibe.. i KNOW SHE broke off with .. marcel. but why would she be even talking bad about mellisa??? that is soo rude, and its terrible of her to put u in that position, she knew melissa was one of your friends right? why would she even do that.. plus what did mellisa doo? marcel.. is her brother right? ok well.. she was probably just defending her brother and then michelle talks **** about her... soo bad.. but it was also really bad that u let michelle talk **** about mellisa, i though she was one of your best friends, i would never let anyone talk **** about my best friends, and if another friends does it I would shut her off as soon as she started... i Absolutely understand why mellisa was pissed off.. because u and Melissa where friends for much longer? i don't know from what i hear michelle is not worth it, because of her.. u also stop talking to Marcelle right because of her? WHAT I also don't get is why u still talk to michelle.. honestly IF SHE WOULD'VE BEEN A GOOD FRIEND.. SHE WOULDN'T HAVE MADE U BE in the middle of all this, bc she knew how much u liked Marcelle and mellisa.. .... anyways back to tori now.. I feel that the reason why sebastian, jordan and tori became so close... is because u probably hang out soo much with michelle .. (bc u said that tori didn't like her) that they got tires of it.. I am assuming that's it. you pretty much said to tori.. that she had to suck it up bc u guys licked michelle.. well i DON'T know about u .. but i would rather keep my old friendships than making new ones that will jeopardize does old ones... so I guess... u should just talk to tori and start hanging out.. U have to be the one giving the First step.. u call her.. u have to look for her now.. bc she might felt that you left her aside... about jordan. sweetie.. don't worry there will be a guy out there for u.. ignore him for a little while.. well actually u give him mixed singles too.. if he is playing with u, u will play with him.... have a little fun with that... Sebastian.. oh god .. guys can be so strange.. talk to tori, and tell her how u feel, maybe she knows.. u guys are best friends.. don't let your friendship goo... and if he acts like such an ***, then u act like an *** back.. don't let them get to you.. i THINK u tory and Mellisa should have like an old all girls sleepover.. I know it sounds stupid.. but u guys will see how much u miss each other... I know it seems like drama.. but dint worry about it.... oh and please if u have someone CLOSE to you.. talk to them instead of writing your whole life in a random place..with the real name of your friends (i am just guessing that u did) oh well hopefully i HELPED u..
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Izzy Originally Answered: HSC VISUAL ARTS or DRAMA ex students?ADVICE NEEDED PULEEASSE:)?
I did Photography and Drama studies for SACE in year 11 and 12. You won't die. I think art is good because you don't have to study a lot and can fluff your way through it. Drama is okay, even if you are not a good actor they have to find something for you to do. One of my friends was stage manager/set designer. You'll have to do essays and watch movies and plays which is great. Having said that, both subjects are REALLY time consuming. If you think you'll get stressed out don't take on extra committments (eg work, sport) or drop the ones you have now. I always thought that you had to do SACE in 2 years, otherwise you'll be one of those losers who hang around high school. Not the case! I went back and did a few year 13 subjects the year after. Even though everyone says they are the most important years of your life, they're not. If you are really worried, talk to your school counsellor, they might be able to give you help regarding picking up or dropping subjects. You could also drop a subject you don't want and do it through Open Access or external classes. All the best :)
Izzy Originally Answered: HSC VISUAL ARTS or DRAMA ex students?ADVICE NEEDED PULEEASSE:)?
Actually, picking subjects I enjoy doing work well for me. You will generally do well in them as you like it. If you pick something you don't like, you will be bored all the time and that will reflect in your results. I currently have 10 units as I've dropped General Math at the beginning of the HSC due to my marks and my attitude towards Math. I sometimes struggle to motivate myself to study and slack off. I think to myself: "If I suffer now, I will have a better chance at having a relaxing life in the near future with just 3 more terms to go of school for the rest of my life OR I can choose to slack off now and suffer for the rest of my life." Timetables do not work for me. I need flexibility. I plan ahead to how I'll study in school as I get homework to balance out my workload.

Elmira Elmira
Um, here's what I feel and think: I am totally CONFUSED. Details: Yes, I am very confused. Wow. Are Soap Opera's kind of like this? Lots and lots and lots and never-ending drama! I think you are getting all tangled up in this mess and your job is to untangle it and fix it quickly, even if it means getting dumped into a toilet (random, I know, but it COULD happen. Now, back to the point...) Drama is what people find amusing, but it hurts a lot. Untangle it, but I warn you before hand, its like picking up every single leave from a huge backyard (which I had to do, but I was unsuccessful). Added: I agree with Rock U Baby, Michelle doesn't seem like a super friend who would stick with you guys.
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Elmira Originally Answered: How to Survive Freshman Year of HighSchool? ((advice&tips))?
What you should expect : Lots of nervous people. Lots of people who are excited. Lots of people who would rather not be there. My freshman year was last year, dear my it was boring. No one in my school enjoyed the year. My first day of High school : So i started about 2 weeks late at a private school (didn't get accepted till then). I was late for the first class. Second class, i was moved for talking after about 5 mins. (He moved me to the corner table by myself, for 3 weeks. It was actually fun. He couldn't see me or hear me, so i got to do whatever i wanted). None of the new kids would speak to me, especially after my old friends cheered and hugged me. And the seniors looked pissed that i walked in and disturbed their "nap time" in first period. I also got 2 dress code violations. In reality it wasn't a bad year it was just boring besides the first day. --------- How hard was classes?- Not bad. I mean taking notes was harder cause the classes move faster and to know what i need from the bookteacher,homework and so on. Just do your homework and that pretty much says you will at least have a C average. What was different from 8th grade - Harder classes. More people. More drama. More homework. Easier class environments, we could do more of what we wanted How to make friends: The best advice is to smile and be yourself. Seriously, be the kinda girl that when you walk in class people don't start gossiping about you but instead say hey and smile back. And honestly..the ones you call friends when you walk through the door..when you walk out you'll have a whole new set of friends. How to stay on the Upperclassman's good side: Don't be bratty or stuck up when you speak to them. Don't try to date anyone 2 grades or more older, it will get the upperclassmen girls to hate on you or laugh at you. Don't block the halls. Don't be that kid that overly and loudly laughs at everything, i mean laugh and smile but don't be like OHHHH MY GOD! HAHAHAHA LOLLLLOLLL TROLOOLLLL Being yourself : High school is the time were we should figure out who we are. It's like a mini compact real world in one building..So experience it. First day supplies : Take a binder and pen/paper. I wouldn't weigh myself down unless i had a certain list of stuff i need. Random stuff : Boys lie. Girls are manipulative. Don't over pack you bag..you don't need thousands things..just a folder with a pen really (my freshman mistake) You'll make plenty of mistakes, you'll get embarrassed and so on..and so will everyone else. Just laugh it off. Don't get pregnant. The boy/girl you like in high school..chances are you won't marry. Hooking up with teachers..BAD IDEA Don't let there be a place for things to get inappropriate with an adult. (I mean be cautious about texting teachers, being alone with them and so on.) Don't follow the crowd. Don't mess around in the hall and be late..trust me it's embrassing to walk in like 5 seconds late and everyone looks at you like you just killed someone Don't be embarrassed or afraid to raise your hand to ask questions. Decorate your locker in some way. A mirror, a football magnet, pictures of your friends or something at least ;) Style/Girly tips : *HUGE MISTAKE* that many girls make- It's high school..not a fashion show. It's okay to throw your hair back in a pony tail and leave off the makeup some days. Don't stress about that. Worry about sleep,friends and grades instead. It's okay to have lazy or bad days. Bobby pins are your friend... Keep an extra outfit in your locker Keep snacks with you stock extra deodrant, wisp and tide to go in your locker You don't need a boyfriend to make you happy...so many girls make this mistake and end up losing friends in the long run. Things that make it a little easier..- Carry a water bottle with you..trust me it makes you feel so much healthier ( took me about 3 months to notice that feeling but hey i'm glad i did) Gum..or mints. Keep them at all times. a pack of tissue is nice to have also. layout your clothes the night before, with late night studying and texting..it helps to have it all worked out the night before. a list of excuses..if your late a lot( ...80 tardies, 1 class, 1 semester...ik ..sad or kinda amazing) SCHOOL TIPS ----- Use Paperrator.com! Oh my gosh that helped me so much on all my papers. Don't slack ..i did and so did half the class..it was BAD. just don't. U need your GPA.
Elmira Originally Answered: How to Survive Freshman Year of HighSchool? ((advice&tips))?
Find people that have the same interests as you. It can't be that hard. As for the supply thing just buy the basic stuff. Notebooks, loose leaf paper, binder, pencils..ect. If they say in class that you will be needing something that you don't have, then you can always by it. For the lock thing, didn't you have locks in middle school? If not, don't sweat it. Look up on youtube how to work a lock, then go to a store that sells locks, buy one, and practice working on it. For the sports thing, if you'd like you could find a sport, practice at it so that you wont suck at it. That way you wont suck at a sport and may even like it. For the upperclassmen, If they are really so 'hardcore' then just try avoiding them. But just know High school isn't like the movies, when the younger or newer kids get bullied by the upperclassmen. For the accessory thing, if you're a girl try a simple bracelet or ring or necklace, maybe even a hair bow, that looks like it could match with your uniform. If you're a guy just try a watch or a simple necklace made for guys. As for the teacher thing, i can't really help. Just hang in there and try to learn as much as you can. If the teaching is really THAT bad then tell you're parents and maybe they will switch schools.

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