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July 18, 2019 / By Abbie
Question: I've asked this question before, or at least one very similar to it but didn't get enough responses so here it goes again: I may be planning on moving out there in the near future, and I just want to know what it's like. I've never been there before. I'm probably going to be looking for a waitressing job considering that's the field that I seem to have the most experience in. Does anybody know how easy it may be for a very experienced waitress to get a job there? I'm not sure of the job market in Long Beach or that surrounding area. Don't worry about telling me about how to get a place to live, as I already have that set up. Other details would be nice. Stories, advice, etc. It's all appreciated.
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Stacy Stacy | 9 days ago
Here's the reality of Long Beach. It is not a typical beach community with people surfing, swimming, etc. but it is a beautiful spot along the coast line with charming 40's - 60's era housing and high rise condos. It's a very gay friendly community and the downtown area boasts a thriving business center with loads of restaurants and shopping. Mid-century furniture shops are also prevelant. There is a very bad part of Long Beach and it also borders Compton, one of the most notoriously gang-infested areas of Los Angeles. However, while I wouldn't compare it to every city because this is a world famously bad area, you could live a blissful life in Long Beach without encountering this on most days. What I think is the best part of Long Beach is the small town feel. Yes, technically it's LA County but it feels like it's own enclave. Some charming parts of Long Beach: the aforementioned pier with Queen Mary and a fisherman's village as well as their monthly Flea Market and the small city of Naples which features Venetian-style canals and gondoliers.
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Stacy Originally Answered: Warrents in long beach?
Why did you post a question about warrants under surfing? I had a friend that failed to pay a parking ticket, a much lesser offense, and she went to jail when an officer pulled her over and saw that she had a warrant. You can find the answer at http://www.lasuperiorcourt.org/criminal/ If you don't understand the mumbo-jumbo below it appears that he could go to jail. Hopefully he has a good excuse. If you fail to pay a fine as promised/ordered, the Court may order and issue a warrant for your arrest. Further, you may be punished by jail and/or a fine, regardless of the disposition of the original charge (Section 853.7 P.C. or 1320 P.C.). Alternatively, upon failure to pay a fine, the Court may apply civil penalties to enforce the monetary conditions of a sentence. In an effort to facilitate the effective collection of fines, fees and assessments ordered or authorized by the Court, the Los Angeles Superior Court implemented a comprehensive collection program. Section 1214.1 (a) of the Penal Code authorizes a $300.00 civil assessment and states, "In addition to any other penalty in infraction, misdemeanor, or felony cases, the Court may impose a civil assessment of up to three hundred dollars ($300) against any defendant who fails, after notice and without good cause, to appear in Court for any proceeding authorized by law or who fails to pay all or any portion of a fine ordered by the Court."

Othniel Othniel
Don't listen to all this "B.S." from people telling you that Long Beach is not a safe area. Most of Long Beach is just as nice, and safe as any other area of So Cal. (I doubt that the people saying this stuff have ever been to Long Beach). However it is true that just like any other city there are a couple limited areas of Long Beach that could be considered "iffy". You should have no problem finding a waitress / bartender job. What employers want most are employees that are dependable, and trust worthy. If you possess those qualities you will always be able to find work. Because the cost of living in California is so much more expensive than most other states you may find the salary you receive from waitressing / bar tending may force you to live a fairly frugal lifestyle. It would give you an opportunity to get established in Long Beach, but you may want to look for a better paying position later on. Good Luck to you.
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Lesley Lesley
Christoper (above me), has no theory what he's speaking approximately... long coastline does have some great place, i visit accept as true with that, yet there are various places in long coastline that are actually not the main secure! additionally long coastline has many places that are on the greater inexpensive side for residing, that's while you're ok with residing in an area, that may no longer the main secure. And maximum places in Longbeach don't have parking, which skill you are able to desire to park on the line, and pray your motor vehicle does not get broken into. Newport coastline, is sparkling and intensely expensive. The crime value is low, there is plenty to do, whether the lease is amazingly very extreme. the two city, are apples to oranges.
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Jamie Jamie
I think Long beach is a great city, nice beaches lots of bike riding paths, and very good public transit on their transit system they even offer a day pass ) then of course you have connections to Los Angeles on the Blue Line as well as connections (via ferry ) to Catalina island plus some great tourist attractions Aquarium of the pacific and the queen Mary and my Mom lives there as well
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France France
Long Beach is not the best beach... but it'll do. And yes, if you have experience, I imagine you will have no problem getting a job. You could probably get one without experience as long as you continue to show up for work. Just a suggestion - you'll probably find the biggest tippers in some of the hotels close to the beach.
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Dax Dax
Not my favourite area ,I must say,quite nice around by the Aquarium and Queen Mary but after that I would choose somewhere else to live,I heard the crime rate can be a bit high also,take a look there first before you move there,everything looks nice when you look at pictures of an area but it can be very different when you visit.
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Dax Originally Answered: East arts village,long beach,CA?/?
It's the East Village Arts District. It's an island in the middle of a shady area. It's at least 2 miles from Belmont Shore which is a much nicer part of Long Beach. Belmont Shore doesn't have dozens of paroled sex offenders like the East Village and it's surrounding area. Look at www.crimereports.com and click the 'sex offender' button to see them all and the crime in the East Village. It's cheap for a reason. It's a cool neighborhood, but the huge number of sex offenders gives me the creeps. 4th Street Retro Row in Long Beach would be a safer place to live. Venice Beach has million dollar homes and extremely poor gang infested parts. There is a huge homeless population in Venice Beach. If they're not sleeping in the parks than they are sleeping in the rattiest, most torn up looking RV you have ever seen in front of the multimillion dollar beach front homes. Manhattan Beach is very nice although it's home to several pro athletes which means it's expensive. As the old saying goes, Los Angeles is 72 suburbs in search of a city. There are too many places to list and you'll need to visit before you make the leap of moving out here. You can have a nice neighborhood and then 2 blocks over it's the ghetto. The unemployment rate is extremely high here and rent for a 1-bedroom in a neighborhood that isn't scary will be at least $1000 per month. That apartment will be old and it won't have a/c, dishwasher, washer/dryer, garbage disposal or even parking. Most of the apartment parking here is on the street. Nice beach communities will be a lot more expensive than $1000 a month, you'll be looking at paying at least $1600 per month. Long Beach isn't considered a nice beach community so it's cheaper. Since you like art/hipster scum/ weird music look into the inland neighborhoods of Echo Park, parts of downtown Los Angeles, Sunset Junction, West Hollywood, Silver Lake, Atwater and Los Feliz. They still have their very shady areas so you need to look at the neighborhoods at night too. You'll find out that the people that live on the immediate coast and the people that live inland are 2 very different breeds. Beach cities are surf culture and inland is city culture. All of the places I mentioned have websites. http://www.lalife.com/ is another website that ranks LA neighborhoods by their crime rate.

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