I need a career change?

I need a career change? Topic: Work study cover letter
June 26, 2019 / By Abbygael
Question: I am 34 years old. I have been working in the operations department for the past seven years at a bank. I am bored with my job and I feel burned out for doing the same job over again. I would like to go back to college to get a degree in business. I am not sure how long it would to get my degree. Would it be to late for me to start a new career at the age of 40 if that's how it takes me to complete my degree? Is there any way for me to get a new job while working on my degree?
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Stanley Stanley | 4 days ago
It is absolutely not too late for you to go back. Sometimes people say, "Well, if I go to school now, I'll be 45 when I finish." Well, you're going to be 45 anyway, right? One piece of advice I would give you is to work up a good resume. In doing so, focus on your TRANSFERABLE SKILLS and not on the banking industry. When someone out there is looking to hire you, they are seeking to fulfill the their needs. If you are good at organizing, managing, prioritizing, writing, etc., show it by focusing on the SKILL not necessarily the industry. Many people make the mistake of writing their resume in such a industry-specific way that it turns people off unnecessarily. I definitely think you can get a new job while going to school. When you see a job that you think you might be able to do, write not only a good resume, but compose a cover letter that is free of clichés but one that talks about the skills that you have -- especially as they correspond to the needs that an employer may have. Also, when job hunting, it's really good to study the website of the prospective employer and learn about what they do. When you do your homework, that says a lot about your integrity, your organization, your thoroughness, etc. before you even begin. Don't stay stuck where you are unhappy. There's a big world out there waiting for you. Good luck. :)
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Stanley Originally Answered: What career should I pursue?
First relax - Join the club of folks that had a hard time deciding their life's pursuit. I had the same problem many years ago. I would advise you to stop thinking about what job pays the best, what job your friends think is really hot or what job you have read about in the newspaper is really in demand. Obviously you don’t want to train for some career to be repairing typewriters or repairing a gasoline clothes washer – that is to train for something that will not exist when you graduate. You may have gifts and abilities that are different from your friend’s. Be sure you are not climbing the ladder of career success only to find out it is leaned against the wrong building. It might be the building your parents wanted or that your friends suggested. You must find what is best for you. My parents were heartbroken I didn’t want to be a doctor. They would have gladly helped to pay for that education. The only problem was I faint at the sight of blood. The important thing for you to do at this point is to complete a 4 year degree. Many employers don't care what your degree is in but that you have one. A degree says to an employer that you are teachable and can finish what you start. These are two very important qualities because most employers plan to retrain you anyway. Much of the information you get in a college textbook in your field is out of date by the time the book is published and makes it way into the classroom. Employers plan to show you their way of doing things so again what you have learned up until you enter their doorway is not as important as you having demonstrated your teach-ability. If you are unsure what to do, I would suggest you select a major of something general that you can complete in as fast a path as possible: Education, Journalism, English or something along those lines. One way to find out what you like is to do some volunteer work. Most churches, hospitals, senior centers, animal shelters and other similar groups have volunteer programs. This will help you meet interesting people and may help you decide what you like. Also, volunteer work is looked very favorably by employers when they look at your resume. It tells them you will go above what is expected. You will probably change your major several times while in college. Again you will re-invent yourself many times in your lifetime by changing careers as your needs and desires change. One of the practical decisions you will have to make in life is if you can make a living at what you want to do and figuring out what part of your life will be your occupation and what part will be your hobby. You may want to play in a rockband, create video games, design the cars of the future, or have an occupation where you travel to exotic places. In some cases these jobs may not pay well, may not pay consistently or may be very difficult jobs to find at all. Other jobs may require years of study with lots of dollars spent on education, hours of practice and even then you may discover you are not talented enough to do because they have so many talented people you are competing with it makes it hard to impossible to break through. These are things that you can always aspire to do as a hobby. The person who wants to play in a rock band professionally may find they can play in a minor band or orchestra on weekends. The person that wants to design and program video games can have a blog or online column that reviews the newest game titles and hardware. The would-be car designer can restore classic muscle cars as a hobby. The person that wants to travel can do that and write travel books or blogs about their experiences. In each case these imaginary cases people have a good job that they have learned to be content with that gives them the time and money to do their other hobby interests. Best Wishes!
Stanley Originally Answered: What career should I pursue?
A legal professional. I have regularly desired to difference the sector for the higher, or difference any individual's lifestyles. I am watching to emerge as a prosecutor so I can positioned crimminals in prison. I'm a leo solar, aquarius moon, libra emerging.

Oz Oz
It is possible to change or develop your career at any time. I am assuming that you don't have a first degree? You can go and do that degree now, either part-time or full-time. You may also look at shorter community college options as they are cheaper, more flexible and often take less time. While this might count against someone without experience it will certainly enhance your career. You should look to do something in finance or management. There are shorter courses available designed to enhance your career. If you already have a degree, consider a Masters in Finance or an MBA. But also you could simply ask for a tranfer to a new place, or some other job role. You might be able to take a leave of abscence, go somewhere, head to Asia and teach English for 6 months. Limits are for yourself, not everyone can mix study and work together, personally I have avoided further study because I like learning on the job, but you may be different. Maybe go back to study for one year full-time then switch to part-time while you work somewhere part-time or full-time.
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Lew Lew
After the age of fifty, moved from the West coast to the East coast. began doing income taxes for an employer, off season I worked in a plant nursery, then nights at a the USPS doing information conversion, moved back to the West, worked in a hotel in a hotel area for 6 months, got here back to the city and signed up with a employer, 2 calls in 7 weeks, went to artwork as a caregiver and did that till retirement a pair of three hundred and sixty 5 days in the past.
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Lew Originally Answered: What career would you suggest?
You're in 9th grade. Yes, think about your future career, but there's no need to make a decision and set it in stone for years yet. For now, continue preparing for college by taking a variety of college prep courses: English, social studies, sciences, math, computers. Choose electives that allow you to explore your interests. Do class papers and projects on career-related topics that interest you. Also, read books by people in the various professions that intrigue you. One thing: You mentioned an interest in the sciences but your careers list doesn't lean that way. STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) careers are big right now, so you may want to look more at some of these careers. Since you describe yourself as nerdy and say you love being around sciency people, I bet you'll love college. Choose one that is more of an intellectual, scholarly school than a party school. Think about becoming a professor. Professors do lifelong research and publishing as well as teaching, and they often dooutside consulting work as well.

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