How to write a book and Ideas and tips for writing a book?

How to write a book and Ideas and tips for writing a book? Topic: How to write an interesting story about yourself
June 20, 2019 / By Adelia
Question: I written some stuff I thought would be inetresting for my book on a note pad. But I don't know how to start, like ideas for a storyline. Can you please give me some tips and ideas? and tell me how to write a book? I am only 13 by the way.
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Taylor Taylor | 9 days ago
Read. Read books in the genres (areas) that most interest you. That will help you get familiar with the structure of a book and how one is put together. It will help you master language and word use as well. Write: write stories, random thoughts, write down ideas... in other words, just write. If you find your book begins to take shape, keep working at it. I find (and I started at about your age) that the more I write, the more ideas flow. I end up writing multiple stories at the same time, which keeps writer's block away and keeps ideas flowing. Eventually, as you read and write, and mature, you will find things come together more easily and quickly. Above all, let your interests and loves be your inspiration. Enjoy your writing! It's an amazing journey!! Dave Cleinman Below, on my writing blog, you can get insights from dozens of successful writers!
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Taylor Originally Answered: I want to write a book but i dont know what to do first and what kind of book?
My first advice for any writer (which tends to be the advice of published authors) is to write. Write all the time. Read all the time, in and out of your genre. Observe what you like or dislike about books, and why that is so. Don't know how to start a story? Look around you. Sometimes an overheard conversation, or the color of someone's eyes will spark an idea. Even if you don't have a plot, keep writing. Something will pop up eventually. Describe a character and his or her family. Research a topic that interests you. You might find a niche somewhere where you think, that could be a story right there! Don't edit as you write, finish the story and then go back to edit/revise. Don't throw anything away. Ever. No matter how much you dislike it. Always make back-up copies, and don't keep those copies in the same place. Remember that you don't have to -start- with a plot. If you want a challenge to write a book, and have lots of support doing it, join National Novel Writing Month in November. (nanowrimo.org) Good luck!

Peterkin Peterkin
Hi. I'm 13 too, and I'm currently working on a book :) What I do is I have a partner who helps me come up with exiting story lines for my stories. It's really fun to sit and talk about all the possibilities of writing with them. When we are talking I always ask questions like 'why does he do that' and 'how does he find that out?' Then I write a brief overview of all the chapters, just explaining what happens in the right order. I go through that a few times and correct any mistakes and Develop the characters. After that I start writing, and always check my overview to put things in the right order :)
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Lux Lux
Writing a book is like building a snowman. You have to start small and roll it up into something much bigger. I'd suggest starting with a character. Find a name. Build their personality. Give them a history. Then construct a world around them. The plot and the theme will come over time the more you think about it. Just work out the basics and fill in the details later. You have to build the snowman's body before you can start sticking his eyes on. For example, my book (I started when I was 10) began with two characters and a purpose: it was to be an adventure story about one character (an alien) helping another character (a human) get from Point A to Point B on a distant planet. That was all I started with. And it snowballed from there. I'm 19 now and my plot is no longer quite so lame. It's highly thematic (about war, religion, oppression, slavery, abuse, fear...) and very dark, with a very complex historical background and very detailed characters. However, if you strip all this away it is still, in essence, about getting from Point A to Point B on a distant planet. What I'm talkin' about Willis is that you can't expect to have everything figured out right away. You have to give it time to naturally evolve into something masterful.
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Jefferey Jefferey
If you want to write a story, you need to come up with your own ideas. But I can give you tips. Write about something that interests you, a subject that you are knowledgeable in. What kind of stories do you like to read? Write about what you like, it'll be easier that way. From what you have in your description it doesn't seem like you are ready to write an actual book. Try writing a few well-written short stories and ask the B&A community to critique them.
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Garland Garland
Just sit down and write- let the words and the story flow out of you. Listen to some music to get inspired Just keep writing, and don't give up I won't give you story ideas, I'd pretty much be giving the story and you'd get all the credit. Plus, if you want to write, you're going to have to work your mind, expand your imagination. Good luck :}
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Garland Originally Answered: Has anyone published a book and can give some helpful tips?
Check out www.absolutewrite.com/forums. A lot of published, and non published authors practically live there, and you will find many faqs to help you out on everything. They also have a Share Your Work where you can get critiques on your first few chapters. Just make sure to critique other people too. The common steps. First, revise you book until you are happy with it. If you haven't revised it because you think it's good, then you still need to revise it. Second, write a query letter toward agents. Third, hope an agent picks you up. Fourth, start on you second book. Agents, and publishers would rather have someone who can keep writing than a one hit wonder.

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