Husband kids sex education advice?

Husband kids sex education advice? Topic: Never feel like doing homework with kids
July 17, 2019 / By Alphonzo
Question: I'm married with 4 kids, 14,8,7,4 years old. I just finished all my preqs to become a bsn registered nurse, I'm trying to study for my entrance exam but just seems like something is always coming up, like I'll be studying and the husband wants sex and i get so mad cause its like he never stops wanting to do it and honestly thats not important to me.. (In my mind thats time I could be studying or doing something productive), or he'll come in the room trying to start random conversation and i get so upset cause theres so much distraction and out of all people i would expect him to understand but instead he thinks I'm having attitude and says I'm being mean. Hes leaves to work at 7:30m comes home at 8:pm he has a jewelry business so he works all the time, even works at home after all day at work and i get upset because he hardly helps with the kids, hes a literate, I help all of the kids with the homework, and correct it, and explain to make sure they understand it, I give the kids spelling test on their words for the week, read books with them and shower them, by the time the husband gets home its dinner time and he complains he has to cook. I've told him many times I need to study and focus especially when I had a mid-term/final coming its like he'll pick a fight. I feel like he's trying to prevent me from finishing school out of intimidation because he'll say he knows I'm gonna leave him when I finish school and I reassure him the last thing I want is another guy=headache, I just don't wanna be outta school too long n get in a nursing program asap also because theres a time limit on the science classes and as much as i'd like to just go hang out at the library to study when I come home everything is a complete mess and I feel more frustrated, my son says my husband makes a mess on purpose for me to clean, the kids complain about who did what, just ridiculous. Then I have my 14 year old boy who does nothing and its an argument to get him to get up and help wash dishes or something. I've told the kids and the husband i can't think because of all the distractions and I'm feeling so over whelmed and discouraged like maybe the kids need me but they all go to school and I hate staying home.. not only that but the house we live in is being remodeled (by the husband because he thinks hes saving money doing it himself and its taking forever) since I've inherited from my grandma and needs major work cause it was abandoned and so thats mandatory fixing because the house is paid off, but its also a distraction, I don't not wanna be a house wife!!! It's like when I'm about to study in the morning all feeling fresh cause the kids are leaving to school the husband comes back home bugging me for sex cause the kids are gone and telling me I should go to the gym after to let out my frustrations ..yes I've gained some weight from all the study and munching.. I think studying is more important but he makes me feel like my weight is more important like no one understands me.. any advice cause I'm feeling so discouraged. I see the not having sex is doing some damage to my relationship and always getting us in arguments. I'm 36 and also going through pre-menopause, my dr has me taking birth control because of the estrogen in the pill so i can get a period, also calcium because the loss of bone loss due to menopause..my husband knows this but he doesn't seems to not fully understand, how can I put it down so that I don't have to keep repeating myself that "I NEED TO STUDY AND FOCUS" and to my husband "I DON'T WANT SEX" without making anyone feel neglected'?
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Tessa Tessa | 6 days ago
Honey, you have to make a decision. Do you want your husband to be happy? Or do you want to be happy? This is why it's so hard to go to school late in life. You have to find a way to juggle it. Ignore him if he talks to you during study time. Make a certain time or days that its okay to have sex. No one is going out of their way to accommodate your education. You have to DEMAND the time and space. It may even mean your house looks like crap until school is over. Don't ASK for permission to study. Just TAKE the time and space and let the family figure it out later. My mom completed her education while me and my sister where 12 and 9 years old. My sister made dinner and we both cleaned the house. We also did the laundry and took care of the animals. Your kids are old enough to help out!!!
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