This is really weird question but can i have some advice?

This is really weird question but can i have some advice? Topic: Case stock exchange
July 18, 2019 / By Herk
Question: im 17 a junior in hs, cheerleader good family etc. i have my girlfreinds and everything and i love them.i obsess so much about having more friend sand being liked.i always need more friends, its a problem sometimes it even causes social anxiety, because of this i never feel good about myself, never happy and so on. maybe it stems in me needing everyone's approval? i dont know. i would think this thing would go away but what if it never does and im miserable i college too? please help?
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Ellery Ellery | 4 days ago
Your popularity is soaring but your self esteem is as low as the stock exchange right now. You feel you need more friends so you can feel good about yourself. Don't look at yourself as a failure. You're not. You say you live in a good family. Is this really the case? True, your parents may not abuse you, but do they neglect you? How many times have they told you, "I love you"? You don't need everyone's approval. Learn to love yourself (but not too much).
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Ellery Originally Answered: Ah! Really need advice, weird question?
The biggest problem I have here is the age diff. At 17, you're probably perfect looking. But even a gorgeous girl should not be getting that kind of attention from A) a family member B) a guy 7 years older than her when she is a minor C) living states away. Why can't he get with a woman his own age? Not a family member? He may genuinely like you as a person, but he should not be trying to be physical with you. He is not going to marry you, is too old, and you are too young. He is putting pressure on you little by little & so far things are going his way, and it's not ok. I would honestly & truly tell your dad and your mom, but especially your dad what's happening, because they know you & him, and will be able to evaluate the situation better than we can. But still I say, the things he's doing are creepy because he is feeding you wonderful attention & that feels good, but he is honestly abusing that affection and warping it for his own needs. He wants to have sex with you, that is all. NOT be in a relationship. The fact that he invests so much time at his age with a youngster (no matter how cool & wonderful you are), is a sign that other women his age find something not desirable about him, and are picking up on it because they are older & have more experience. I would honestly tell your parents & do not leave details out. They will be able to guide you through this situation. For now, I would tell your cousin not to call you those things, and even more so, I would tell him not to take the conversation anywhere sexual. Because that's where he is headed. Fast. Put a stop to it now.
Ellery Originally Answered: Ah! Really need advice, weird question?
He DEFINETLEY likes you! Those are very clear signs! I think he is hesitant to tell you because you are cousins, best friends, and he is older than you. His secret was definetly that he likes you. It's only natural because you guys talk a lot and hang out together. You can ask him what he thinks of you if you want to confront him. If you don't want that kind of relationship, subtly throw stuff into your conversations such as "I'm so glad we're great friends" or "you're the best cousin ever" so he knows that's how you view him.

Chris Chris
Your question reminds me of a book I read about a young actress and model who lived in New York. I have no way of knowing whether or not her story is related to yours, but you might give it some thought. She was very popular, was invited to parties everywhere, and had lots of friends. The author of the book says that her problem was with intimate relationships. Having lots of superficial friendships was her substitute for having a lover, which she was afraid of. She didn't want to take on adult responsibilities. The first few years of her adult life were like an extended childhood. In the process, she developed a very bad drug habit. Again, I'm not saying that you're like this woman. I'm only pointing out a mistake that she made.
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Chris Originally Answered: I am starting to get worried about weird psychosis type headache, some advice would be helpful?
Wow, the way you describe what you are going through is almost exactly how my son described it to me. It seems that you are entering dangerous territory. My son described that exact scenario right before he was hospitalized for pyschotic break. Now he is in the hospital and the world is a circle and he is the ruler. He still has the headaches but they are lesser but he doesnt make any sense and he is writing a book all about it. I would suggest that you go to the ER as soon as possible and tell them exactly what you told us. Good luck Lost. Im really hoping you find the answers to your questions.
Chris Originally Answered: I am starting to get worried about weird psychosis type headache, some advice would be helpful?
Hi Hope, Your parents and friends are right. You will find a good job but it all takes time...things happen for a reason. I know 3 months seems like an eternity but it's not; do you have to leave your current employer in a few weeks or can you stay on? In this economy, it's always easier & financially smarter to have a job while looking for a job (with money coming in) than have no job & no money. I'm a firm believer in hand writing 'thank you" cards to every person I interview with, and get them in the mail the same day as the interview. No email thank you (too informal or generic). Have you followed up with this approach & or a phone call? If you are just sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring, this will get you nowhere. To the employer you're not 'hungry' for the position for which you are applying for. Stop feeling the pressures and relax otherwise it will show in your interviewing and come across as negative. Good luck!

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