How many satellites are in space?

How many satellites are in space? Topic: Homework spaces
June 26, 2019 / By Mack
Question: Including junk and useful satellites? Tell how me many are junk and how many are in use right now. Put it in a good sentence.
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Jehohanan Jehohanan | 1 day ago
What difference does it make whether it's in a good sentence or not, unless it's something you're supposed to be writing for homework? I've seen estimates of 20000 to 100000 pieces of junk being tracked (depending on size), and those aren't recent estimates. This site has a link to the US Strategic Command and instructions for how to get the entire database of space junk. http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/0...
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Jehohanan Originally Answered: What are the altitudes of earth orbiting satellites?
"The orbit that is chosen for a satellite depends upon its application. Those used for direct broadcast television for example use a Geostationary orbit. Many communications satellites similarly use a geostationary orbit. Other satellite systems such as those used for satellite phones may use Low Earth orbiting systems. Similarly satellite systems used for navigation like Navstar or Global Positioning (GPS) system occupy a relatively low Earth orbit. There are also many other types of satellite from weather satellites to research satellites and many others. Each will have its own type of orbit depending upon its application. The actual satellite orbit that is chosen will depend on factors including its function, and the area it is to serve. In some instances the satellite orbit may be as low as 100 miles (160 km) for a Low Earth Orbit LEO, whereas others may be over 22 000 miles (36000 km) high as in the case of a Geostationary Orbit GEO. The satellite may even have an elliptical rather than a circular orbit." Low Earth Orbit LEO 200 - 1200 km Medium Earth Orbit MEO 1200 - 35790 km Geosynchronous Orbit GSO 35790 km Geostationary Orbit GEO 35790 km High Earth Orbit HEO Above 35790 km
Jehohanan Originally Answered: What are the altitudes of earth orbiting satellites?
I'll just give a few tidbits of info here, The International Space Station is at 250 miles or so. If you scale this to a basketball, it is 1/4 inch off the surface of the ball. Geostationary orbit, the place where objects stay put above a point on earth is 22,236 miles, or 27 inches from our basketball sized Earth. The Moon (indeed our biggest satellite) would be a tennis ball orbiting 23 feet away from our basketball earth
Jehohanan Originally Answered: What are the altitudes of earth orbiting satellites?
approximately 0.5 the Earth satellites orbit at 1468 km or cut back, and 0.5 are extra effective. There are approximately 3,688 satellites in orbit around the Earth (no longer counting previous rocket bodies and debris). the utmost is Explorer 33 (AIMP-D) at 373,221 km -- it became meant to orbit around the moon. the backside SAMPEX at 197 km. The Hubble section Telescope orbits between 555 km and 560 km altitude. there's a great extensive type at around 19,one hundred km, approximately 286 satellites, and a lots extra effective effectual group of roughly 861 satellites at 35,800 km.

Jehohanan Originally Answered: Does satellites video record what is happening on Earth surface?
Although military spy satellites may have the resolution to recognize a face, the angle would be wrong if they are overhead. Moreover, they can only look at one place at a time and at that resolution it would take millions of satellites to cover a city let alone a country. The amount of data would be incredible and I don't think we yet have the ability to store and analyze that much, or the bandwidth to get it down from space. It might be possible in the future to computer analyze surveillance video in real time, from places like the UK that have a lot of cameras. There are big privacy issues, but in principle a system could be told to look for missing persons etc.
Jehohanan Originally Answered: Does satellites video record what is happening on Earth surface?
Satellites can actually produce decent images of the ground, forget their intrinsic high velocity, a mechanism in the camera can compensate for this. The real trouble in what you are asking is that satellites imaging the surface of Earth are typically operating in the optical band. We try infrared satellites instead, but then you would have to know exactly where to point the camera and hope that the instrument is sensitive enough to detect a small human body. Such resolution is unlikely, especially given that the sharper optical band can really only resolve up to around half a meter to maybe 10cm for diffraction limited optics, the best which are physically possible due to the wave nature of light. In the Infrared, conditions would almost certainly be worse. You could detect a nuclear weapons facility, but not a 9 year old in someones basement.
Jehohanan Originally Answered: Does satellites video record what is happening on Earth surface?
For a satellite in a low Earth orbit the ground is racing past at such a speed that any video would just be a blur. If you put the satellite far enough away that the ground is moving slowly enough to track then it would be too far away to make out fine details. Not to mention the human rights infringement of covering every inch of the Earth with surveillance video.

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