How to find a job?Can anyone give me advice?

How to find a job?Can anyone give me advice? Topic: Starbucks jobs application online
July 19, 2019 / By Leena
Question: I've been looking for a job for the past month, how can i find a job if all the employers need at least 1year experience? even a janitorial position need experience to be able to hire you, i'm getting frustrated, i don't know what to do well, i have a little experience on restaurant,fast food, & hotel when i was in college, and i still have no luck., but thanks to all of you except craig(scam), atleast all of your advice gave me some motivation and not to give up, i'm just really frustrated coz i really need money to go to australia to be with my girlfriends, thanks again
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Joleen Joleen | 3 days ago
-If you don't have experience, you can still make your resume look good by outlining some of the positive character traits you have. -Everybody has at least some experience. Even volunteering at a library counts as experience. Nothing is too small, if you feel that you excelled at it, put it on. -For people who say "You must have this much experience to apply," don't be discouraged, you can still apply. Oftentimes they might not even find a person with the required amount of experience. It all depends on who applies. They will most likely hire the person who makes the best impression, experienced or not. -Make sure you don't lie about how much experience you have, though. Big Big No No. -Lastly, places are always hiring. Company websites are often a good way to find out positions. Places like Future shop, McDonald's, Starbucks are all done online. Another good way is the local shopping mall. Just go in, ask for an application form from every store, fill them out all together, attach a resume to each, and hand them back. Happy hunting!
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Joleen Originally Answered: Can someone please give me advice?
Well... you were right it was long lol. well there's a couple of thing's that could cause this 1) something happen bad in your past that you blocked out. 2) emotional stress 3) low self independents or other to do with this category. 4) Depression. ( some people don't even know they have it) You know i have the same thing but i had to sit my self down and face it, and really have to think in my head what is going on. Once i figured it out i faced the problem dead on and said "this is not worth it" after that it go better, and felt more mentally healthier. You should really try one night to sit maybe with some music ? that you like maybe that will help bring out what you need to figure it out, or you could try relaxing in a hot bath ? these things will help you relax .... and think about what could be wrong with you. I hope this help's and take care

Gena Gena
Network. Most jobs are filled by employees telling HR they know someone. Also volunteer for things to do. Like if you can drive a bus, contact a local VFW to see if maybe they know of a program you can drive vets to and from their Dr appointments. Just a example. Point is something along your field of you so you can make connections. If you can install toilets and help built houses for the poor, someone in that field might tell their boss what a good worker you are. Also your unemployment office probably has a free "job club" class that will help you do aresumee and give you ideas on how to act and what to do to get jobs in the area.
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Deeann Deeann
Check this out, it has worked very well for me and with a little time and effort it will work well for you to. www.richdadsedge.com and click on the link there. I have tried a lot of other stuff but this is the best out there, the support and coaching is excellent and you will have a very good income in no time at all if you are serious about it.
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Brittny Brittny
Just keep looking, something will turn up. It's tough all around. If you're looking for white collar work, consider being an unpaid intern or volunteer. That counts as experience on your resume.
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Brittny Originally Answered: Can someone give me some advice?
First of all do not say you were not the brightest student because I can already tell you have one element that will serve you well. You sound educated and that can open a world of possibilities. Don't be so discouraged, there are a lot of people in your situation. Recognize that you are fortunate enough to have good parents that give you a place to sleep. I would recommend the military first, they will get you the self esteem and education that you need. If that isn't possible I would recommend finding a job that you can be proud of. I am making a fraction of what I did 10 years ago but I do enjoy my job and it sounds better than it really is. For example I am doing property management but basically that just means I wake up at 2am to fix a rental properties kitchen faucet. I got into this line of work first because I love construction, building. The skill isn't that hard to acquire, youtube videos and you can learn enough to walk onto a job site and get by. Right now your job is at Fast food, well you can step it up and find a job at a restaurant. Rather than being the dreaded burger flipper at McSatans you can be a Chef at Olive garden. Getting a job at a restaurant is easy, wont pay alot but its more than minimum wage and you can grow there. Now here is a little known trick about getting a job. After dressing nice and filling out the application call them the next day and say "I would like to check on the status of my application". Trust me managers are much more prone to hiring a person rather than an application. If they are hiring 9 times out of 10 they will give you an interview. After that you have them wrapped around your finger. I studied sociology in college so I have a pretty good understanding of how people think. Smile, give a firm hand shake and keep the responses simple and small. Ask at least 3 questions not related to pay or any form of compensation. Lastly research them, all companies donate money to charity, lets say the company you are interviewing for is a big supporter of autism awareness. When they ask you why do you want to work here? "Well I read in an article that your company supports autism research, my nephew is autistic so I would like to work for the company that supports my family." Again please don't beat yourself up over this, the situation sucks for everyone and you are not alone. G-d bless.

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