Two Brothers. Ready my story/give advice?

Two Brothers. Ready my story/give advice? Topic: How to write an apology email to a friend
June 26, 2019 / By Malina
Question: So there are two brothers. Lets call them Adam and Nick. Adam is a freshman, 15. Nick is a junior, 17. I am a senior, 17. I have known them for awhile. We are all on the same summer swim team and rode the same school bus for three years. Now that I drive, I don't see them as often. Three years ago, Adam immediately was drawn to me. He would annoy me and came up with little nick names for me. At the time I was annoyed because he was this little guy hitting on me....quite disturbing because he was 11 and I 14. Nick even encouraged Adam at one point. So this went on for three years. Eventually he lessened his obnoxious flirting. I got to know him very well though. We became friends. We would laugh etc etc. Good times. Then there is NICK! Now, Nick is goregeous! TALL, handsome etc. I have always been attracted to him (physically). Anyway, I didn't get to know Nick very well until later on. To him, I was that older girl that Adam messed with. He ended getting a gf and they dated two years...etc. etc....then broke up. AND THEN! That summer, well, last summer, he turned his attention to me. We knew each other, but we were more like aquaintances than friends. Anyway, he flirted with me like crazy. It was ridiculous. I had butterflies like crazy. I went to a pool party with a good girlfriend of mine and that night he really just let everything loose. He teased me, major flirting, etc etc. There was undeniable chemistry. DANG! MAGIC! He was so silly and we would just look at each other with the biggest smiles. I had dreams about him after that night. But after that night, it got AWKWARD!!! AWKWARD!! Why? I don't know. But I got nervous around him. I felt like hiding IDK! sigh...we saw eachother a few more times that summer and that is it. It was awkward each time :/ School starts----even worse. I had sent him a lamo email asking him what was up w/him etc. but wrote that he had creeped me out. AHH BIG MISTAKE WTF!! So school starts and he avoids me like WOAH. I felt like CRAP!! HEARTBREAK ETC IDK! ohhh :( Then a few weeks later, I wrote an apology email clearing that up. I also cleared up something that had happened at the pool the summer before...At one point he had grabbed my arm and then I hit him pretty hard on his chest(multiple times). He had been getting too touchy and I freaked out! Maybe this is why things got awkward after the party? Anyways, we avoided each other..........went down different hallways of the school so we didn't have to pass one another. awk. Then one day I rode the bus. I ran into ADAM!! AWW. It was soo good to see my little friend and my other bus friends. We didn't talk about Nick at all. I think Adam knew that Nick had liked me but he didn't bring it up. Anyway. Another day NICK was on the bus, but Adam wasn't. AWK AWK AWK.......for the first ten min. I just chatted with my other bus friends who are also friends with NICK so we ended up acknowledging each other eventually. Before you know it, Nick started his teasing which was directed at me. I was flabbergasted. Still? Still?? wow...the next day he sat right next to me,....same seat. wow. We never brought up last summer. or my awkward emails. It appeared that he still was into me...but moving on w/life as usua.. I mean we never saw each other... So.....I haven't seen Nick in months. Well, I ran into him at the library a few weeks ago, but that's it. ADAM: saw him a couple days ago when I rode the bus. And Dang, it was great. We are like, BUDDIES. And before he left he made a point of turning around and saying "bye *my name) It was fun. I feel like we have a great litte friendship. Granted, its not a typical friendship. I'm that older girl but still. Good times. And there is a nice circle of kids that we talk to on this bus. so yeah. Anyway, I think he definitely knows about Nick having liked me. I mean, when Nick sat next to me that one day Adam was smiling nonstop...NONSTOP as if he wanted us to hit it off or something. But I really don't know Nick that well. :( I feel awkward around Nick because of what went on b/w us. W/Adam, it is so different. I never feel weird around him. We get along SO WELL. Granted, he is 2.5 years younger. I mean, I would date him if we were older..but freshmen boy and snr girl...ha....NO. Anyway, these brothers are great people. So, I'm going to end up seeing them again THIS SUMMER.....hmmm.....anyway. What is your take on this? Should I get to know Nick better? Should I continue to talk to Adam....?? thanks for answering/sorry its long.....want you to understand the personal dynamics Thanks for the comments! I'm so done with Nick....I don't think anything will happen. I don't even think we are right for eachother anyway. He has actually changed a lot this year. I'll still chat with Adam when I see him, but I'm not expecting any type of romance with these guys HA! HA. anyway, thats that. Thanks for the comments....I'll see what happens, but I'm not getting my hopes up...no. no. good life experience. this summer might be diff, idk. I'll see....oh well! BUT I will try to get to know Nick better if I have the chance/see him more often in the future... ;)
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Kimberlee Kimberlee | 7 days ago
This has got to be THE longest question I've ever seen. And yes, I did read it. :-) I think that Adam sounds like a really good friend, the cute younger guy that you can be best buds with. Nick probably just doesn't know how to deal with you, he's tried full on flirting with you and tried to be forward, everything but he can't figure out how to get through to you. Maybe get to know him a little better. You don't have to immediately start dating, just become friends like you and Adam are. Good luck!!!
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Janele Janele
I am in that same situation as you are in. But the girl is as old as the younger brother. And in this situation I'm the younger brother and the girl likes the older one. It's very hard on her because of all of the awkward tension. I can tell because of how "Adam" acted he likes you. I am in the same sutuation a a the little brother too and I am absolutly in love with the girl... But she likes my olde brother. From my situation if I were the girl I would try to find out how the younger brother feels about you and if he really cares about you then maybe you should give him a chance... And you've been arching way to many movies and tv because there is absolutely nothing wrong with a senior going out with a freshman. Especialy if you guys are only 2 years apart.
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Erin Erin
Why wouldn't you continue to talk to Adam? Sounds like you have a great friendship and I see no reason why that should stop. And you should definitely get to know Nick better because 1) it'll get rid of any leftover awkwardness 2) he's the brother of your really good friend (adam) 3) there might be a potential relationship there So, there's no good reason not to get to know nick better and hang out with adam. it sounds like you'd have a great summer doing that! best.
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Claire Claire
Try to leave the past behind, and get to know Nick better. If things were going right at ONE point, then they can always go back to the way they were then. Adam seems nice, talk to him! But don't give him a flirty vibe or anything.
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Bambi Bambi
i say get closer to adam and talk to nick occasionally. if your worried about that age thing then you might give up a good friend or something. if you like nick, get closer to adam and then you will get closer to nick. you might find out adam is a good guy to go out with. and if you feel like adam is your little buddy see if he feels the same way. if he does, then hit on nick and just go for it most important hand them your number or ask for theirs. get their contact info too.
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Addie Addie
Keep it up with adam, im a freshman and im dating a senior and it works out great besides all of her friends makeing death threats saying they will kill me if i hurt her but what ev's.
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