Goverment Homework help! due tmrw?

Goverment Homework help! due tmrw? Topic: Homework book labels
July 19, 2019 / By Wendy
Question: I am in goverment and have to answer these questions and i didnt read the chapter so i have no clue. and its due tmrw 1. Identify significant media events in presidential campaigns 2. describe why the media is often accused of being liberal 3. identify houserace journalism 4. explain trial balloon thanks in advance if u know all or part of the answer i am looking through my book right now but if u can reserch the answers or know them tell me please
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Sharalyn Sharalyn | 2 days ago
1. The announcement of candidacy would be the first and probably biggest. The announcement of a running mate would probably be the second biggest. 2. I read of a study that used CAT scans and computer games to determine that persons with conservative political views have reduced activity in an area of the brain that deals with ambiguity. To them there is only one way for things to be done. "The media", if done properly, reports without labeling right or wrong. That's not the conservative way so they label it as liberal, the work of the devil. 3 ? 4. A trial balloon is a public statement by a politician to get public reaction to an action that the politician may take depending upon the amount of public support.
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