The state of boxing as it is today?

The state of boxing as it is today? Topic: Example of short article writing
June 26, 2019 / By Alysa
Question: Filipinos Manny Pacquao is not the best fighter in the world he is not the best fighter in his weight class what ever that is and when you find out please let me know.White people the Klitschko brothers are not the best heavy weights in the world. I have been telling you all this for the last 5 years now it seems that the rest of the world is catching on to what I have been saying if tou don't believe me take a look at the latest issue of the Ring Magazine. In short there is an article in there about white guys not fighting black guys in boxing and MMA I guess you will believe it when another white person tells you it's true I understand. Boxing the sport I love has become a fixed game the promoters, HBO,SHOW TIME, managers, trainers are keeping there white fighters away from top black fighters because there is to much risk in fighting them. Black people have dominated boxing since they were first allowed to box why I don't want to get into what I think is the reason for this but what I do know is the facts and the black fighters are getting screwed by everyone in the game. I know that most people like to see people who look like them fight each other it gives them a sense that they could do the same thing if they wanted to and they don't mind as much when it comes to spending their money on them. Boxing has taken a page from MMA Dana White lets put good looking white guys in short shorts and good looking body's and build a sport around them they don't have to be real fighters just look the part. MMA and Tough Man competition are the same thing and it is just one step above the WWE. Go to www. boxrec.com and tell me how many african americans has Manny fought zero and for the record Clotty is not an african american. Well someone please tell me what made Margarito such a great match up for Manny? Was he a world champion no did he just get knocked out by Shane Mosley yes did he just get caught for cheating yes does he and Manny fight for the same manager yes do you know that in any other business this would be a conflict of interest. I am using Manny for example but I could us the Klitschkos brother because they are all using the same formula stay away from top rated black fighters even old ones Mosley, Evander Holyfield just to name few.The Super Six has died because the black fighters are killing the white fighters and the black fighters are going to kill each other if they don't drop out first Andre Derrill. I know this may not mean anything to most of you and I know that 99% of you would not know a real fighter if Mike Tyson were setting next to you but for that one % that does know the game remember where you heard this first this is going to be a big issue in the very near future. I am not saying that these guys can't fight they can what I am saying they are no where near as good as 99% of you think if Manny ever fights Money I am going to be a very rich man the next day. Lets not forget that Lennox knocked TKO ONE OF THE BROTHERS 8 YEARS AGO AND LETS NOT FOR GET JUAN MARQUEZ REALLY BEAT mANNY TWICE BUT HE COULD NOT LAY A HAND ON MAYWEATHER. This is sort of like the car business we fight over which car is the best sat a Chevy Tahoe and a Cadillac Escalade the manufactures love it but did you know that they are the same car.
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Vester Vester | 5 days ago
Wow, you wrote a book. I only read like 5% of your post but I've noticed that you are trying your best to wave the black superiority flag. I really don't get this. Why do some people feel that they have to shove stuff in your head to make you say "okay okay your race/color is the best on this planet"? Are you people so insecure with your color that you actually have to talk about your so called "superiority" to make your feel better about yourselves? I know and respect a lot of black athletes ... but there will be times that they will be out-shined by other race or color. And when that happens ... just accept it. I don't think your black athletes would even want you to make up excuses for them. Your opinion is your opinion. And if you think Pacquiao doesn't deserve to be on the top-spot, then that's fine. If only more people are on your side then maybe a different boxer will be sitting on the #1 p4p spot. But that currently isn't the case. And I'm not only talking about black people here. Same can be said with some Mexicans who are now all wishing Pacquiao would just disappear so their boxers will stop losing to him. They hate Manny with all their guts because Pac defeated every single Mexican boxer who was placed in front of him. Oh and by the way, the bloated up and older Marquez wasn't the same fighter Pacquiao fought years ago. Same with DLH getting demolished by Manny when he (DLH) gave Floyd a close fight when they met in the ring.
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Roscoe Roscoe
yawn, I stopped really paying attention after you said that the Klitschko brothers weren't the best heavyweights...lol. You even petitioned for a Klitschko Holyfield fight? LOL! Black fighters are killing white fighters in the Super Six? Really? Does Jermaine Taylor agree with that? Were you digging in your pockets Flash and, oh...wow, what's that you found? a race card? Great...let's use it.
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