Vampire story I am working on.?

Vampire story I am working on.? Topic: Sparkle sister and the sisters
June 26, 2019 / By Ambrosia
Question: What do you think of this? I am writing a story about a brother who becomes a vampire slayer after his sister is turned into a vampire and he is eventually forced to kill her. Then he goes after the vampires that killed his sister but there is also a clan of vampires that want the brother vampire hunter to join his clan. Also he gets into a relationship with a woman and tries to protect her from all the trouble he is involved in. I'm still working on the details, but what do you think?
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Walt Walt | 10 days ago
Well, it seems a little messed up that he has to kill her... Put anyone in that situation, and they'd likely run away from the job. Maybe he doesn't kill her, and they run away from whoever hired him and the vampire clan? Possibly while trying to get revenge for his sister's vampirism. I must say, though, for a vampire story, this is fairly original. Good work! No sparkling.
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Walt Originally Answered: Writing a vampire Novel?
People loved "The Historian" which is about a modern woman tracking down her professor father and eventually ending up in Dracula's tomb. It was a bestseller in 2006 or 2007. They should be equally receptive to your book if it is well written.
Walt Originally Answered: Writing a vampire Novel?
Twilight is set in modern times. If you do a book like that, I'd say that most people will just take it as a ripoff of the Twilight series. But if it's a historical vampire book, I don't see what the problem is. People wrote books about vampires long before Stephenie Meyer did. If you really want to write about a vampire, I'd say to just make sure it doesn't have a whole lot in common with the Twilight vampires. Perhaps it would be good to read those books first, so that you know what people will and won't see as plagiarism.
Walt Originally Answered: Writing a vampire Novel?
While the vampire industry IS VAST it is more commerical then anything. Meaning authors are writing what they are told to write to SELL!!! Anne Rice's books while GREAT, are alllll commerical! I have never read NOR do i plan to read Twilight. I think they BEST way to go in the vampire industry would be to MAKE IT UR OWN!!!! Meaning, take a widely used vampire legend and CHANGE IT!!! MORPH it to fit YOUR story and DONT i mean DO NOT write anything PREDICTABLE!!! Thats one thing i hate! If i am reading OR watching a movie and i can guess what is going to happen then I LOSE interest. It means the author didnt do too good a job.

Rudyard Rudyard
good luck, it's hard to write anything with vampires now and days that hasn't already been written..have fun with the story.
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Rudyard Originally Answered: What would you do if you were a vampire and wanted a baby?
Your question is a good one, but sadly it's most likely invalidated by a hole in the authors logic. She states in the book that female vampires cannot become pregnant because their bodies cease to change after the transformation (their eggs cease to cycle). Male vampires, logically, would suffer the same fates. Since sperm production is a continuous process of replacement (loosely similar to ovulation in this case) the idea that a male vampire could somehow still have viable sperm after decades is dubious at best. If one argues that the sperm cells become "immortal" just like the rest of the vampire cells, then so long as the male vampire doesn't, shall we say, "use up" the sperm in storage at the time of his change, he could have one, possibly even two or three "last chances" to be a father. With this argument it would follow that a female vampire still has "immortal" and thus viable eggs that could be medically harvested. Via this process, a female vampire wanting a child of "her own" would simply need to find a surrogate mother to carry the baby for her, and a willing donor for the father. Tho I doubt it would end well for either the surrogate, or the father. =)
Rudyard Originally Answered: What would you do if you were a vampire and wanted a baby?
Well................. Lol but let me say one thing Emmet and Rosalie would most likely just live on Rosalie does not grasp that a baby is a lot of work and the child would grow up to be older than her so adoption is not a good option unless she wants to turn it into a vampire on her 16,17,18,19 birthday ??? Lol Anyways I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Twilight lol hehe i think all the books are amazing and I comprehend it very well and I am going to 7th in the fall and I dont think a third grader should be able to discuss the topic of sex and at my school if u are in 6th or 7th grade you can check out all of Twilight saga except Breaking Dawn because of the topic of sex Another good vampire series is The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod I think they are very good

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