Why are some of the things that they teach us in school useless?

Why are some of the things that they teach us in school useless? Topic: How to teach problem solving
July 19, 2019 / By Johanan
Question: Like people say that everything we learn in school will someone how get us prepared for the future. I believe this to be true for subjects such as history and english. But how is knowing how to solve 5x+2y+3z=7 2x-3y-5z=8 3x+4y=2=-5 ever gonna help us in our day to day lives as adults? I wanna be an attorney when I get older, what's the point of knowing how to do this? All you have to know how to do is read, write, and know a lot about history. Not how to find the missing values for x, y, and z. Like what's the point of plotting tangents on a graph and being able to make it appear 3D? Why does school teach us some useless things? Oh btw, i'm a 14 year old freshman in high school taking Algebra 2 -______-
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Griffith Griffith | 9 days ago
That is not necessarily true. Knowing math can also help as attorney. To know how to problem solve, you could actually figure out a mathematical way to a whole new conclusion.
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Griffith Originally Answered: Why are we taught useless information in school?
I couldn't agree with you more. I have just finished secondary education and it really, really hasn't prepared me for 'real' life at all. I totally agree with every point you have made. I know how to solve simultaneous equations yet i have no understanding of politics - i don't even know how to vote! Perhaps it's not the school's job to nurture 'basic' skills but i can recall all the elements on the periodic table in order, yet honestly, i don't know how to put a washing machine on. I think that along with fundamental, useful, active criteria being taught in the class (referring to your point about English classes) schools should also introduce other subjects, finances, economics, politics - all incredibly purposive subjects. I think there should also be classes on currents events - although this would be a hard lesson to plan, i think it is incredibly important - how many teenagers actually read newspapers or have any concept or real understand of what is happening in their world? In my opinion, there should also be classes on relationships,contraception, where and how to seek medical attention or support as a teenager - we were taught in biology the actual biological act of sex, but for teenagers this really isn't even the half of it. Educating teenagers on real life problems is far more important than educating children on matters that they will never come across. Oh course i'm not saying that traditional subjects are a waste of time - i do think it is very valuable to understand and be educated on the world's history, legendary writers, scientists etc but I do think that the majority of material taught in school's today it pretty disadvantageous.
Griffith Originally Answered: Why are we taught useless information in school?
It isn't vain understanding. You won't use the understanding however others might. Certain professions use quite a lot of field topic. Schools instruct slightly to each person so we will be able to finally make a decision what we love and decide upon a career that makes use of that understanding. We use chemistry once we cook dinner. Adding baking soda has a response to my dough while it chefs. 2x = 10. Well, I have 2 folks within the vehicle which can be hungry and I am on the force via considering if I have sufficient cash for two importance foods. What is x? So, I have got to opt for a meal lower than five greenbacks for every people. Studies in Ancient Rome, good, I'm definite there's a historian someplace who makes use of that understanding. Also, if we did not realize historical past, we would not realize if we're doing larger or worse.

Dwayne Dwayne
It helps us learn at an even rate. Why exercise only parts of our brain when we're young and understand and can comprehend all the information much easier. This also helps, greatly, the students who plan to expand their education in a science or math related field. Opening your mind and understanding why these mathematical equations work the way they do helps you think a in different way about other situations, in other subjects as well as in life. If that's not the kind of answer you were looking for I'm sorry, but this is how I understand the seemingly unnecessary math we're taught in school.
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Buddy Buddy
i usually ask your self that myself, fairly what purpose will i favor to understand the thanks to outline the perspective of elevation of a few thing in existence? and maximum of your instructors will admit to that, in case you ask them they're going to say to graduate intense college, to graduate college or if you're ever on a interest educate. fairly the ineffective issues we "study" (because surely i do not study, i basically memorize) puzzle me. fairly at the same time as that's meant to make certain how 'sensible' we are. i wager it relies upon on what you wanna be occupation sensible, yet short of being a Biology instructor or a Biologist, i'm in no way going to favor biology. so why study it? i do not understand both why they educate us ineffective issues that do not keep on with to existence. solid question besides the indisputable fact that.
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Buddy Originally Answered: Is it me or are we learning a lot of useless stuff in school?
It is true that you may not use everything that you learn in school but you will use more than you think. If you plan to go into a math based field like engineering, construction, or even medicine you will use algebra, chemistry and in some cases geometry. As for English, you will have to write for pretty much any job that you get and learning how to express yourself without using "dead" words or overused words will actually help you get jobs. In fact, as a previous hiring manager I can tell you that if you do not have a basic understanding of grammar and writing then it shows when you fill out the application and most will not hire you since you come off as uneducated. Finally, I at one point would have agreed with you about history being useless but then I got older and realized that history does repeat itself and that too many uneducated Americans do not know their history so they tend to support initiatives that have been proven over and over again to be ineffective and a waste of resources. One final thing - what is taught in schools is actually determined by the states curriculum (in some cases this is actually on the national level). If you do not like what is being taught then learn your English and History, go into politics and get elected to the state Board of Education of become the National Secretary of Education. Then you can have a say in what is being taught.

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