Do you think these items are tacky or sexy?

Do you think these items are tacky or sexy? Topic: Flip case sunglasses
June 25, 2019 / By Bailie
Question: which of these items do you think looks tacky or sexy on other people? french glue-on manicure nails rhinestone accessories sequin accents bright neon colors animal print clothing lucite/clear 5-6 inch high heels polka dots false glue-on eyelashes hot pink lipstick ugg boots designer purses faux fur trim clothing over-sized sunglasses t-shirts with phrases on them also, answer whether or not you wear any of these styles.
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Adallina Adallina | 10 days ago
french glue-on manicure nails- Can be cute if worn right. For example if worn with a simple flowy blouse, dark wash jeans, and pumps. Tacky if work with Hot pink too tight shirt, black mini skirt, glittery flipflops. So it definitely depends on how you wear it. I have used them in the past, but have not in a long time. rhinestone accessories- Cute. For example, rhinestone ipod cases are adorable! I have a few rhinestone adorned cluthes/cosmetics cases/ipod case. sequin accents- Cute in moderation. Can turn a simple shirt into something more dressy. I have worn sequin accented clothing such as camis with some sequins to make it more dressy. bright neon colors- Very cute. They add interest to an outfit. I love and wear neon often. animal print clothing- Cute in moderation: a zebra print handbag or shoes. Not cute: an outfit consisting of leopard shoes, zebra print top, cheetah pants, etcetc. I have nothing in animal print. lucite/clear 5-6 inch high heels- No. These look bad on just about anyone. Don't even try them on unless you're a playboy bunny, and even then, make sure you think twice. No, thank you. Never have I, or will I wear such an article of clothing. polka dots- Overdone. Tacky 99 % of the time. I do not believe I own any polka dotted items. false glue-on eyelashes- For special occasions, why not?! They add drama and if used correctly no one can tell they're fake. I have never worn false eyelashes. hot pink lipstick- If you can pull it off, why not?! ugg boots- They're ok. Just like flip flops. Just there for comfort. I own uggs but only wear them when it's freezing & it's therefore absolutely necessary. designer purses- Marc Jacobs. Chloe. Cute. Dooney and Bourke/Coach logo print purses= not cute. It's like you're trying to scream out ' I can afford designer clothes!' every time you wear the handbag. I own a few designer handbags. faux fur trim clothing- Completely depends on the item of clothing. On jackets, it's fine. It's much better than REAL fur. No faux fur clothing for me. over-sized sunglasses- Cute. Unless they're the 'swallow your face' kind of oversize...then no. I have some large-ish glasses. Not Paris Hilton big though. t-shirts with phrases on them- Never cute. Unless you're going to use it as PJs and won't be wearing it out of the house, then they're ok. No phrase t shirts for me.
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Taffy Taffy
french glue-on manicure nails- Tacky rhinestone accessories- Sexy sequin accents- Tacky bright neon colors- Tacky animal print clothing- Sexy lucite/clear 5-6 inch high heels- Sexy polka dots- Sometimed Sexy false glue-on eyelashes- Tacky hot pink lipstick- Tacky ugg boots- Sexy designer purses-Sexy faux fur trim clothing-Tacky over-sized sunglasses-Sexy t-shirts with phrases on them-Sexy
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Pekahiah Pekahiah
The majority of these items are tacky. The ones that aren't need to be worn in the right context to not look tacky. For example, a head to toe neon outfit looks downright atrocious, but neon pieces worn with black pieces can look good on the right people. Personally, I own a couple of bright pieces that I wear as accents, oversize sunglasses (NOT the round ones, they don't suit any face shape), some animal print tights, lucite heels but they're actually 4 inch platforms with a 6 inch cone heel.
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Lovel Lovel
french glue-on manicure nails if you get them done professionally or put actual time into doing them nicely, good. i get acrylics occasionally rhinestone accessories: uhh dont really care sequin accents: can look cute on clothing betseyjohnson is a good example bright neon colors definely makes you stand out, only wear if you can pull them off and yes i wear them alot neon nailpolish is original too :] animal print clothing more like dresses i like not alot at a time only about one piece then its sexy lucite/clear 5-6 inch high heels uhhh mostly looks stripperish good for halloween polka dots ehhh alright false glue-on eyelashes sexy if you cant see the glue! hot pink lipstick hey if you can pull it off, wear it! ugg boots tacky way over. designer purses well as long as you have portion control faux fur trim clothing ehhh no point over-sized sunglasses cute but practical for people with migranes such asm yself t-shirts with phrases on them tottally, if their funny not the dumbones that say "i do my own stunts"
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Jaylyn Jaylyn
french glue-on manicure nails - tacky, no rhinestone accessories - tacky, no sequin accents - tacky, no bright neon colors - tacky, no animal print clothing - depends, no lucite/clear 5-6 inch high heels - tacky, no polka dots - tacky, no false glue-on eyelashes - not tacky if they look good, no hot pink lipstick - tacky, no ugg boots - tacky, no designer purses - tacky, no faux fur trim clothing - tacky, no (never wear real fur though) over-sized sunglasses - not tacky if they look good, sometimes t-shirts with phrases on them - tacky, no
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Galilee Galilee
french glue-on manicure nails= sexy, but not too long, i wear them rhinestone accessories- sexy in moderation, i wear alot sequin accents- in moderation, i wear to perform dance, thats it bright neon colors- tacky, but very little can be 'cute'; not since i was 5 animal print clothing- eww.... tacky... never worn by me lucite/clear 5-6 inch high heels- well... depends on the occaision, no jeans with them... sexy... i havent worn them polka dots- on pj's, sexy.. on t shirts tacky (and tacky on skinny jeans!!)... nope, except on pj's false glue-on eyelashes- tacky unless halloween; never!! on me hot pink lipstick- tacky; i would e=never wear ugg boots- tacky; i dont wanna killl the sheep, os i dont wear designer purses- cute, not sexy; i have one small coach, thats it faux fur trim clothing- clothes= tacky, outerwear= cute; i have 2 jackets over-sized sunglasses= sexy; i have one pair t-shirts with phrases on them- sexy; i have 1000000 of these
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Derick Derick
french glue-on manicure nails- tacky rhinestone accessories- can be cute if used correctly sequin accents- t acky bright neon colors- TACKY! animal print clothing- tacky lucite/clear 5-6 inch high heels-tacky polka dots- tacky false glue-on eyelashes- really tacky hot pink lipstick- tacky ugg boots- theyre ok designer purses- cute faux fur trim clothing- cute over-sized sunglasses- cute t-shirts with phrases on them- theyre ok all the tacky= NO theyre ok= cute on some people, just not me cute= yes i would
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Benjie Benjie
I have acrylic nails, And sometimes glue on eyelashes. Rest is pretty much tacky. Over sized glasses are pretty tacky unless they aren't too big and don't look weired. HATE with a passion t-shirts with phrases on them.
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Abel Abel
1. sexy yes- do I wear them? no. 2.) sexy: depends on what else you wear with it? do I? yes. 3.sequin accents: yes- do I wear them? no. 4.neon colors? no- do I wear them? no. 5. animal prints? only if you're over 40. do I wear them? Heck no! 6. heels- yes. clear ones- no, not sexy. do I wear them? no. 7. polka dots- they have the potential to be sexy, so yes. do I wear them? yes! 8. False glue on eyelashes- NO NO NO! 9. hot pink lipstick- yes, with right hair color (like a lightt brown or light blond) fo I wear it? no. 10. ugg boots- no. Do I wear them? yes. 11. designer purses- yes. Do I wear them? no. 12. fur clothing- no. Are you an eskimo- I didn't think so. do I wear them- yes. and I am not an eskimo. (but I wish I was :]) 13. over sized sunglasses- yes. Do I wear them- yes! 14. Phrased T-shirts- depends on what they say. Do I wear them? NO. Thank you. You have enlightened me. By evaluating myself, I have found how absoloutely un-sexy I really am.
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