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Good speech topics? Topic: Funny kid school papers
July 20, 2019 / By Davie
Question: I'm entering a speech contest, and I need some REALLY good speech topics. One that people won't expect a middle school student to write about =D. One that would probably require the use of big words =D. Ooh, not something that needs a TON of explaining, because the speech is apparently supposed to be only around 3-4 minutes long. Thanks! In advance =D.
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Balthasar Balthasar | 9 days ago
The perfect topic would be !!!!!!!! TOILET PAPER. I`m not kidding. People can all relate, and it makes for some funny content if your creative enough. It good to be smart about what it is your gonna talk about, But if you can entertain while doing it your laughing. You will make the grade and a few new friends.. Well hope this helps and good luck.
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Balthasar Originally Answered: What are some good topics for a pursuasive speech?
Abortion Abuse Of The Elderly Abused Women Academic Dishonesty Academic Freedom Acid Rain Addiction Adoption Affirmative Action Afghanistan Africa Age Discrimination Aging Population Agricultural Policy AIDS/HIV Air Pollution Airline Safety Alcohol Abuse Aliens and UFO's Alternative imprisonment Alternative Medicine American Education Reform Amnesty Animal Experimentation Animal Rights Animal Welfare Anorexia Nervosa Anti-Semitism Arab-Israeli Conflict Armed Conflicts Arms Control Arms Trade Asylum Atomic Energy Ballot Initiatives Battered Women Beginning of Life Issues Bermuda Triangle Bigamy Bilingual Education Biodiversity Biological and Chemical Weapons Bird Flu Birth Control Body Piercings Breast Feeding in Public Bulimia Cameras in Courtrooms Campaign Finance Reform Capital Punishment Censor Hate Speech Censorship Chain Gangs Child Labor Church State Issues City Curfews Civil Rights Climate Change Policy Condoms In Schools Creationism vs. Evolution Cuba Dating Campus Issues Death Penalty Depression Dieting Disabilities Act Domestic Violence Drug Policy Drunk Driving Endangered Oceans Endangered Species Espionage and Intelligence Gathering Ethnic Violence Euthenasia Family Violence Fat Tax On Food Feminism Foreign Oil Dependence Foreign Policy Foster Care Fraud Gambling Gangs Gay Marriage Gay Rights Genetic Engineering Genetically Engineered Foods Genocide Global Resources Global Warming Government Fraud and Waste Gun Control Hate Crime Health Care Policy Home Schooling Homeland Security Homeless in America Human Cloning Immigration Infectious Diseases Inner City Poverty Internet Chatrooms Iraq Islamic Fundamentalism Juvenile Crime Language Policy Legal System Littering Marriage and Divorce Media Violence Medical Ethics Medicinal Marijuana Medicine Abuse Minimum Wage Missile Defense System National Tobacco Settlement Nonproliferation Nuclear Technology Organ Donation Organized Crime Peace Physician-Assisted Suicide Polygamy Pornography Poverty Prison regime Race Relations Racial Profiling Rain Forests Recycling Religious Right Reproductive Technologies Russia School Uniforms School Violence Sex Education Single Parent Families Smoking Social Security Reform Social Welfare Space Exploration Stadium Taxes Stem Cell Research Tax Reform Teen Pregnancy Term Limits Terrorism Tobacco Industry Trade with China Transportation US Budget US War on Drugs Urban Terrorism Vaccinations Violent Video Games Voluntary National Testing War Crimes War On Drugs Water Resources Weapons Disarmament Welfare Reform Women in the Military Women's Rights Working Women World Trade

Wynter Wynter
A couple of idea's that might full fill your criteria. 1) A significant event/person in history (world or your own) 2) A 3-4 minute speech on a power of a single word 3) A Recipe 4) A workings of a object, or impact of a object on the world 5) A speech On Stress of school or some type pressure Good luck on your speech
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Shay Shay
Here's a good one. It's about a recent study that links attention level problems to early TV viewing. You don't necessarily have to agree, but this is a quick topic. When doing a short speech like that choose something current and factual. Good luck. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070904/hl_nm/attention_television_dc_1
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Parris Parris
How about a speech about the gifts that you have like tap water, electricity, toilet paper, soap... that we are provided with and we do not even think that at the same time there are so many people that do not even know that there is such a think as soap, or dream about electricity. And only when a hurricane hits the country we start appreciating it.
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Margarita Margarita
How about doing a speach on the irony of Miss S. Carolina not being able to answer a question that was so plainly about our country's education system.
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Kisha Kisha
Ethics in business, for example. Can a client sue a company that makes very good knives because he got cut? Up to what extent is a company held accountable for it's client's damages/injuries? And so on.
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Jannine Jannine
i have recently done a speech and my topic was about the whole size zero thing that ius going on and how it is preasureising young girls hope that helps x
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Jannine Originally Answered: Hey guys! I need to write an informative speech by Tuesday, I know I'm lagging, what are some good topics?
Persuasive Speech Topics http://www.goodspeechtopics.com/ http://www.speech-topics-help.com/ http://www.leeogle.org/byron/bhs/library/persuasion.htm http://www.speechmastery.com/speech-topic-source.html http://clps.k12.mi.us/platte/ps03/select_persuasive_topic.htm http://www.public-speaking.org/public-speaking-articles.htm http://www.goodpersuasivespeechtopics.com/persuasive.htm

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