The Communist Manifesto Questions for 10 pts?

The Communist Manifesto Questions for 10 pts? Topic: Capital case section
June 20, 2019 / By Avery
Question: Need them within the next two hours. Thank you. What is the immmediate aim of the Communists? Why does the abolition of private property sum up the theory of Communism? Why is capital a social power? What is the foundation of the bourgeois? What exploitation exists in a bourgeois family? What standpoints does Marx exclude from his defense of Communism? Why does Marx feel they do not deserve serious examination? On page 75-76, which measures has the US put into practice and why? On page 75-76, which measures would not work in a modern day capitalist society and why? In Section II, why does Conservative Socialism bear relevance to modern American society? Why is The Communist Manifesto important and still influential after 150?
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Abiah Abiah | 3 days ago
-to end exploitation of the working class by the elitists known as the Bourgeoisie -because it is the only way to prevent the rise of a new ruling elite, or creation of a new Bourgeoisie. -because your social class(wealth) determines in most cases the type of social realtionships you have. Millionaires don't usually hang out with homeless people etc. -the foundation of the Bourgeoisie, are the factories the own, their wealth, their social/political power, and their control of means of distribution and means of production, that communists believe should be under control of the people who are actually performing the labor. -explotaion in a Bourgeoisie family? not sure what this refers to, pretty vague -that once a central party is created, you are in affect creating a new rulling class(a new Bourgeoisie) that will oppress the people while claiming to represent them, and wil not give up their power to make a classless, stateless society. *and that the central party tends to travel down the path to totalitarianism rather than communism -He believed that the threat of another communist revolution would be great enough to convince the party to fufill its obgligation to dissolve itself for the question about page numbers, you'll have to look them up yourself, because I don't have the book and even if I did, te page numbers may not coincide with your book.
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