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Short story topics? Topic: Help writing a detective story
July 19, 2019 / By Deja
Question: I know someone is probibly call this plagerism, but i just need some inspiration! oh and I don't care if you put down the randomest thing, as long as you answer this ; ) thanks, e
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Brook Brook | 9 days ago
A person comes to a girl in a dream telling her that they are going to die at a certain time and place if she doesn not find her help then she will die. The girl does die and haunts her dreams telling her about others that need her help. She goes to the police but they dont believe her so then she goes to someone she KNOWS will believe her, a detective who she had once dated and fell in love with in high school. A lunar eclipse happens. Have the main character make a wish and have it happen. Write about an important part of your life that will happen in the next 5-10 years and act like it is happening right then in the story. A person really wants to be a wolfe so he experiments and researches on how to become one. When murders start to happen in the local neighborhood everyone believes it is wolves. A girl runs away from home and runs into a whole other society. They tell her she needs to be purified and to do this she needs to take a trip. Then make her find some secret fountain of some sort.
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Alisya Alisya
Google the short story "The Necklace" by Guy Demappessant Check the spellign! it is very good and uses irony as a theme. You will find a lot of inspiration. PLOT: A woman's husband is taking her to a glamorous party and she does not want to go as she has nothing nice to wear. Her friend has a beautiful diamond necklace and the woman asks to borrow it for the party. The woman loses the necklace and goes broke, works many jobs and finally replaces the necklace without telling her friend she lost it in the first place. 10 years later the woman is still poor because of the cost of the necklace, she runs into her friend and finally tells her she lost and replaced the necklace and it has made her life miserable. To which the friend replies, "It was a fake!" Irony at its best! This story also teaches many lessons in the end. Ie be honest, do not covet material things ect..... Read it though it is much better than i have described from memory.
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Uri Uri
Try to think of something that only takes one scene; ideally a turning point in someone's life or relationship. Or a short adventure. Like a treasure hunter exploring a tomb and defeating a monster, or a guy getting mugged but then turning the tables on his attackers somehow, or the story of an escape, or a conversation between a man or a woman where they argue about something important but then overcome their problems.
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Robin Robin
Well, I like the topic that talks about extinction. You see, I've read some books about this. Haha! I don't know if its kinda dark, because from that book, it said taht there is the possibility that some dinosaurs were brought back to life with the use of today's technology. You know, fossilized insects that used to suck the blood out of the species of before. Then, out of an experiment, they brought it back to life by synthesizing the DNA of the dinosaurs or something. Well, i dunno if what im taliking about is of much help, haha! But you can also try something about horror stuff. About the devil? Oh well, just clear your mind of all thoughts and you'll find your topic eventually! Good luck!
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A guy who has the power to control the minds of those around him so he can always get whatever he wants.... and how lonely he is because he distances himself from people because hates it and wishes just once someone would disagree with him.

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