What do U think about this experience? - "Obama's Rally and Clinton's Fundraiser - My Weekend in Missoula"

What do U think about this experience? - "Obama's Rally and Clinton's Fundraiser - My Weekend in Missoula" Topic: Business plan presentation speech
July 19, 2019 / By Juniper
Question: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/4/6/155753/1814/978/491244 I agree with him 100%. That's a good indication of how each candidate may 'govern' What about you guys?
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Grace Grace | 5 days ago
I was at the Obama rally in Missoula and was very impressed. This article pretty much tells like it was. The crowd had a good deal of college students as it was at the college and a lot of students volunteered to help with the event. But there was a lot of people of all ages including plenty of babies he kissed (one even was passed several rows over the heads of people in the crowd to be kissed and passed back). His speech was straightforward and other than a brief mention of MLK and something about how strange it was for a black guy with big ears to be running for president really nothing made of his race. Mostly about the issues and how he feels that business as usual in Washington has to change. I did not go to the Hillary fundraiser. Would have meant another 2 hour trip down and I heard it wuld be at least $200 to get in. I read some of what she said - comparing herself to Jeanette Rankin and how not all men are afraid to vote for women and then a comment on whe should get extra points as it takes her longer to get ready for a presentation that her male counterparts. So she did play the feminist card. One more thing Obama said - he did tell some of the differences with his and Clinton's views - but he stated he liked Senator Clinton and respected her and feels that the party will be united once a nominee is decided and that he might have differences with her but they are not anywhere near as drastic as between him and McCain (who he also said he respected as a war hero) and that her and him have quite a few things they agree on. I had planned on voting McCain if Obama would not be the nominee but that coming from him made me think a bit. Hopefully Hillary will start feeling the same way and realize she should do the best thing for her party whether or not she ends up being the nominee.
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Devnet Devnet
Clearly campaign dollars spent on each activity has to be a factor. Obama can afford the best, Clinton is pinching pennies. The writer could have made this point and chose not to with regards to "organization". Not an indicator, the campaign trail and the white house aren't comparable when you consider budget. As for innuendos, there's no accounting for taste. I think your author was biased from the git-go. You asked what I thought.
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Candida Candida
The comparison between the two campaigns has been dramatic. However, there are essentially no policy differences between the two candidates. Both will govern in virtually identical manners because the president has less power than many seem to assume. Congress has most of the power under the Constitution. Daily Kos would be happy with any far left government. His point, as usual, is irrelevant.
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Amber Amber
I guess I like the article because I'm an Obama supporter. These people who try to equate Obama's organization directly to the amount of money he's raised are poorly mis guided. Obama's volunteers are just that, volunteers. They are helping because they really want to, not because someone is paying them. I worked a polling location in Alabama. While we were greeting, I talked to a lady who was greeting for Hillary. Would you know, she's voting for Obama? She was just working for the Clinton campaign because she was getting paid to do it, lol.
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