What's your high school/Junior High like?

What's your high school/Junior High like? Topic: College paper grader
June 16, 2019 / By Onndrea
Question: Im bored & curious lol ~My Jr High~ It was tiny maybe like the size of half of a big city's elementary school. & the whole building wasnt even ours, we shared it with the "Intermediate" school which was 4th & 5th graders (I have no idea why though, cause our elementary school is bigger than the whole building) It used to be a high school so all the murals still say ______ High School on it, except for one that we recently just got. Basically 5 Hallways was the whole school. We had 2 teachers for every subject except English, there was 3 for those & only one for advanced, so if you took all advanced, you already knew all your teachers for every year. We had to share a library with the intermediate kids & the nurse & caferteria too, so the books were always pretty easy & the few challenging (& good) ones we had, ANYONE could get, even a 4th grader. At lunch we had a snack bar, the intermediate could go too & there were always trash from popsicles & slushies when we got to lunch cause we went after them & they went CRAZY with it! Only 3 of our 5 stalls have doors in the bathroom, theres leaky roofs & crickets everywhere! We have a little upstairs area thats the closest to the Intermediate area where we keep the 6th graders (lol) We used to have lockers, but now we dont so they pretty much just chill there in the hallways. Also we had uniforms, my 6th grade year we could only wear school colors of polos with no stripes or designs, school shirts in approved colors, no hoodies, & all sweatshirts could only be plain & school colored. Also shirts had to be tucked it. Now we can still only wear school shirts & polos, but they can be any color, we can wear hoodies, & we dont have to tuck them in. Our band & football is what we're known for, everything else, choir, art, theater. Doesnt usualy do well & UIL does okay. ~My high school~ I havent acctualy attended school there yet, but I know the bathrooms are NICE, all of them have doors & they have automatic flush & motion paper towel & air things. Also its huge, well about the size of a city's junior high. We have 3 gyms, & we can take German or Spanish. German teacher is super hard to understand & all you really do in that class is watch foreign films & get yelled at in German & in Spanish, you have partys & learn how to count & put sentences together & watch Dora in Spanish (where shes mostly speaking Spanish & only a little bits in English) So yeah, I picked Spanish :D Also theres more clubs & theres still onyl 2-3 teachers for every subject. Also we can bring our laptops or tablets if we have them to use, idont have one -___- but we can if we do. Its 2 stories & it looks smaller on the outside, but its huge inside, I got lost when I was there for color guard tryouts. We dont have a dress-code & theres vending machines, none with coke except the one in the teachers lounge, but they have smart water, vitamin water, Gatorade. & we have coolor classes like career & college prep, TV & video production, you even get to like be an ancor-person for the school news & you get to do cool video porjects like an ad video commerical for different electives & its broadcasted on the school channel. But you have to be in 10th to take it :'( BQ: Do you like your school? BQ: When does the school year start up again for you & what grade are you going in?
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Mag Mag | 7 days ago
My school is huge. It has two buildings. There are many students, that come from all over. My school is pretty diverse. There isnt "cliques" or whatever; everyone just hangs out with everyone. We have a lot of AP classes, a lot of sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities. Everyone does something there. The second building is new, so they have the central air, better bathrooms and classrooms. The first building is bigger, though and the second building is specifically only for science classes (and the library). As for the teachers, some are good, some suck, i had my fair share of bad teachers. The environment is very friendly. At first i seriously thought i was going to be lost, but a lot of the upperclassmen and even the principal helped me get to my classes. BQ: Yes BQ2: September 7th, and 10th grade.
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Kerrie Kerrie
Junior High: We call junior high, middle school. There are three grades (6,7,8) and it is a pretty big building. There are nice bathrooms, a cafeteria, two gyms, a pool, a TV recording studio (They do our announcements as a news broadcast) and a cafe type thing where you can go during study hall. We have advanced classes and regular classes, as well as four languages to choose from. There are three to six teachers for every subject for each grade and we have about 350 kids per grade. We have lockers, and everyone uses them. As far as academics go, we were ranked top in out state last year. We are allowed to bring in e-readers, computers, and ipads. Some teachers allow ipods too. We also have a computer lap, a new library, two cooking rooms, and sewing rooms and at least 10 or 11 macbook carts. High School: Technically, I have never actually gone to classes there but I will start this far. It is a huge school with two gyms, two cafeterias, a TV studio, and the bathrooms are decent. Same as junior high, there are about 350 kids per grade. I don't know how many teachers there are but I know there is a lot. Each grade does not have certain subject teacher because classes are mixed together by grades. (So as a freshman I could have classes with seniors.) They allow us to use cell phones in the hallway and some teachers let us use them in class. We are allowed to bring in e-readers, computers, and ipads. Some teachers allow ipods too. We also have a computer lap, and at least 10 or 11 macbook carts.We are allowed to carry around backpacks and we have lockers. Since I go to public school, there are no uniforms. Also this year they are giving computers to certain grades as a pilot thing. My grade is one of those grades so should be pretty fun to see how that works out. Going into 9th grade, not sure when it startss...hahah
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Jacquelyn Jacquelyn
For me, they were combined! We have a student body of about 1500 students, which is alright. I believe there were about sixty teachers as well. The school has two parts; one is the school itself and the other is now an adult school (the adult school used to be an elementary school in the past). When I was in grade 8, they placed a dress-code system on us, and I must admit the uniform was really plain. Lets see, there are about 8 bathrooms (for girls) and I don't know how many were for boys. The toilet paper is only one layered which sucks because it rips so easily LOL. We only have two gyms, and we have a soccer field and a football field outside as well! The only class in which you can learn a language is Spanish class... We have this program called IB, which is for really smart people! I heard they kick people out if their grades aren't high enough... Anyways, most teachers teach more than one subject... For options, it depends on your grade. When I was in grade 7, you only had about four options (Art, Drama, Music and Dance) but as you go up, you have more options (Journalism, Home EC, Double art, Double Gym, Golfing and more). Umm, the school has a basement, in which is the grade 7 and 8 hallway, the floor above it is half empty and I think it's the hall for those with problems. The top floor is for grade 9, 10 and 11. We don't have grade 12 in case your wondering. We have four computer labs, one on each floor and the extra one is just on reserve. The first three are all broken and people messed up all the keyboards so it's unusable. The internet doesn't work at all on some computers, and some PCs don't even open! That probably didn't even make any sense! Our school has a dress-code (Dark blue sweaters/vests, white t-shirts, dark blue pants/knee length shorts and skorts.. They had skirts but they took them off the dress-code and replaced it skorts! They aren't even skorts! Their basically shorts in front and in the back it looks like a skirt!) We don't have clubs or whatever but we have this program in which Drama, Art, Dance and Music work together and they preform stuff together (I joined the music area last year and it was a lot of work on my shoulders). The cafeteria basically consists of over-priced healthy meals! They sell a freaking panini for nearly five dollars! They sell some chips and stuff, as well as beverages (no soda) like vitamin water, lemonade and even apple juice! You're not forced to eat there, in fact, most people leave school grounds at lunch to go eat out! I'm trying to think what else there is.. Umm, we aren't allowed electronics, but some teachers will allow us on occasion. We also have classes to prepare us for jobs. I think that's about it, I'm kind of tired to think of anything else~ BQ- It's alright, people say it's a school for potheads though when most of us don't even do drugs BQ- Grade 7s start August 29th, Grade 8, 9, 10 and 11 start Aug 30th without Grade 7, and we all start together on the 31st of August! Oh, and I'll be in grade 11~
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Emely Emely
My school is a combined upper school (junior high & high are in the same building). It only has about 350 kids altogether, so, as a result, all the teachers know you, and you're familiar with a lot of your peers, which is really nice. Unlike a lot of other schools (from what I understand, anyway), there's not a huge line between social cliques. Yes, we have our popular kids and our not-so-popular kids, but everyone gets along for the most part, and there's only a little cattiness. As for academics, we're amazing! My school is ranked top in my state and one of the top in the nation. The teachers know what they're doing, and, even though students complain quite a bit, we're getting a pretty great education, so I try to just tune them out. BQ: Sometimes it stresses me out quite a bit, but, yes, I love it. BQ: The school year starts on Aug. 15 (ugh...) and I'm going into 8th grade, so it'll only be my second year at the school.
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Christobel Christobel
My middle school and high school were actually pretty different. My middle school was a little rough, like fights were pretty typical(A girl kept trying to fight with me because I spoke to her boyfriend) and drugs were probably too common for a middle school. The teachers sucked SO bad, I mean it was a mess, the principle was jerkoff and didn't care about what was going on in his school at all. I really didn't like my middle school. My high school on the other hand is in a ritzy area, so some of the people have their heads up their as*es. They think they are badazz with their one fight a year and pot smoking and boozing but they really have no clue haha. The school is really good for languages (which is why I go there) and our athletics are good too I believe. It is an okay school, could be a lot worse. The people are so-so (not so friendly) but there are good people too. BQ: Yeah it's alright BQ: Early september, the 4th I think? I am going into 12th
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Avery Avery
My high school is really small. We have about 600 students. There are 162 kids in my class. Almost no one goes to college, and when they do, it's usually community college. Our academics aren't that great but apparently they're better than the three nearby schools. We have four AP classes, and our foreign languages are Spanish and French. There are a couple of teachers that are good but most of them are just boring or think they're smarter than they are. We have a bunch of required courses involving financial literacy and succeeding in the "real world." Juniors and seniors can go to the tech school instead of the regular high school. We have a dress code but it's not strict. BQ: It's okay. It's easy to excel in because hardly anyone tries. BQ: I don't know when it starts, but I'll be a junior.
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