Is my Landlord being illegal and irrational?

Is my Landlord being illegal and irrational? Topic: Free farm writing paper
June 19, 2019 / By Brett
Question: I rented a beautiful brand new twin home in January of this year with a year lease. I was the first to live in either unit. In February new neighbors moved into the other half. They were awful, had garbage piled on the patio for a month, smoked like crazy, fought, had parties, ect.. I complained to my landlord, but they moved out in the middle of the night the first week of March. In May new neighbors moved in. Equally as unpleasant. Again, garbage piled up, parties, their kids dig in my shed and take my things, their younger kids run around naked all the time, I presume they have no clothes, but mom and dad sure have money for beer and cigarettes. I am so sick of everything, I have called my landlord and sent e-mails with no response. So, I finally decided I am moving out. I wrote him an e-mail, sent him a letter, and left him a voice message. After a week he finally left me a voice message stating I can not break a contract and I am liable for the remainder of the lease. I returned his call and left a message stating I would find a sub-leaser, but it would be hard with that type of neighbors. However, I had three couples willing to look this weekend. He finally called me back this morning stating he really doesn’t have time for this and I have a contract and am obligated to pay for the remainder of my lease. I asked if I could show the house this weekend to find a sub-leaser. His response to me was, “I just don’t let anyone rent from me!,” “You can show it if you want, but it doesn’t mean I’ll let it happen!” He also said I will need to stop by his house to "Review" some paper work.(I don't want to drive to his house! He doesn't even live near me. Why can't he mail it to me....) Then my landlord proceeded to ask me if I was married now because my check has a mans name on it, or is it my ex-husband? I said” No”. Then he asked me, “Well, who is it then?” So I told him it was my boyfriend. He then asked, “Is that where you are moving too then?” I told him I didn’t know yet. Is any of what this landlord doing to me even legal? Can he ask me personal questions like that? Am I obligated to answer him, I really don’t know why it is any of his business. He is really being pretty crappy about it all. Wasn't he supposed to do something about the shoddy neighbors in the first place? Isn’t he obligated to allow me to look for a sub-leaser ? My name is also on the checks.. My boyfriend and I farm together and have a joint check book. He just happens to have his own house. My landlord owns both properties. He is the one letting these filthy people live there.
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Alexina Alexina | 1 day ago
take video and audio of the neighbors at their worst and send to your landlord and tell him you have a right to rent and live in a place free of garbage
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Tye Tye
He may or may not be obligated to allow you to find a sub-lessor depending on the lease and local laws. It does sounds like he is allowing you to look but he can turn down a sub-lessor for pretty much any reason he wants. If you found a great sublessor I suspect he would accept them, but this may be very difficult considering the neighbors. He is allowed to ask you these questions but you are allowed to tell him its none of his business. Since you did answer the questions its not really a big deal. When does your lease come due? It sounds like it might be in a few months (if it was originally a one year lease) so maybe you should just ride it out. You can look for a sublessor but again, it might be hard to find one who he'll accept. Also I would just tell him you are to busy to come over to his house but if he wants to mail you the papers or come over to your house you'll be happy to look at them. Not sure what he wants you to look at but this sounds a bit suspicious. Just don't sign anything or agree to anything and tell him you need to think about it if he wants you to actually sign/ agree to something. As to the neighbors I'm just not sure there is anything he can do (he doesn't own that house, does he, but even if he does they are not so bad that he could do alot). You can call the cops if they are being to loud after hours but for leaving trash around and having their kids run around naked there isn't a lot the cops are going to do either.
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Ricki Ricki
You could not only be liable for your lease terms, but ultimately could be responsible for potential damages from your sub-leasers. Finish what you legally agreed to. In the landlords defense, the questions regarding the check could have been either to make note of a forwarding address in case you skip out, or checking on unauthorized tenants on his premises. Both things he has a right to know.
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Merlin Merlin
He is correct... you signed a legally binding contract and he has not broken it... unless for some reason it states in your lease that you must approve all tenants for the other half of the building. He does not have to accept a new tenant just because you want to break your lease... it is his building and it is up to him if someone can move in or not. He is holding you to your legal obligation and he is completely within his rights. As for the paperwork, if he wants to go over some with you he can give you 24 hrs notice that he will be at your place to go over it with you, he can not demand you go to him.
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Jools Jools
He hasn't done anything wrong and you "can" be held liable for the balance of the lease. The landlord is not under any obligation to let you sublet unless it says you can in the contract.
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