Who wants to play a baby name game?

Who wants to play a baby name game? Topic: How to write a letter to your boy crush
June 20, 2019 / By Britannia
Question: 1. You're in high school and the boy you've been crushing on asks you out! What's his name? What does he look like? What's your name? What do you look like? 2. Where do you and your new boyfriend go on your first date? 3. At graduation, your boyfriend is valedictorian, he suddenly proposes to you in front of everyone! How does he do it? Does he get the teachers and students to help him out? 4. You and your fiance go to the same college together and live in a small apartment. While a sophomore, you find out your pregnant, only weeks before the wedding! How do you tell you fiance? 5. What is your wedding like? Where do you go on your honeymoon? 6. When your eight months pregnant you give birth to a little boy, what do you name him? What does he look like when he gets older? 7. When your son is five, you get pregnant again, this time with twin girls! You name them after flowers. What do they look like when they get older? 8. When your son is eight and your twins are three, you get pregnant again, with triplet boys! All of their names start with the same letter. What do they look like when they get older. 9. When your son is ten, your twins are five, and your triplets are two, you're pregnant once again! A little girl comes two months early and is blind. What do you name your little miracle? 10. Now, name your family and show what they look like at these ages. Son: 18 Twins: 13 Triplets: 10 Daughter: 8 And a pic of you and your high school sweetheart if you will! Pics are optional, but to make it better, add them! 1. His name is Nick and he has blond hair that turns brown in the winter. He's taller than me and wears glasses when he reads. I'm Maryssa and I have long red hair (dyed red, naturally brown) and wear glasses all the time. 2. We go to dinner and he surprises me with a kiss when he drops me off. 3. At the end of his speech, Nick asks me to come up on stage. The kids beside me are encouraging me to get up there. I do and Nick gets down on one knee and proposes in front of everyone. Of course I say yes! 4. I bake a cake while he's in class and write in icing on it, "I'm pregnant!" We have it for desert and Nick is extremely decided. 5. We get married on the beach like my parents did. 6. I name him Alan Kenneth. He has brown hair and blue eyes. 7. Lilly Victoria and Rose Olivia. They have blond hair and blue eyes. 8. Nicholas Richard, Nathanial Robert, and Ned Rod. They all have blonde hair and brown eyes. 9. Mary-Kate (Short for Mary Kathleen) After my grandmother, who fought and
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Alice Alice | 9 days ago
1. Liam- http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-1081443-casual-young-man-in-a-high-school.php?st=f6a4f44 Brynnly (Me)- http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-13597221-pure-girl.php?st=e8d3399 2. The beach! http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-10738610-sunset-romance.php?st=dff4301 3. He puts the ring in my cap as I present my speech. The teachers said i should throw my cap on stage so when i take it off i see and it and put it on! he runs to me and i throw the cap in joy! the teachers helped us out! :) 4. Hes out of town for his football game, so after he comes back from a big win i tell him! he turns out to be excited and promises everything will be fine! 5. We have a beach wedding in honor of our first date. After we say i do, we jump off the dock holding hands! For our honeymoon we go to Switzerland Alps and ski! http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-7629094-bernese-oberland.php?st=2e05271 6. Lance Colten http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-15160747-happy-baby-boy-in-surprise.php?st=a9dbfd3 7. Clover (Clo) Anne & Dahlia Selene http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-3158746-beautiful-baby-under-green-blanket.php?st=008e934http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-14300464-two-beautiful-baby-girl-sitting-on-white-sofa.php?st=5b43ef5 8. Trevor Lane, Travis Elijah- identical & Ty Orlando http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-7118311-twin-boys-laughing-together-outside.php?st=9cc1f87 http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-9908267-little-boy.php?st=fbc3c96 9. Everly Hope http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-3158746-beautiful-baby-under-green-blanket.php?st=008e934 10. Now, name your family and show what they look like at these ages. Lance Clover and Dahlia Trevor, Travis and Ty Everly FUN! thanks :)
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Tyson Tyson
1. Tall, short brown hair, blue eyes; Maggie; Vincent James 2. Dinner and a movie 3. He gets my favorite teachers and best friends around and pops the question 4. I wrap the test for him to open 5. Small, outdoors, Hawaii 6. Mason Robert 7. Amelia Lily and Olivia Rose 8. Cameron Luke, Carter Liam, and Caleb Lee 9. Eliana Grace Mason, Amelia, Olivia, Cameron, Carter, Caleb, and Ella
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Riley Riley
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Mervyn Mervyn
1. Nathaniel Joshua Turner. He has brown hair with hazel eyes. He's very tall; about 6'6. My name is Jada, I have brown hair with dark brown eyes. I'm medium height. 2. He takes me to a movie then dinner. 3. Yes the teachers let him have some extra time for his speech also, the students play me and his favorite song after he asks. At the end of his speech, of thanking everyone my name is last and he says "Jada you're the one who made me happy and get through hard times I'll always love you, will you do me the honor and marry me?". 4. I tell him while we are on spring break and we are walking around campus. 5. We get married on a beach, in Florida. We honeymoon in Paris for two weeks! 6. Cain Joseph Reid Turner. He's like his fathers twin! He has hair to his shoulders with big hazel eyes, he has to wear contacts, so he always gets the colored ones. But his natural eye color is hazel! 7. Daisy Reese Turner and Lily Taylor Turner. They have light brown hair. Daisy has green eyes and Lily has blue-ish gray-ish eyes. 8. Joshua Nathaniel Turner, Jay Nathaniel Turner, and Jaden Nathaniel Turner. Josh has sandy brown hair with green eyes. Jay and Jaden have black hair with really dark brown eyes like mine. 9. Kris Erin Leigh. She has dirty blonde hair with dark brown eyes. 10. Sorry, I don't like to add pictures...
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Hananiah Hananiah
one million. Samantha Kate and Sydney Kara. two. Logan James. three. Mackenzie Hope and Noah Michael four. Nathaniel Oliver, Andrew Peter, and Madison Grace "Samantha, Sydney, Logan, Mackenzie, Noah, Nathaniel, Andrew, and Madison."
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Edric Edric
1. zacky baker. he's 5'9", has black hair, and green eyes. he's in avenged sevenfold. look him up! my name is alex. i have dirty blond hair and green eyes. 2. we go to an MLB game. 3. after his speech he gets down on one knee and proposes. 4. i just tell him. but i'd probably be super nervous. 5. it's medium sized and not like really formal. it's fun and awesome and stuff. bridemaids dresses are yellow and knee length. we honeymoon in either england or hawaii. 6. zachary matthew. he looks like his dad. 7. daisy marie and violet ella. daisy looks like her dad and violet looks like me. 8. cole benjamin, connor ian, christian james. 9. callie julianne. 10. zachary matthew, daisy marie, violet ella, cole benjamin, connor ian, christian james, and callie julianne.
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TRIVIA GAMES! Make up, in advance, trivia game-rounds of 5-10 questions, with a couple of secret extras in case you need tie-breakers. Give each round a theme, such as the new baby's family history, what baby items the parents already have for the new one, the weirdest baby-names you've ever heard of anyone legally naming their baby, what ages babies normally start doing basic development things --- cutting first teeth, smiling, crawling on all fours (not just pulling themselves along with the arms), age of first word, etc. Trivia games can be played all at once (several rounds), or one round at a time, spaced out through the party -- in teams, or (if the Q rounds are short) individually -- for a prize for the winner of each round, or a cumulative Big Prize at the end of the party, or both. BABY'S FIRSTS: Another game rewards players for cleverness: read out a list of Baby's Firsts, one item at a time, and get mom and guests giving suggestions of things they'd love to have as this baby's "first:" word, person they smile at, crawl-destination, solid food, joke they tell, etc. WORST BABY'S FIRSTS: Later on, play a variation: Worst Baby's Firsts --- similar to the above, but this time, add to the list of Baby's Firsts things the guests would NEVER want this kid to do for their first: person they smile at, sneeze, word, swear-word, reaction to grandma and/or grandpa (or doctor, dogs,....), things they see or hear their parents doing, etc. PRIZE IDEAS: For all the prizes and gag gifts, put them into a *covered* basket, so nobody sees what they are or how many there are. Have the "winners" choose their gift by feel alone. To add to the "giftiness" of your examples, hand out each one clasped in the paws of cute clip-on animals. The little plushies are very baby-suggestive, and they somewhat disguise the gag part of the gift. To your list of gag gifts, you could add a couple of tiny newborn disposable diapers, tubes of lube gel, and paper (written) gag-gifts: baby and pregnancy jokes; "how-to" instructions (write them yourself, if need be, which would also mean you can write humorous ones -- how to get a cranky baby to sleep, how to have sex, how to seduce a man, how babies are made, how to introduce the baby to the family dog, etc); and "recipes" such as the Banana Cake recipe (below). Have fun! ....... :-D .....

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