Can i teach english in Korea?

Can i teach english in Korea? Topic: English work
July 19, 2019 / By Neva
Question: I just finished 3rd yr. level and currently working in an on-line Korean tutorial right now. (YBM Sisa) I'm not a native speaker, i am a filipina but i have enough knowledge about english language and am a good speaker too coz i've worked in a call center before. Do you think there's a chance for me? If there is, can you give me details about it? Thanx a lot!
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Luvinia Luvinia | 5 days ago
Legally no. Illegally yes. There are some special cases however when I've seen the Ministry of Education/Immigration grant a Filipino person a working visa for teaching English. This is only if they've graduated from a University in a native English speaking country. i.e. Canada, U.S.A, N.Z. Aus. South Africa, G.B., Ireland. OR they are married to a Korean and have a valid F-class visa. Unfourtunately Korea has strict rules on non-native speakers teaching English. They can be fined up to 5 million won and held in the Immigration Detention Center until they are able to come up with those funds. After that they are immediately deported. I know this because I've worked in a few schools where some Filipino teachers have worked. Immigration inspects schools once a year around March or April, and one time they caught one of those schools I worked at with one Filipino girl. She was on a student visa, D2 and they arrested her and deported her promptly. Ok, don't worry, it's not all over. DO NOT work in a Hagwon or Childrens School. Immigration never checks out any companies only schools. Instead do some private tutoring. Check out some websites like www.worknplay.com www.englishspectrum.com Do not advertise yourself on there, there are some traps to find illegal teachers. Check out some of the private tutoring jobs, usually teaching 1:1 adults or kids, sometimes groups in companies. They usually pay 40 or 50,000 won per hour. Go for that, most of the time they never check your credentials or I.D. card. Tell them you are from the U.S. or something. They'll probably believe you if your English is near-perfect. Take my advice.
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Luvinia Originally Answered: Can I teach English in South Korea with translation degree?
The bachelor's degree can usually be in any subject. The schools want native English speakers, so if you are from the U.S., Canada, Australia, or South Africa can teach in South Korea. A TEFL certificate can make you more competitive in the market, but the bachelor's degree is essential. Getting a degree in education (with the option to get a teacher's certificate) will be a bonus because you can teach in a public school, private school, an international school or teach public school on a military base (great job with awesome benefits). You will be a certified teacher and can teach all over the world. Get certified to teach ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) or get certified in teaching English for whichever grade level you choose. A degree in translation or linguistics is great, but you'll have more options when you choose to get an education degree if you really want to teach. You do not need to speak Korean to teach in South Korea, but it helps to communicate at work. You will be there to teach English and MANY schools will not allow you to speak Korean to the students. They want students to be totally immersed in the English language. I taught in South Korea for a year. Here's how I applied: http://www.korea-diva.com/2009/03/30/english-teacher-job-in-korea-the-application/ I actually have step-by-step instructions beginning with my application to arriving and living in South Korea on my blog (see the resources). Read the blog so you will get an idea of what it's like to live and work in South Korea.

Kayleen Kayleen
Please don't be discouraged. I heard the equal factor a couple of years in the past and didn't observe. I implemented for a task in a public institution, had my interview with the general public institution method, and got a agreement to coach in South Korea for a 12 months. There are individuals of one of a kind ethnic organizations in South Korea, even though they're the minority. Some Hagwons select white lecturers, others don't brain. I have no idea your ethnic organization, however I recognise that a few African Americans have labored at CDI, a personal chain in South Korea, I observed my role via Footprints Recruiting. It is also less difficult to get a public institution process. All of the individuals I've requested mentioned that the Koreans have been exceptional and/or simply curious approximately individuals of one of a kind ethnic organizations. Yes. There might be a few racism, however there may be racism all over the place. There is a Facebook organization known as Brothas and Sistas of South Korea. Check it out!
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Hosanna Hosanna
Companies like to hire native English speakers from English speaking countries. America, Britain, Australia, Canada, NZ. I know Filipinos can speak English well but I think employeers like to hire people from these traditional English speaking countries. 3rd year level? Of college? Or of work? To get a working visa teaching English then one must have a degree from a four year university. It is worth a try so good luck!
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Edithe Edithe
You can only get a teaching visa if you are from one of the "English countries": Canada,America,UK,NZ, Australia or South Africa.
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Edithe Originally Answered: Teaching english in korea?
Ideally, you want to find a place that will provide housing. It may not be the best apartments around, but there is a large down payment when you rent an apartment in Korea. (Something like 10-20k usd down for a 1k rent) With housing provided, you should be looking at around 1-2 million won a month. Try to teach in Seoul, as you'd probably get paid the most and have more fun. If you're a native english speaker with a college degree, you're pretty much golden. You would get paid the most teaching high school students, but be prepared to know your grammar rules and vocab. Many high schoolers will know more grammar rules than the average American. Another option would be to teach SAT to foreign students (Korean-Americans). This is the ideal place to work as you'd probably get paid the most and all your student are fluent in English. But theres a lot of competition here, with the teachers usually being from ivy leagues and scoring nearly perfect scores.

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