Should I write the optional College App essay?

Should I write the optional College App essay? Topic: writing an application essay
June 20, 2019 / By Carlyn
Question: I'm filling out an application for a small 4 yr private college. It say the essay is "encouraged, but not required" I'm wondering if it will count against me somehow if I don't write it. I don't want them to think I'm lazy or something it's just none of the topics pertain to anything in my life. What are they looking for when they want you to turn in an essay?
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Ange Ange | 5 days ago
If you're writing it, it shows you're willing to work hard and that you're dedicated to succeeding in that school. Totally up to you though as it says it is optional. But you do notice it says "Encouraged" which is basically what it is.
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Wilf Wilf
i assume whilst they say very own fact i might have taken it to propose a fact related to to why you think of you will possibly desire to be conventional into that faculty..yet then they pass directly to declare writing pattern or different guy or woman essay - so i assume choose for it in case you have a pattern that shows stable writing..?
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Well the first thing would be to proof read and spell check whatever you decide to send! >"I dont know what to write about for my essay" Why do you want to go to college? Why the specific college you're applying to? Will there be anything about preparing and being able to complete a college curriculum? >"expect the unexpected" or "dont judge a book bye its cover" kinda deal. " Are you implying that your academic performance in HS not very competitive? I am not sure where you're applying but I would suggest you spend at least a year at the local Community College especially if your written communication skills need some improvement before attending a University.
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No you can not. For two explanations: a million) you'll no longer have had the identical reviews to her so what she has written is inappropriate for your lifestyles two) faculties verify for plagiarism. If you're stuck copying anyone else's paintings they'll reject your program instantly. It's no longer individual for individuals to be stuck like this so it is not valued at taking the threat. Certainly use her essay for suggestions and a well consultant to comply with nevertheless it must no longer be precisely the identical. If you're having main issue perhaps you would ask her to deliver you a few recommendations.

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