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Essay Topics :)? Topic: Bible essays
July 19, 2019 / By Alethea
Question: I have to do 4 small essays on strange things, incredible places, myths, aliens etc that sort of thing. :) What could I do them about? I'm doing one about the Bermuda Triangle. :) what else? Thanks :)
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Tucker Tucker | 6 days ago
spontaneous human combustion urban legends pompeii maybe something from the bible (noah's ark, tower of babel)
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Tucker Originally Answered: What is a good essay title for an essay about Curiosity, and what topics can I write about?
It is important that your essay has three parts to it. The introduction, the body and the conclusion. The introduction should just tell what you hope to prove in the essay and introduce the paragraphs ahead. Most people write the introduction last as you have to know what you are introducing to write it. First you have to analyse the question, find the active parts of the question and consider them. Think where your information will come from and then methodically go through the information find salient points and then synthesising your own understanding of the information.Make sure you cover all angles of the argument. In the paragraphs use flow words as flow is important in any essay for good marks. The conclusion is made up of a weighing up of all arguments above, do not introduce any new information into the conclusion and then give a general opinion on the subject. It is a marks loser if you write in the first person, also saying them or they as the marker will say who are you talking about. I not long just handed in an essay, I have done all the extra learning courses just so that I could get great marks and these are all the hints and tips they gave me, this is for academic writing for university so it will also apply for high school too. Good luck!

Rhett Rhett
i might try cloning---its no longer in all likelihood a huge concept in maximum youngsters minds, so no longer a lot of human beings will do it, even however that's an staggering subject count to place in writing approximately. I fairly wrote 10 pages on in basic terms my evaluations without even attempting frustrating or being the sturdy author i'm now.
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Melvyn Melvyn
What about the legend of Finn McCool, the Irish giant? Look it up. Or the simple ones like Jack and the Beanstalk etc? Good luck to you.
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Jona Jona
you could do cryptoids like big foot, loch ness, and other crap like tat.....or The mysterious of Leonard Da Vinci, witchcraft, cannibalism. I would do paranormal stuff like ghosts, spirits, ect. Bermuda triangle is good too
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Jona Originally Answered: Can I use old College essay Topics for my own topic essay?
Using a topic with such a generic theme is not specific enough to be called plagiarism. In fact, there's nothing wrong with citing the source of your topic, especially if it's one of those personal experience probes. You might also use a few of these to generate your own "national-grade" topics, such as "I thought I'd *hate* learning that stuff".

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