Can Anyone Give Me Advice on How to Get Rid Of A 'Shadow Person'?

Can Anyone Give Me Advice on How to Get Rid Of A 'Shadow Person'? Topic: Psychological trauma research
July 19, 2019 / By Zavanna
Question: My daughter is aware of this presence that has the shape of a human ,only in dark shadow form and moves quickly and she has glimpsed it from the corner of her eye and she seen it outside the living room sliding glass door. There are also weird sounds and disconcerting activities that are unexplainable and not rational. She does not know how to deal with this and is very frightened by such activities. She does not live at home any more and I have not been to the house she is living in because she has moved 1,800 miles away. She has unexplained feelings of dread and fear that just go on and on and nothing seems to come to fruition of it. It is wearing her down. I have counseled her to pray and ask for protection and guidance as how to deal with it or what to do about it. Can anyone offer any other advise on this ? Thank you Well I would like to add that three other adult members of the house hold have experienced similar things,rapping noises and feeling like they are being watched and doors being slammed and banging noised from the ceiling. Another member of the house heard a voice in his ear that had woke him up and startled him so much he could not fall asleep for several more hours. I related to her a few things that could be causing this. Power lines or an especially strong electromagnetic field or something along those lines. She is not quite sure and has never been prone to this type of thing as far as physiology goes,no epilepsy or psychological trauma that would indicate she is making this up. I believe her and I know that her mind physically and psychically is sound. Thank you to those whom replied with kindness and care, The rude people that commented Why did you waste your time? Is it really that much to have manners in your comments? You people must be lonely and arrogant and VERY close minded.Peace to you though,you need every kind word you can get i suspect...
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Shelena Shelena | 3 days ago
It's too bad that you have had to be questioned on how you raised your child by someone answering this question--that was just rude in my opinion. I can only suggest that she read up on the phenomena and maybe discuss this situation with her church. For me personally, because I am not a very religious person I think I would try talking to this entity and trying out different things that I learned from my research.
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Paulina Paulina
The best way to get rid of a shadow person is to have good illumination and to stop indulging your daughter's fantasies. Magical thinking, coupled with insecurity, can upset a person, making her think she is perceiving threats that aren't really there. I would guess she is homesick or is in some way uncomfortable with her current situation and the ghost thing is just a way of this discontent manifesting itself. I hypothesize there are perfectly normal explanations for the other perceived events. It sounds like someone is convinced a house is haunted and are willing--nay, eager--to come up with "evidence" in support of this conclusion. I don't say this to be rude or snarky. I am 100% serious. As a child I believed in ghosts and as a result I found plenty of strange and "unexplainable" things to reinforce such a belief. However, since I no longer believe in ghosts and have yet to come across anything strange and unexplanable. It really is true that there is no such thing as a haunted house, only haunted people. EDIT: Or you could just slap one superstition on top of another like a band aid. Burn candles or sage, say a prayer, have a special person perform some ritual. Whatever it takes to make someone who thinks she's seeing something think that that something has been removed.
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Marielle Marielle
Ignore the people who insist you or she are crazy or otherwise need to see a doctor. That's just rudeness. Well, things like this are hard to get rid of. By the feeling of dread and fear, I'd guess that it's feeding off of her fear. I had something like that once and I had to bring someone in more experienced (and less afraid) than I was, to "clean" my house. That would be my best advice, but finding someone is hard as I found out, not everyone can do and not everyone wants to. So....I can give you some tips. You need to bring in the light. Fear right now is her greatest enemy. Stand strong in the fact that scaring them is ALL it can do. Call in the light and make it clear that this thing is not wanted. Tell it to leave, in the name of Christ if they're a believer at all (if they're not it's just false words). Burn candles, white ones, in numbers of three. Burn frankincense. The resin incense is stronger, but it's also more smoky. I personally use the sticks, which I buy on Amazon. I never was able to find sticks of it at the Catholic supply store near us, which is where you can find the resin. sage smudge works too, but it's not as strong, you'll have to do it over and over for a while. The frankincense is a bit stronger and not as smokey. But burn the candles and sage daily. EDIT: I forgot to add...when you do this, state the intention, out loud. That only beings who exist in love and light and have only the best interests of everyone involved at heart may enter her home. ALL else MUST leave. No need to be forceful with this, just state it outloud. Here's where a good protection prayer could be used, just ask God to shine his light through the house, burning away all negativity and darkness. salt. sea salt is best, but you could also use kosher salt and regular table salt, but the purer it is the better, so I'd use kosher over table if you can't find sea salt. sprinkle it around the outside of your house. You can also sprinkle it inside the house, along the walls of any room you'd like to protect, such as the bedroom. you can also use stones/crystals. black tourmaline, which I buy here: http://yhst-13711361310918.stores.yahoo.... it repells negative energy. If they do this, I'd also buy a piece of angelite, to call in the light. You can also call in archangel Michael. doesn't matter how you call him, no special words or prayers are needed, he'll hear you. Ask him to clean the house of all negativity and to protect it. that would be my suggestions. feel free to email me.
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Kortney Kortney
I advise her to see a doctor. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadow_people#Scientific_explanations "Another member of the house heard a voice in his ear that had woke him up and startled him " Had a dream in other words. Why don't they try and approach this logically and try to determine when the noises are coming from? Sounds like they have whipped themselves into a frenzy of imagination or they are all using the same supplier. And you can say that you know your daughter wouldn't do that but she is 1800 miles away and you can't know 100% what she is doing.
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Jayla Jayla
I would advise her to get a nice bottle of wine, a close confidant, and spend a few quiet evenings drinking and discussing her childhood. It seems to me that she was raised in an atmosphere of fear and superstition, and that has manifested itself into delusional moments of unjustified paranoia even in her adult life. An attractive atheist of the opposite sex (or the same, if she swings that way) with a good ear would be best. We are often good at getting people to see the logical side of the universe, and begin to laugh at ancient superstition and mythology; even if they are having hallucinations about it that seem quite real. Then again, maybe she is seeing something very mortal and actually dangerous.. in which case a handgun and some lessons on the safe use of it by the same attractive atheist might be the best course of action. The feel of blue steel in your hand does wonders for making you feel a whole lot safer in the universe. Best of luck for her situation. This is the best guidance I can offer.
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