Did you too experience a strong connection with someone you never met?

Did you too experience a strong connection with someone you never met? Topic: Ds carry case super
July 20, 2019 / By Malone
Question: I have nobody to talk to about this, but I feel like I've carried this for over a year now and I can't keep it inside anymore and would love to express myself whether you bother to read my story or not. I'm 20 and over a year ago found someone with a similar problem to mine on youtube (Social Phobia). Instantly I felt at home watching this person who's only some months older than me. This extremely intense sense of brotherhood as if both of us have always belonged to each other. In other words it definitely feels like he's one of my soul mates, not necessarily romantic. I tried to contact him many times, but he replies seldom. He seems to be quite cautious of people he doesn't know at all and I am definitely one of them. I notice this person is in my thoughts at least once a week, even though he makes videos rarely nowadays. When it comes to our common problem I think for both of us. This means I imagine him being with me in all kinds of situations and whenever I'm failing or succeeding I'm "communicating" with him in my mind. This may all sound overboard and maybe even sick to you, but it feels very natural to me. His imaginary presence is warming my days a lot. He's in my dreams and that's the only place where I managed to show myself to him so that he'd "recognize" me and he gradually did. I am catching myself at trying to communicate to him via the universe through the power of thoughts. These moments have been extremely intense. Because I don't have anyone who I'd like to talk about this, I talk with the Universe, probably I'd do even if I had a listener. (I am not lonely, I do have close people around me, but they're just not suitable for this.) I ask the Universe whether we're really soul mates, and if we are, I think we should attract each other even over distances and finally meet without planning. (He's in the USA and me in Europe) We have surprisingly many things in common. I know this sounds spooky as if I am some kind of a super believer in something. No, I am pretty rational a person. This is one exception since there seems to be no other way of communicating with him or about him. Maybe the time is not right yet. But it feels that as soon as we're together, we're much more powerful as one than on our own. I have tried to end all of this as I am becoming quite used to the idea of him being present in my life even though he's never seen nor heard me. I know that if we ever meet and he won't find me special, I'd be very vulnerable to get badly hurt. Sometimes I think this is my imagination and I love the person whom I have created in my head. What if there is really nothing between us nor will ever be? That's possible. On the other hand, videos are not the same as instant messaging nor pictures. They convey much more and it fits with what I feel so connected to. Have you had any situations like these and how have you dealt with it? If you think you could give me some advice or just some words of understanding, I'd be glad to receive them. Thank you so much for getting this far in my super long story. I honestly appreciate it. Thank you. Now I feel more relieved having expressed myself. :) If I were you, I'd probably suggest ME to make videos, but I did it and it seems he did not notice me. After a week I deleted them. I know it's not the right thing for me to do right now.
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Jered Jered | 3 days ago
I don't want to hurt your feelings, but your suspicion that it's mostly in your mind and that you've "created" a fictional version of this person based on his videos is probably correct. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Most of us do this in some form or other, whether it is a crush on a celebrity or some form of hero worship. Also, it's often based on something actual. In this case, you've been exposed to some of his ideas and you find value in them - depth, identification, honesty, the courage to make one's self vulnerable, etc. It's not odd to find admirable qualities attractive or to fantasize about such a person, but ultimately you have to face the fact that you've tried to make contact and he hasn't really been receptive. You have to know that "soul mates" or just a plain old good match has to be based on reciprocity. If he's not reacting with interest to you, and you're not engaged in a meaningful, one-on-one exchange, you're not really in any kind of relationship. Sooner or later you should see that the lack of reciprocity on his part is an insurmountable flaw on his part, that is, when you think of him as a potential partner or friend his lack of reciprocity should eventually make him unattractive to you. Why? Because it stands to reason that one of the most desirable traits in a partner/ friend is that they desire us, too. But lacking that, you can still admire his thinking and his good qualities.
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Gershom Gershom
I've been in a similar situation. I have this friend whom I've only seen face to face a couple dozen times in the thirteen years we've known each other. Most of our relationship has been over the phone. However, he and I have this weird connection to each other. We actually do communicate through thoughts, we've done it many times before. He's been able to tell me what I was wearing, down to my underclothes, from 1500 miles away. Even with me across a continent and an ocean, we still share thoughts. He always knows what's going on with me, even though he doesn't talk to anyone I know, and I'm the same way with him. And I often dream about him. Almost every night. On top of that, for many years, I was in love with him, and I guess I still am, in a way. It's been hard, but the thing is, my love for him is so pure, that all I want for him is happiness. He wouldn't be happy with me, and that's okay. We're too much alike anyway. He is me, in male form. We even have almost the same life, seriously. If that's how you feel about this guy, then his happiness is all that should matter to you. Will having you in his life make him happy? Then don't seek him out, just let it happen.
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Dolph Dolph
amazingly, I've been good friends with people whom I chatted with on YouTube too, based on our similar interests but it's a lost cause if he doesn't like you back, you could get hurt easily, But in the end you should follow where your logic and heart tells you too do as well :) Good luck!
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Brad Brad
If you can afford it you need to talk to a therapist. Or at least a good friend. Your obsession with this guy has got out of hand. You need to get your mind out of the clouds and back to reality.
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Adare Adare
no i have not been in a similar situation, but if this person helps you getting through your day easier, hold on to your thoughts.
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