What are some inspiring topics for poetry?

What are some inspiring topics for poetry? Topic: How to write a good slam poem
July 19, 2019 / By Danielle
Question: For my English class, we have to write a Slam poem (or basically just a poem about 2 minutes long that you recite out loud in competition). I'm pretty good at rhyming and coming up with stanzas, but I just can't think of a non - cliche, motivational topic. Please don't answer if you don't have specific suggestions, and i don't want to write my poem on incredibly over-used topics like love, sadness, happiness, etc.
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Bonnie Bonnie | 4 days ago
How about something like promoting finishing your education or helping out those less fortunate. They sound a little corny but at least they're something different:)
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Bonnie Originally Answered: Topics to write poetry about?
A view of the world from a bug's perspective is nice and specific. "Nature" is too broad; you'd have to narrow that down a bit to get a good poem topic. Water skiing and baking are both activities that you could describe with a lot of vivid sense images -- descriptions of things that a person can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Images like that are often the keys to a good poem.

Alannis Alannis
Nice. deep meaningful topics like politics, religion, love, Tell your own story. Don't be cliche There are spoken word experts in the Poetry Castle Check out the Poetry Castle - http://www.fliprap.com/forumdisplay.php?17-The-Poetry-Castle You can post your poems, get feedbacks and comments, join poetry battles, share poetry videos, poetry writing exercises, and you can comment on other people's poems. Invite your friends to join now! You can win "Poetry of the Week", Fliprap trophies, and more
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Trev Trev
My suggestion comes specially from thoughts, mythology, nature, fantasy, little ones, track... fairly some random stuff basically. My general kind is... relatively i do no longer probably have a general, i like all of them! the matters are many times the comparable as my suggestion.
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Reggie Reggie
There are lots of things you could do... determination/bravery/strength... world problems and awareness? Pick an issue you feel strongly about... you could write about self awareness and improvement, trying to grow as a person by recognizing your strengths and weaknesses
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Mayson Mayson
the beauty of mother nature. describe a peaceful scenery. :) i hope you pick this topic! if you do you should post it on here too. heehee good luck!
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Mayson Originally Answered: Inspiring people?
I come up with 3 things a week I want to work on. I talk to a coach every Monday morning & she finds out how I did the past week. I might revise my goal or just have her hold me accountable for what I said I would do. When I met my coach I had trouble getting out of bed. I have a son that died & I was sick & a mess. Now I love love & look forward to all the things I want to do. I am living my dream life now. I have learned no matter what happiness is a choice & it is your choice no one can make it for you or take it away from you. I now do work I love & make more money than I did before I go on this inspirational journey. I am into positvie thinking I have read many books about the subject. Sometimes when I am typing I have a CD (book on tape) & I listen & ride a stationary bike. I really had a hard time at the begining cause I would set a goal & do nothing so it took alot of persistance. I ended up getting on medication for diabetes. So as I did things, things go better but it was a slower process in the begining. I now focus on what I want & only look at what I don't want as a way to show me what I don't want but I keep my eye on the prize.

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