Geology paper topics?

Geology paper topics? Topic: Geology topics to write a paper on global warming
July 20, 2019 / By Emeline
Question: Can anyone list something " important to them" about geology i need to write a 3 page topic on something that is important to me about Geology ( Cant do global warming)
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Christine Christine | 1 day ago
tsunamis longshore currents and beach development possible Yellowstone eruption frost heavfes and potholes (because potholes suck)
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Christine Originally Answered: Term Paper in Geology?
I used this just the other day. It gives guidelines of how each part should be written. Scroll down and click on the different links to illustrate how to cite sources properly. Also, the way most of us learn to write scientifically is by reading other scientific papers. I am sure after you read some of your source articles and papers you will have a better feel for how it should flow. http://www.geosociety.org/pubs/geoguid5....

Aveline Aveline
right it is one, in spite of the reality that i'm uncertain the way it ties with human beings interior the subsequent say 2000 years: Will tectonic plates halt if the only subduction zone interior the west Pacific Ocean (close to Asia) disappears? discover historic data and destiny traits and opportunities.
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Abia Abia
Write about how they can tell what climate happened in different years, like the ice age, just by studying soil.
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Abia Originally Answered: Environmental Geology Research Paper Topic?
Structural damage to dwellings affected by tsunami inundation (Japan). Structural damage to dwellings due to living on a creeping slope (any landslide-prone slope, especially when people have built on an ancient landslide that still slowly moves under certain conditions...I'm specifically thinking of the problems they have in the west hills of Portland, Oregon, or along the highway in the Columbia River Gorge). A recent hot topic has been the toxic effect of hydro-fracking on groundwater (Pennsylvania).

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