Paddypower, conned myself in a betting issue online! Have yourself had a problem with them?

Paddypower, conned myself in a betting issue online! Have yourself had a problem with them? Topic: Free online case search
June 26, 2019 / By Gerald
Question: Hello before i start this message is a follow on from my prevous question which was at http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090108021252AAB9qYz Anyway still after being conned via paddypower (online) @ www.paddypower.com gaming sector. I have recontacted them i guess must be another 50+ times since my last message and now there becoming stupid, like it wasnt bad enough they nicked over £1,100 out of my account and now when i ring no body talks they keep on hanging up prior knowing its me. i rang last night i guess about 30 times or so and i kept on getting cut off, my ambition is to speak to the managerment if they have nothing to hide like they keep on saying thats the case then i dont know why there worrying for! i rang via a payphone to 08000565275 (paddypower), and i was cut off most times but when i witheld the number they picked it up not knowing who it was and once i spoke to Glyna i gave her my postcode to be connected through to the managerment office she started off nice very welcoming nice manners, then she hungup on me, i rang back and she kept on hanging up so i phoned back withheld the number and i got an answer off Glyna again once she knew it was me the phone went down. The above problem happened with Marie and Mary also from the office. i find no one in that office helpful to help me out! i only wanted to speak to the managerment over the matter of they have conned me if i dont get through to them means i will keep on phoning i dont want to waste there time has much has mine. All this steams from when i placed a FREE BET on Deal / No Deal v2 back in June 08 and the debted the money out of my account while it was FREE. Below is the old statment via my other question: i was a customer with Paddypower @ paddypower.com and back in June 08 i placed a bet online which won i asked for money to be released into my bank account which was rejected for some strange reason despite it was my own money, i played a few games online Deal / No Deal v2, i was going ok i won a few quid i then emailed paddypower to ask to release my funds into my bank. While that email was with them i logged off my computer and by time i logged back in about 20-30 Min's later the funds was still in my account strangely i played the free mode DEAL/NO DEAL v2, i was messing around while its FREE and after i finished i saw my balance it was low about £3 or something left, i was expecting they released the funds out like i asked them too but when i searched through my history to confirm they took it out it didnt state that, which made me wounder why and i was missing over £1,1k. i went to bed expectin an error on the history balance not been updated. following morning i looked quickly still nothing i then phoned them asking they said i spent it, if thats the case its NOT FREE when your playing FREE. I have spoken to the gaming kids in the office David Savage, Marc Bolton who in truth were both unhelpful with the rest of the crew! I have rang about 500 times since June and now there hanging up before they know its ME! I have contacted Watchdog Tv and also Isle Of Man Gambling but still nothing from that! What can i do? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP? i will ring back another million times if it comes to it because i need this matter sorted out!!
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Best Answers: Paddypower, conned myself in a betting issue online! Have yourself had a problem with them?

Dishan Dishan | 1 day ago
Why don't you send in a written enquiry, get some help from a friend if you are not sure what to say. If you don't get a satisfactory reply, write to the Gambling Commission at Victoria Square House Victoria Square Birmingham B2 4BP and register a complaint against PP. I HAVE TO SAY THAT PP ARE A REPUTABLE COMPANY and you should think whether you may have made the error, and not them. Don't forget to choose a best answer as well - I notice you haven't done that on your previous question.
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Acklie Acklie
Check your transaction history. Chances are you misunderstood something, and spent the money. Paddypower are a reputable company, and make enough of a turn over that your 1100 wouldn't be worth stealing, i mean they hold 3million euro poker tournaments. I used to work for a similar company, and if you're the one who is responsible, and yet you keep on ringing and ringing, of course they are going to be sick of you, Read the terms and conditions, and then re read them.
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