Can someone give me advice on what to write for my junior high graduation speech?

Can someone give me advice on what to write for my junior high graduation speech? Topic: How to write a funny speech about myself
June 16, 2019 / By Jamey
Question: Ok, I just figured out that I am valedictorian of my eighth grade class. I am really excited, but I have to write a speech. I really need advice and good jokes to put in the speech. I just need a good speech! Lol. Please help. It would be kind of you to do so. =)
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Fox Fox | 1 day ago
Obviously, you're addressing the student body and the teachers and principal, not to mention your parents and the other students' parents. So pick a topic that will appeal to that audience. They probably would most like to hear how junior high has impacted your life. Maybe you could cite some particular incidents that were funny. Also tell about what life lessons you learned. You can be philosophical and funny. You might also give credit to any teacher who, in your opinion, was outstanding and really made a difference in your life. Finally, tell about your plans for the future, and what subjects you think are the most important for you to study in high school that will lead to your career. What you don't want to do is lecture or come across in a negative way. Keep it upbeat, and don't make it too long. I hope this will give you some ideas. Good luck!
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Fox Originally Answered: I have to write a graduation speech , though i got no idea what to write about?
Example: Sometimes its hard to let the good times go. I know there have been a lot of good times since I started going to this school back in (whatever year you started going). And now, with this uncertain future called "college" awaiting me, I look back and cherish those moments. (Possibly use the next few lines to reminisce about important past experiences that you've had at your school.) What's in store for me? It's hard to say for sure. That's the thing that makes moving on the hardest. You never know what curve life will throw at you next. It's easier to stay in the past, where you are comfortable and secure. But moving on is important. It's what allows us to grow, expand, and branch out. My choices and decisions over the next few years will determine what kind of person I will become as an adult in our society. This formative period in every student's life is very important, and the education I have received and the life lessons that I have learned at (name of your school) have given me a solid foundation, upon which I will blaze a path to success, which many of my peers will follow. I thank my school, its faculty, and everyone who has contributed to my success these past few years for all their hard work. You've kept me safe, focused, and on the right path. Know that you have given me the courage, strength, determination, diligence, and knowledge to continue on this path for the rest of my life. I will say it again. Thank you! I just cooked that up real fast. I don't know if it follows your guidelines, but it should give you some ideas. Good luck!

Dawson Dawson
I think the contributions you have already are very good. Just to add something a bit different which I hope helps a little. Perhaps with lots of schooling left to go you could take the speech on with an angle of having a balanced life. All of your class will continue to grow as people, as a team, in your sport or pursuit and also there is a lot of hard work left to complete at school. However you still have to enjoy each day! Perhaps you could start with the usual congratulations to graduates, the class of 2009 is a great year. Everyone has come a long way in the past few years. You may be very proud to be part of the class. Everyone will have worked hard to get to graduation and deserves to enjoy their success at graduation day. Most everyone will have had to try and balance school work, family life, time with friends and any hobbies or sports they have. Some may well have raised funds for charity and given their time to others. Perhaps you could say how you find maintaining a sense of balance in your life. Today you can all celebrate your success. Although there is a way to go yet for your schooling it is worthwhile enjoying each success as it comes along. For the future you will likely feel you need to work as hard as you can to achieve your goals at High School. However if you can balance that up being with family and friends and having your own pursuits it will give you a better life! Of course put in your own thoughts and ideas, plus your own plans.
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Bar-Jesus Bar-Jesus
Write a truthful speech explaining the type you have enjoyed your years at middle college, recount limitless the main significant significant activities that got here approximately as quickly as you have been there and how that affected your college. additionally quote "Oh the places you will bypass", no rely if cliche it conveys an significant factor on a similar time as graduating. finally show your gratitude interior the direction of your instructors and fogeys and make clean the type you and your classmates might desire to now not have succeeded with out them. desire this facilitates.
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Yannick Yannick
aww! i just went through the exact same thing! it was really cool. but anyway, i talked about how all of the people in our class have grown and each have their own personalities and are extremely different, and that we wouldn't have it any other way. we learned that instead of pitting our differences against each other, we should celebrate them and learn to be friends. hope this helps.
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Yannick Originally Answered: Any advice for a girl going into junior high (7th grade)?
All my friends went to different schools so I finally made friends with new kids so my advice is start talking to people who don't know each other straight away. If you have friends you know going to your school that's great. Also, there is tons of homework so just do it as soon as you get it. Also, in my opinion I think having a big bag is important because you sure are gonna get lots of books. You can get really cute ones at Cath Kidston or Jack wills. So good luck and it's cool that your going to a private school! XD

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