Came home from school and found my dog with tail tucked between back legs, whats wrong?

Came home from school and found my dog with tail tucked between back legs, whats wrong? Topic: The sister in law from hell
June 19, 2019 / By Lyndi
Question: I tried calling him, but he didn't come to me which is weird because he always does. I found him laying down. when i petted him, he followed me but i noticed that he was walking strange. and his tail wasn't wagging, it was tucked between his legs. i thought maybe his tail got stuck to his anus because he gets poop caught in his hair a lot so when i tried to gently move his tail, he cried out in pain. he didnt bark at my sister's boyfriend (who he hates A LOT) and he kept shivering. i brought him to the vet immediately and they did x-rays on him. they found no bones were broken and they were ok. he told me something about poop but i couldnt understand a lot because he had a strong accent. But then i gave it some thought, and i dont think he's constipated because he pooped yesterday at 1am, and he was still eating and drinking. Last time i saw him healthy was 12pm today, he was PERFECTLY healthy. then left for school and came home 2 hours later and found him like this. so i think he might have been abused by my sister's boyfriend, because my sister's bf tends to messed with him when im not around... he really hates the dog. The doctor gave me pain medication. What else can I do? and what else could be wrong with my dog?
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Kaylin Kaylin | 10 days ago
Hello World... It also sounds like your sister's jerk of a boyfriend may have done something to seriously frighten if not hurt your dog. Would I put up with this crap? NO WAY IN HELL. Will you??? If your folks are at home, you need to bring this to their attention and ask them to lay down the law in your household...that you sister's boyfriend will no longer be welcome beyond the threshold because no one else in the house would ever have brought your dog to such a fearful state. The only one who has "messed around" with him in the past has been this boyfriend so this is a pretty safe assumption. If your sister remains attracted to this loser, she'll just have to see him away from your parents' property because vet bills are expensive and he will be held responsible for them in the event your dog requires it. Her boyfriend should also be told that abuse of animals is punishable by law...which you will pursue. Protect your poor puppy...and I hope your parents have enough backbone to do the same!
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Many folks telling you the puppy is scared and worried. They are proper. What you have to uncover out is "why". At 2 facets in a puppies growth even as developing up, there are "worry imprinting" phases. One is at week eight, and I cannot don't forget the opposite one on the second. Basically, some thing that scares a dog throughout the imprint level, will end up whatever they consistently have a worry of. So, even a character who isn't abusing a puppy, if throughout the imprint level, they did whatever, even innocently or by accident, it will probably end up a obstacle. Like if you are taking your eight week historical dog to the vet for the primary time, doing so throughout week eight can motive a existence time obstacle involving vet journeys, or auto rides. That could also be one of the most explanations you must now not take a dog approach from his fur momma at 8 weeks historical. But this is just one likelihood. If you informed us how historical the puppy is, has your boyfriend had his on the grounds that he used to be a dog, has he been the one proprietor, in which did the dog come from, we might deliver you bigger solutions. Also, it's only taking place round you? Not that your doing some thing mistaken, however we could say prior in his existence, whilst ever organization came around, the puppy used to be banished to a further room. Now the puppy feels that once ever any one comes round, he's approximately to be banished. This is unhappy to peer, certainly in a German Shepherd. They are probably identified for being courageous and out going. Is is absolutely now not common on this breed. But it is rather fine of you to be worried. You have a first-rate day.
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Edwina Edwina
It sounds to me that he may have been injured or sick. Usually when a dog has its tail between his legs like that, it is because they are frightened. The fact that he cried out when you moved his tail leads me to think he was hurt.
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Charley Charley
Could be nerves yeah.. but take him to the vet anyway, my dog was acting like that and i left for 4 hours and came home to her gone,,, she had a stroke. I would say get him checked ASAP
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Ariana Ariana
Sometimes they are nervous. Or they may have been hurt by something. Hopefully your dog will get better soon!! ยง
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