Who is a better writer stephen king or anne rice?

Who is a better writer stephen king or anne rice? Topic: Rice paper to write on
June 20, 2019 / By Colette
Question: i was reading [a stephen king book] at a local bookstore and my girlfriend and i started to discuss who was better, king or rice [she is a huge anne rice fan]. i've read both of their works, but i was saying that stephen king branched from his original subject and got recognition for it [from books like christine, to stand by me, to the shawshank redemption, and so forth], while anne rice only has the vampire chronicles as her calling card. i love both, but in your opinion, who do you think is better?
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Berenice Berenice | 1 day ago
Quite personally, I find Anne Rice to be a more talented author in regards to getting words elegantly down on paper. She's very descriptive and is a fantastic writer. She's written, as many have said, various works including the Vampire Chronicles, The Mayfair Witches, Belinda, The Mummy, The (erotic) Sleeping Beauty series, Violin (ghosts), Cry to Heaven (opera singers), ect. King, on the other hand, I always found to be simplistic. And, according to his book On Writing, that was the way he meant for it be. While do I like King, the simplicity of his works sometimes irritates me. He's especially creative and imaginative but not (in my opinion) as "sophisticated" as Anne Rice. I do enjoy both immensely however as they are both talented people.
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Adrianne Adrianne
Rice's work spans more than just the Chronicles. She has written erotica, she has quite a number of other stand alone books, not to mention two other series (The Mayfair Witches, and the inspirational series based on the life of Christ). That being said, they can not be compared. First of all, they write completely different genres. King's is mostly suspense and horror, Rice's are mostly paranormals strongly laced with romantic elements. Second, their writing styles are completely different as well. Third, individual taste. Some may find King boring, others may find Rice boring, yet others may love both (like you). However, that only means that their respective styles will appeal to some people but not others. That is not a reflection of how good or bad they are as writers. They are, as I mentioned before, catering to different audiences.
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Thadeus Thadeus
I think that Anne Rice is a better writer but I also like Stephen King. I don't liek how Stephen King writes though- I like the overall story, not his style. I got bored while trying to read Fire Starter. Anne Rice however keeps my interest. She has so much detail in her books but it does not get boring to me. And I am going to respectfully disagree with you that all Anne Rice has are the Vampire Chronicles. I have found myself seeking out other books that she has written and loved them all. I am sure there are other readers who have done the same. I respect both writers for their stories, but I like Anne Rice's writing style much better.
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Premislas Premislas
My mom has always been a Stephen King fan. I have only read "It", and it was terrifying and great. However; I have read only the vampire chronicles of Anne Rice, and I very much enjoyed them as well. Her books are filled with glamorous visuals.... Not a lot of reference there, but I think that both develop stories well. I don't think you could say one is better over the other. I think each, on the most part, appeal to their own audience, with some crossover.
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Major Major
Stephen King without a doubt. The amount of stuff he has written is amazing and such a varied range from things like the Shinning to The Green Mile. He has had so many turned into films . A true genius.
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