How to teach in prisons?

How to teach in prisons? Topic: How to write application for post of teacher
July 20, 2019 / By Amey
Question: What steps need to be taken in order to volunteer to teach a writing class or life skills class or any classes at a prison? I have no previous experience, nor do I have any pre existing knowledge dealing with something of this nature. details are always welcome. ALSO: please do know just post ' i don't know.' you are wasting everybodys time by doing that. please do not come into this being a point hog. Thanks. <3
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Warner Warner | 5 days ago
Hi Chloecan, Look in the White pages for the address of the Department of Corrections and contact them for information. When you make your application inform them about the subjects that you wish to teach and the hours you are prepared to volunteer. They possibly will send you an Information package about teaching in a prison environment and they may have special dates when they have formal training days for lay people i.e., Non Prison Staff. You could also Google 'Working as a teacher in a Prison Environment in (Your State/Country). Contact the education Officer at the nearest prison to where you live for additional information and/or an Information Pack. I have worked as an educator in both Adult and Children's detention centres. There are a range of formalities to be undertaken before you would be offered a position even as a volunteer. Such as: Character screening, ID Photos. Interview, Details of your training experience and so on. Best wishes for your future.
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Rusty Rusty
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