What do you think of this photo portfolio?

What do you think of this photo portfolio? Topic: White paper term
June 26, 2019 / By India
Question: These are all my photos taken on a Nikon D40 camera. The blonde girl is a friend and not an actual model; I know she's awkward. That's not what I'm asking about. I want constructive criticism about the composition, light, etc. of my photos. Please be totally honest. Thank you(: oops. didn't even put the link in here. hahaha sorry http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected] there ya go!
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Elanor Elanor | 6 days ago
Okay so I'm looking in the folder called 'portfolio', in terms of the model in the field - I think it was a poor choice of background. It pulls the whole high fashion styling of your model down by placing her in a flat suburban landscape. For example 'Untitled 4', your model has a beautiful pose there and in the background we see this boring, cluttered backdrop. I think you need to learn to use lines more to your advantage - because most of these fashion photographs are being cluttered with other objects and the focus is not being drawn to your model. Your architectural photos are working more with lines I can see. Compositionally you've got a long way to go, lighting wise too - I think you've definitely got some potencial there however you need to drive that more into your photos by showing some more thorough concepts rather than taking snapshots of parks and flowers. Next time maybe consider taking photos from lower angles, or experiment with a shallow depth of field so when you shoot models in front of dull backgrounds you can blur them out when shooting at an an aperture like 2.8. In terms of lighting you might want to experiment with surrealistic lighting, you don't need expensive equipment like studio lighting or speedlites when you start out all you need is a typical lamp and watch the way light moves around a subject to give the most flattering effect. If you have large sheets of white paper you can use those as reflectors aswell to bounce light back into the other side of the face.
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Elanor Originally Answered: What is a portfolio?
A portfolio would contain several of your best pieces, regarding the field. A photographer would have a portfolio of his/her best images, to showcase their 'skill'. As for the latter, it depends on the photographer.
Elanor Originally Answered: What is a portfolio?
It is a collectionof your best 10-12 (or more) shots and can include tearsheets if required (a tearsheet is copy of a page of a magazine or book etc where the photograph was published). In the case of a photographer they will normally have different collections of work and use them depending on the job they are pitching for. Normally these will be prints put together in a folder but often will also include these on a cd/dvd which can be left with the potential client. In the case of a model it is a mix of shots taken by different photographers to show the models range. Photographers will take however many portraits necessary to get the shots required. If you say you want to have 5-6 different looks and prints of each look then they will take enough of each to ensure they give you a good choice. Costs vary from a few quid/dollars for the sitting and then charge for each print to a package and can range from 100-1000 (dollars or pounds) depending on the photographer.

Cheri Cheri
The composition, light etc are exactly what I would expect from a novice shooter with limited understanding of the technical and artistic aspects of the craft. You have a lot of snapshots which are fine for your album and to remember these days in the future. I did like Capitol #4. Nice light although taking a few steps to the left would have made the branch a better frame for the building. The snaps of your friend are awkward, as you pointed out, harshly lit with on board flash, and display poor sense of composition, posing and framing. In most of the outdoor ones she is lost in the composition, there is entirely too much distracting and un-interesting background, and you have odd crops throughout. In a full length portrait, avoid chopping off feet. Here is a good link for beginners: http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.j... Another: http://asp.photo.free.fr/Composition/pho... Begin learning the basics and continue practicing. Best wishes and happy shooting.
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Ash Ash
yeah, she's totally hot. I can see how you would not want to let us SEE HER. Okay. Texas, huh? Capitol 2 and 3 are actually quite good. And so is that one where that blonde babe is on that suburban street. She's hot. A little skinny for my tastes but model quality none-the-less.
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-your hobbies -your family -your pets, if any -your favorite shows, movies, books etc your fave colors your fave foods your fave(favorite) actors and actresses and music stars your favorite cartoons fave=favorite oh yeah, your favorite subjects and music art class in school and why hope this helps have fun . . .

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