What is wrong with my emotions?

What is wrong with my emotions? Topic: Sh homework
June 25, 2019 / By Diana
Question: so my life is on the fast track rite now. with ap homework, college applications, and just regular life worries. I honestly think i have lost something because i don't feel like myself anymore. I lost interest in relationships (could care less to get a bf), could really care less how i look, and just don't really care for much about anything besides school and college. I find myself being rude to my closest friends for no reason at all and being mean to my own mother only to find that i feel guilty about it less than 10 min later! I got in a fight with my best friend over this last night. he was tired of me picking fights for no reason and all i could say was sorry but i knew i didn't really mean it because i just don't care as much anymore. Don't get me wrong i still love them all the same i just don't put in the effort like i use to. Am i lazy or just completely crazy? sometimes i think i'm angry because of all the hurt i've been through but sometimes i feel like thats in the past and i don't care about it anymore. can someone help make sense of all of this because i sure as heck can't. =/
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Cara Cara | 3 days ago
If you go to a psychiatrist, they'll prescribe mood stabilizers and sh*t like that, so just keep your head up and let it pass. Don't overanalyse things and keep your cool.
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Cara Originally Answered: Why do we have emotions?
we have emotions whenever a stimulus triggers us to have one. this stimulus is usually from our environment or from your own thoughts. the stimulus that im talking about could be your own memory (sad/happy ones) or situations (like, your crush is staring at you, your mother scolds you, your teacher embarasses you). a stimulus could be anything that would give you some emotions either good or bad ones. for exapmle, being scolded (stimulus) makes you feel irritated (emotion) whenever this stimulus (for exapmle, your crush approaches you), your brain, specifically your hypothalamus automatically starts working. The hypothalamus is responsible for all our emotions that would naturally occur when triggered. the hypothalamus orders the other parts of your body to display some physiological correlates or changes in your body status (your heart beats fast and your throat dries up, your hands are sweaty and so on). these physiologocal corelates happen automatically alongside with your emotion and oftenly you won't be able to control them. these physiological correlates tell you what type of emotion you are feeling at that moment (in this case you're feeling nervous). emotions are generated by the hypothalamus and this hypothalamus orders the other body parts to alter their normal status. your hypothalamus would not work unless you feed it with stimulus ( a sad/ happy memory, an embarassing moment, an exciting moment etc). uhhm im sorry i can't explain the pattern thoruoghly, explaining this would need some visuals and flow charts and diagrams. anyway, if you don't want those emotions, you should not feed your hypothalamus with those stimulus. if you don't wanna feel sad, don't think of sad thoughts. if you don't wanna feel nervouse in front of your crush, don't get near him. simple as that.
Cara Originally Answered: Why do we have emotions?
Every thing living has basic emotions- fear, needing to re pro-duce. Without those we would just be 'things' ( and dead things at that.) There are areas in our brains that appear to be in control of our feelings. There are also 'preferred pathways' to and from those areas. A person can get in a 'neural rut' if they use these pathways often, and it takes work to re-make the positive ones. Next, though, why not ask how to cope with- and change- depression.
Cara Originally Answered: Why do we have emotions?
Because if we didn't have emotions then there wouldn't be any emotions to show so the thing that goes round would go square and then we wouldn't have any reason to know whats there and what isn't, because if there isn't anything there then nothing could be what we thought it was to be something.

Ami Ami
It sounds like stress that's been going on too long. Your irritable and that's a sign of stress as well. Irritability is often a symptom that red flags a need for some down time. You need to find a way to get that 'zone out' time or you could simply crash.
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Ami Originally Answered: Why are my emotions out of control?
Emotions are a way that let you know if your thinking is aligned with what you want. If your thinking is in the realm of lack, for instance, I want a girl but cannot get one, emotions support your logic. You will be sad because your brain thinks that must be what you want to feel given that scenario. The brain is not bias to likes or dislikes. If on the other hand you picture yourself with a sweet, loving, beautiful woman who adores you and you actually believe that you can get one, your brain thinks that is what you want and it will try to attract a girl like that into your life. Emotions are a wonderful way of letting you know if your thoughts are in line with your desires. Align your thoughts with having achieved what you want already and the brain will not only send you good emotions, it will bring you the achievement as well. You've already noticed that you can't will your emotions to go in the direction you want them to, at least not to a great degree of satisfaction. Try then shifting your thinking toward desired outcomes. Good ways to do this are with affirmations and imagination/creativity. If you want to get a girlfriend for instance, start writing her love letters if writing is easy for you. Describe the attributes you want in a girl, for instance, "I love how you're so passionate about helping children" or "I love the way the way you smile when you read". They can of course be physical attributes as well but the main thing is to let your mind know what you want so that it can draw that person into your life. If your not into writing, you cold paint you two together or write her a song. Just make sure their done in present tense. As I said, your brain doesn't discriminate, if you write for instance, "I know that someday you come into my life" your brain will think you enjoy waiting and the feeling of anticipation and that day will never come for you. Affirmations need to be done in the present tense as well. In the case of being "called out", you could use the affirmation, "I am confident and secure of myself and people are drawn to my charisma". Say the affirmations out loud when you're alone and with enthusiasm, like your an actor trying out for a role. You can say the affirmations to yourself when you're in public. What your actually trying to do here is declare what you want your life to be and how you want it to be in a way that your brain can make it possible for you. And you'll know whether your doing it right by how you feel. Your feelings are a beautiful and wonderful part of your make up. Embrace them, for they are helping you, you just haven't realized it yet. Live life loving.
Ami Originally Answered: Why are my emotions out of control?
you have run out of purpose. When you do not have reason to apply, only emotions remain. You feel alone? learn about connection and apply what you learn. Don't feel you can manage other peoples attacks? learn debate tactics and take a martial art. There are logical applications that give you a direction to follow. When you are following a plan, emotions can more easily be dealt with.

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