Gender Studies - Women cross their legs when they?

Gender Studies - Women cross their legs when they? Topic: Case studies gender
June 19, 2019 / By Kaitlyn
Question: try to stop from peeing on themselves from laughing so hard, what do men do when this happens and they have to pee?
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Gyneth Gyneth | 3 days ago
There is a specific muscle that is used in this case. When fatigued, it sometimes helps to tense muscles around that muscle. It doesn't help much. But sometimes all you need is an additional second or two. Unless you have exceptional muscle control, it is common to tense or relax groups of muscles to get the specific muscle to do what you want. That goes for men and women.
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Gyneth Originally Answered: Gender Studies: what do you think about this?
Psychology Today is not exactly known for its scientific rigor. In the academic psychology community (I'm a Phd student) its a total joke. Personally, I think he totally misunderstood the rat thing, or is just trying to twist it to support his view. As a previous rat-owner, the female rat is doing whats known as 'presenting'. She wants sex and is communicating that to her partner that she is ready. Its not particularly submissive nor aggressive, and it sure as heck isn't 'unfeminist'. Plus psychology studies have clearly shown that studies with rats do not translate into human behavior. To quote a friend's reaction on this article..."this author is so hellbent on the idea that women are the sexual gatekeepers that it's obvious no one has given him a key to the gate in quite a while". Amen, don't lash out on the radical feminists just cuz you ain't getting none. EDIT: @ Jack, I don't need to go through and refute a 'Harvard professor's' research for A Billion Wicked Thoughts. Its already been throughly ripped apart. The authors got in trouble with their IRB board and had to cut ties with Boston University over their sketchy research methodology. "Neuroscience researchers Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam have done a massive FAIL through bad research, failed ethics, and greed" "The problem with Ogas and Gaddam is not that they are scientists; it’s that they are really BAD scientists (at least in respect to this project)." http://neuroanthropology.net/2009/09/07/surveyfail-redax-downey-adds-to-lende/
Gyneth Originally Answered: Gender Studies: what do you think about this?
I think he raises some valid points, but I also think he's jumping to conclusions without any empirical evidence - he's making some hypotheses with no data or experiments to back up his claims. He's basing his claims off of romance novels and rats... not exactly going to hold up when questioned. In short, you need to take what he's saying as unproven theories, not as gospel, and then mold your theory to fit your fact/data rather than manipulating your data to fit your theory. Personally, I agree to an extent that feminism has reconstructed the way people view sex nowadays, and I do think that it could impact the high number of women who have trouble with arousal. However, there are some gigantic factors he completely ignores: 1) In the past, speaking of sex was much, much more taboo. So although the number of women with arousal issues seemingly has increased over the years, it's possible a portion of that was purely due to women not talking about it in the past. 2) A side effect of hormonal contraception has been a low libido in some women. Obviously, the popularity of birth control pills, rings, etc. has only increased the past few decades, so more and more women would experience these problems. 3) With the invention of Viagra, the length of the sex life of men has increased significantly. It used to be a man reached a point and simply could do it any more. Well more elderly men can now, and there isn't a similar drug available for women to help them out. So suddenly something is "wrong" with them. While those factors would certainly affect the data, I do think at least part of the data has to do with the revolution of gender roles - I believe most women prefer to be the more submissive partner in bed, but occassionally enjoy taking more control. However, men have been trained to be more and more submissive when it comes to women - not to have the take control, bravo attitude that many men before us did. In any case, I believe that as long as a man is confident, competent, and willing to compromise, he will do just fine in nearly every aspect of dating.
Gyneth Originally Answered: Gender Studies: what do you think about this?
Duuuude... you scared me for life with that pics of the rats going at it. LOL Interesting article, aside from the rat visual. As for myself, I think I fit into the norm. I like to be dominated most of the time, which works fine in my relationship. I did wake up to my bf taking advantage of me a few times and I found it very arousing. Sometimes, and I think this has got to have something to do with my hormones, I also "attack" him when he's sleeping, you know, especially in the morning. He doesn't mind it one bit. So... conclusion. As long as both enjoy it, who cares who's dominating? What I think happens in US-anian relationships (the kind the article mentions) is something different. Part of it has to do with lack of communication and the fact that these types of relationships tend to be shallow (even if the couple is married with children). Another possibility is lack of chemistry. Still another - especially after they have children - something weird happens to the mom. She forgets to take care of the dad and herself. I understand that it may have something to do with her being a mother, but still, if you love that man enough to have a child with him, it's important to keep that love up. Not only for the parents, but also from the children. They sense these things, no matter how young they are. I can't say I'd blame feminism for all this. It's up to the individual to make the best of his/her relationship. In the US, I also blame religion for this. I mean look at this country. In some states they have laws against fellatio but in Vegas everything goes. That should tell you something right there. Puritanical hypocrisy.

Divina Divina
If a woman is interested in you, she would be able to grin a lot, "open" up her physique language, bypass her legs in direction of you if sitting and maximum in all probability preen (usually has somthing to do with touching or fixing the hair). She'll giggle a lot if talked approximately as for it and watch her feet; in the event that they element in direction of you, they wanna stay, in the event that they're pointing someplace else, she needs outta there! If she would not such as you, she would be able to not act damaging, yet merely bored to death.
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Divina Originally Answered: If a man can cross his legs way high up his thigh like a woman, high as his groin, how is this possible?
Think about what you are asking, if it hurt, he would not be doing it. Men don't sit for any period of time if things are hurting, pinched, squashed. Just doesn't happen, unless one of two things are going on. 1) An active case of ZOMBIEness... no feeling, won't care, will eat your brains if you are too close or too slow. 2) The person is dead (see #1) Now if you really really want to know how he does this, ask him to sit for you naked, and that way you will get to see exactly how he does this, and where everything is, when he sits the way he sits, which keeps you so enthralled, that you can't keep your eyes out of your friend's crotch.

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