What career path should I choose?

What career path should I choose? Topic: Me in ten years time essay writing
July 18, 2019 / By Layton
Question: I know a lot of people ask this question but it's driving me crazy. I'm 24 and I still don't know! I'm not book smart. I have been in a community college for ten years and just can't pass the general education requirements to get my A.A. It's so frustrating. For a long time I've wanted to start my own business but I see how it is for people with small businesses and I just don't know if I have what it takes. Plus, I'd want to take business courses beforehand and I don't think I'd pass ANY of them, especially accounting. I scraped by algebra with a C and that was five or six years ago and I haven't done much math since. I'm pretty good with grammar and accuracy. I've been doing desk jobs mostly and that suits me pretty well: data entry, customer service. I don't know if I want to do that as a CAREER, although I suppose I could. One thing I'd love to do is open a small store. I'm good at crocheting and I sell a few things I make (hats, etc.) online; however, I going back to the business thing, I don't know if I'd have what it takes to run my own business, and I'm certain I couldn't make a living off of that. At one point I was considering being a veterinary technician. I adore animals, and my dream would be to work with them ( but I don't have the skills or strength to be a vet. I looked into it and I don't have the skills to be a tech either, although I also considered opening a mobile grooming shop. That idea died, though, when I realized that most people who do that don't make a living off of it. I'm very friendly and very patient, but I am a bit of a pushover so I couldn't do sales. I kind of like science but I don't know much about it. I love reading, mostly Stephen King style books, although I prefer the movies or audiobooks. I am not good at writing. Although I consider myself well-spoken, I am HORRIBLE at essays. I don't care much for art. I am CRAZY about geology but that's not really a field to make a living, I think, unless I want to travel a lot, which I don't. I'm rambling a lot. I just don't know what to do! It's driving me CRAZY.
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Jodie Jodie | 4 days ago
First of all, you need to boost your self-confidence. From the way you asked this question, I observe you are lacking of self-confidence, 'I am not good at this.... I am not good at that....' No one is born with all strengths under the sun, but for sure everyone is blessed with certain particular strengths, it is just a matter of time to discover those strengths. Be positive about yourself! In your situation, I would recommend you an article entitled "How to Choose a Right Career" (link below). In this article, you will be shared about a few factors that you should consider before you decide which career path you should proceed to. You may need to spend some time to go through an introspection and shortlist your career possibilities based on the factors shared. You have no choice. As this career is going to accompany you for another half of your life, you need to spend some time to come out with the decision after meticulous consideration. All the best to you!
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Jodie Originally Answered: Which career path do i choose?
Filming movies with celebrities is sure to pay good and be fun at the same time. You will get to travel and see things and meet people you wouldn't even imagine. That's the perfect career for you, based on your description.
Jodie Originally Answered: Which career path do i choose?
I remember when I was young and thought my life would amount to something, I'm glad those days are over lol. Real answer: do both, major in what you are passionate about, minor in business. Business classes teach you the building blocks to make a business operate and make money.

Gardenia Gardenia
I love dogs, i sometimes find their company a lot better then friends, families etc. I am only 18 at the moment but i would defiantly think about producing good herding dogs - Border Collies. I live on a farm with my parents and currently i own one BC - Skye and my parents have two. I chose BC's because they are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, and keep me fit with all the exercise they need. They can also be quite challenging at times which i like, but they are usually hard working and co-operative. I would simply buy good quality pups from a good working blood line, train them well to herd and compete in herding trails. IF my dogs had won several titles then and only then i *might* consider breeding them if i had a healthy, champion dog and bltch. I'd have all the necessary health checks done and make sure i can do it financially. That is a might though and i'm talking 20-25 years! Then with the litters i would sell some at 10-12 weeks fully vacc, keep one or two to train up to be herding dogs which i would then sell to other farmers when ready around 18months of age, possibly keeping one or both of them for myself depending on if they are needed on our farm. That is my plan at the moment :) Whether i'll stick to it.. i'm not sure yet :)
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Deb Deb
If you really have the entrepreneurial spirit but don't have the thousands of dollars it takes to start a business network marketing could be a good choice while you earn income elsewhere. It's basically a job in your spare time but you own your own business and can make exceptional wealth if done properly. Check out the link below for some more info.
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Deb Originally Answered: How can I become something significant? What is the career path you choose?
well. no offense but when i hear "be something significant" or "make a difference" i think of jobs like a social worker, a missionary, opening up a not for profit organisation like an animal aid, or something like that. i don't really think of a model, fashion designer etc as being significant, although some writers are - depending on what you write about but it really depends on what you want to do - and thats just my opinion you should take into consideration that if you decide to be a model, you might struggle to get work as you get older. i also think that fashion is quite a difficult industry to get into, and most writers have other jobs because they don't make enough money just from writing. but as you said, its nice to dream, so do what you want to do. go see a career counsellor at your school if they have one, and ask how you can get into one of those industries. try and get a part time job at a theatre, or even the movie cinema if you don't have any theatres around where you live. anything can help get you started oh and my career path - im still at uni, studying math and economics. not very significant either. i want to be an actuary or a cryptographer, and hopefully i will enjoy it

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